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  1. Please can someone point me in the direction of a link to the spreadsheet of who & what is playing where. Have to do some reading up before i get there
  2. FREE pair of J.E. Labs Open Baffles, made from 25mm Mdf. Can deliver to Kegworth on the Sat or Sun, or collect from Notts NG9. Holes are cutout for Supravox 215 Trf 64 Bicones (available for sale here also). Alternatively, take them and cut a larger hole for anything else you'd like. Giving away to clear space (and i also have some other JE Labs & Glow in the dark OB's for other drivers).
  3. For sale: Seas 21 TV G Full range drivers ‘blackcones’, in very good condition. Quote from Troels Gravesen “should I keep a speaker for my 8 watts 300B SET amps, this speaker would be it”. Selling as I have decided to go in a different direction. Sale at £60 + Postage (Bargain price, same as I paid for them from a fellow Lenco Heaven member). Note: - I have been informed that due to there stiff surrounds, they will probably need at least 20 - 30hrs to show there potential, and maybe a lot more to be working at their best. - Please pm me if you’d like t osee more photo’s. - Can deliver to Kegworth on Sat or Sun.
  4. For sale: Pair of Supravox T215 rtf 64 – Bi Cone full range speakers, with AlNiCo Magnets. There are many DIY builds that these can be used in, and which apparently work superbly in. E.g. J.E. Labs Open Baffle Glow in the dark Open Baffles. Troels Gravesen DTQWT Troels Gravesen OB7. Supravox ‘Panneau Plan Quinoceenne’ Check out page for full specification. Both drivers have the same readings. These took me an age to find. They have readings as shown in the photo and as can be seen, are in very good condition. However, there is a 7cm ‘split’ in one of the them (see photo). This has been confirmed where the paper cone has come away with age. They could be professionally repaired but it is apparently a fairly easy DIY job to reglue them. I have no experience with this, I also have several other drivers that I am already playing with in Open Baffles (and I could do with the cash). Price £275 + Postage (they cost me £350). I also have a pair of mdf ‘JE Labs’ open baffles available, which the Supravox’s will fit into. The buyer is welcome to these if collecting the drivers from Nottingham NG9, or they can be delivered to the Wam / Kegworth show (baffles on the left in the photo - to follow). Thank you.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has an amp I can borrow? Close to Nottingham that I can collect. Any amp will do. My pre / power is away being recapped for the next month of so, and I've some Fostex's I need to burn in. Happy to use it 4 or 6 hrs a day etc (whatever you want) and not 24 / 7. Thanks for reading. Keith
  6. Got a Sony Blueray player with remote and some DVD's that I'm guessing will play CD's. Can check and let you know the model no. later. £25 + postage.
  7. Wow, good price. Heard one of these and they're very good. Someone should buy this! PS. Phonomac is Angus :-)
  8. Used to have a pair, good speakers, bargain.