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  1. After reading the thread title, the first album I thought of was Blind Faith. Then I thought of Death Grips' No Love Deep Web. You'll have to search for this yourself and is most definitely NSFW. You have been warned!
  2. Not my favourite SM LP, that probably goes to Real to Real Cacophony or Empires and Dance but love this album anyway, particularly the bass lines and there's even a Herbie Hancock solo thrown in for good measure on Hunter and the Hunted.
  3. Does it come with extra tracks or is it the standard LP spread over 4 discs?
  4. Mine has an X through the 1 on the run out groove indicating a 97 repress but doesn't have 85522g1in the run out groove. Also, on the back cover, the wording 'place of manufacture...' appears vertically on the RHS of the barcode. Make of that what you will. What are the best sounding issues as far as you're concerned? Cheers
  5. It depends. I already have the original double LP, Aubrey Mixes and the singles on vinyl. I'll be hoping for something I don't have (e.g. Peel Sessions or unreleased stuff). However, I suspect the inevitable inflated price will be enough to put me off either way.
  6. Any ideas why The Orb release is spread over a 4LP box set? Aubrey mixes and Peel Sessions perhaps?
  7. Why is there only another week to go? Ah scrub that. Just realised what you meant - another week before more prem games. Yeah same here - I spent ages this morning sorting my team and making transfers :-s
  8. I'd say all of his work between 'Black Tie White Noise' and 'Reality' was under-appreciated. Hopefully, that will be put right now.
  9. The lovely folks at Spillers Records in Cardiff have just confirmed to me that they have plenty in stock @£21.99 and are available via mail order.
  10. I find that quite sickening (but not surprising).
  11. I've had his entire back catalogue on repeat for months now and more recently Blackstar for the last week. So for me, last night it seemed more appropriate not to play anything at all (although I had heard plenty all day on the radio). So far this morning I have listened to Diamond Dogs, Ziggy and now Aladdin Sane. Just so many to choose from and that's what's so special about him. Possibly Heathen next, I haven't quite decided.
  12. And whilst we're in whinging mode, can folks link images instead of attaching them. They aren't showing on my mobile. Ta. :-)
  13. Ooh... How much and where from? Edit: Actually- scrub that - just found it in the bargain thread