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  1. Cannot believe this is still unsold. I've had a few very well respected tube pre's, but my L300, without doubt, was the best. The oft used phrase 'need to spend x times to get better' is for once a reality. I last used it with my ATC SCM50 actives..just stunning. GLWTS. It is a bit of a monster, size wise, but still comfortably fitted into my rack.
  2. Hi Richard Have a look at Mark Grant cables..they do some Van Damme flat(ish), in 4 and 6mm which you'd get for that money, and I think they're great for the money.
  3. Weekend Bump. Now at a stupid price in great condition. Also on Ebay. T Pardo PSU now sold.
  4. FINAL PRICE DROP - PSU reduced, both now on Ebay NAIM Box still cheaper here
  5. A change of direction (again!) means that the following are for sale. This is now one of the cheapest examples in the UK market, but only 18mths old and in great condition, with all packaging and docs, and whilst I appreciate that NAIM does not enjoy universal love on this forum, it really is a stonking streamer. NAIM NAC-N 272 - Exceptional streamer (native Tidal and Spotify), Preamp, DAC and Headphone amp. 18 mths old, excellent condition, thoroughly underused. £2600 NOW £2275 NOW £2100 TEDDY XPS - 13 mths old, excellent condition thoroughly underused (you get the picture) £900 NOW £825 NOW £775 NOW SOLD Prefer collection from Somerset, but will deliver up to 75 miles. Courier possible at buyers expense and in original box etc 8
  6. Had one of these...really very good indeed. Excellent bang for buck ..GLWTS.
  7. Fortunately there are loads of live versions of this, lots with video. Do a you tube search, there are quire a few there. Not sure, but I think he may have done a whistle test version too. For me its a late night classic..amazing.
  8. I've had it for a couple of months now, and overall its good. I have a silver box and a mini in a room next door. Good is that the extra tuners mean you don't get conflicts when recording/viewing. Also, and this was a big plus for me, the boxes act as APs for the network, and I have an old (thick walled) house with the router at one end so coverage was a problem for me even with boosters eg multiple SSIDs etc. I now have 2 X Q boosters as well as the the 2 X Q boxes so with them meshed have good coverage at decent wireless rates. Downs so far are that the boxes can be noisly..not overly, but you can clearly hear the HDDs working away and if you lose a connection it can be a bit of a bugger to get them all back, meshed, quickly..happened twice and I may have been responsible for one of those times. I have full fat sky at home so it was a no brainer for me, I think an extra £1.50 a month. New interface is good in my opinion. BTW I have sky BB.
  9. A first class preamp in excellent condition, and at a terrific price. I know this particular box very well indeed and can vouch for both it, and Graham as a top bloke to do business with. Its rare to find a MK2, and even rarer to find one with the upgrades that were so recently done by its maker.
  10. Me too. A fantastic cart at a very good price. Another vote of confidence.
  11. Steve its a great point, except that I am an expert in alcohol consumption, but not in the crossover point at which it makes to move to 'non physical' sources..doh..always learning.
  12. Gosh, thanks Mark......without your wisdom and maturity, I guess I don't know where we'd all be..appreciate it lots..no really!
  13. Phil...you may have the answer..plus the stacking facility which would allow you to get get completely wasted without getting off the sofa at all...hmmmm. Note to SME/Avid et al being formulated....
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