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  1. Now retired and spending more time in the garden so I thought it might be an idea to try something to bring the music outdoors rather than winding the amp volume up and opening doors and windows. So, can someone recommend speakers and whatever is required to couple to my amp to send the signal outside, or suggest the correct alternative, cheers. Not sure if waterproof is a requirement as I could bring them indoors when not in use.
  2. I have D2s on dreadnought stands, using simaudio moon cd/amp, happy for approx 5? years.
  3. Hi all, keeping safe I hope, a quick question for those in the know, during these troublesome time the cd collection has been getting a good airing, some stuff from a while ago, I have a couple of the cds that will not play on the house unit, ok in either car, genuine discs not copies, any ideas. Ta.
  4. If you have to ask, I wouldn't risk it, electricity, you can't smell or hear it but sure as shit can you feel it, can someone in.
  5. It seems stories of his retirement have been Trump fake news?
  6. Windolene, warm water with a touch of vinegar, or rub your stupid pals face across it, or of course all three in reverse order.
  7. mj446

    Hearing Loss

    I frequently only wear one aid, usually the one in the ear nearest the other person in the car(driving or passengering ) as appropriate, although usually none in my car if the roofs down, the wind noise is horrific, this can happen outside too, to a lesser degree, so aids out till I reach destination then re insert, normal service restored.
  8. mj446

    Hearing Loss

    Like most things I think some of the result is down to the installer/audio technician, at my local hospital (where I get it all done free) after the test he programmes the aid and then a test is done using a mic installed in the ear next to the output of the hearing aid, he then can fine tune the frequencies and volume to match the chart, the proof of the pudding is in the hearing. I did have some problems with feedback when my head was near the chair back or carheadrest but this was easily dialled out, I’m waiting for a date for my checkup to see if all is up to scratch and changes will be done at the time.
  9. I’ve one of those tilting traps with 1/2 a malteaser inside, always works a treat, and I get the rest of the sweeties. Yah.
  10. A decent jobbing joiner could maybe make you up a pair to OE design or even your own special look?
  11. mj446

    Hearing Loss

    Thirty years working down the pit did for my hearing, btw I always open the battery clip when not in my ears to prolong the battery life, hope this encourages those who may have doubts about hearing loss to get sorted, it did make a difference to my life, although I do have deaf periods when SWMBO is talking.
  12. mj446

    Hearing Loss

    I have two nhs aids probably the same as mr neds, I came in at night after work the day I got mine and first thing turned on the hifi, suddenly there was the notes that had been awol, it sounded better at once although I did make a couple of trips back to the clinic for fine tuning. I get 6/7 days from a battery and packs two at a time from the health clinic or audiology clinic and never have to produce knackered batteries in exchange. Digital aids can be tuned to amplify only where your ears are lacking and take minutes to tweak, my family no longer worry about hifi or tv volumes, and I can take part in conversations in noisy environments confident I’m not guessing the wrong answer to a remark, wouldn’t be without them now- unless SWMBO is on the warpath.
  13. mj446

    Youth Crime

    When I was young we respected the police, kind of!, but if they told us off we were grateful that we didn’t get a slap too, or they didn’t take us home to the parents for round two. Fights were conducted using fists, not a blade in sight, now kids/youths don’t give a shit, they know that if caught a slap on the wrist is the worst of their worries. Discipline is gone, maybe it’s time for the birch and hard labour, nowt else seems to work?
  14. Have they also taken bacon off the canteen menu too? Call it Santa time or whatever, or celebrate Jewish etc festivals through the year and call it quits, preach/teach tolerance FFS.
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