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  1. This is all boxed up ready to go, so just another quick nudge here before it goes on ebay
  2. It's been 4 years so far, another couple of weeks is no drama 107db speakers would be great. It does sound lovely
  3. Hi all, does someone fancy a project? This amp originated here so I figure it's only right that it should go back here. TLDR, it's bent and manky, but working great. Some Wammer can have it for free, but it'll need collecting from B11 or GL18 I bought this amp a good while back, but hadn't quite realised it was huge and massively heavy even by big valve amp standards, so I resold it back in 2016, but to cut a long story short, the guy I sold it to thought it was faulty and was going through a bit of a crisis, so I just got it re-collected by the courier rather than try and diagnose things remotely. I got it back home, but was in the middle of a massive building project at the time so put it to one side and completely forgot about it. I'm now having a proper clearout 4 years later! so I've finally opened the box to check it out and it's clear that at some point, probably the return courier journey to me, it's been dropped. It was pretty well packaged, but because the case is pretty thin and the transformers are so heavy it's kind of buckled and twisted. So here's how it looks today I've just opened it up, seen an obvious bad solder joint onto the large capacitors inside, which may well have been the cause of the dodgy noises the previous purchase heard, so I've just repaired that and powered it up and it's sat next to me now singing away beautifully. Really it wants to be taken apart, case straightened out or replaced, change some transformer casings and give others a wire brush and maybe coat of paint. Or keep it as-is and marvel at the beautiful sounds coming out of an amp that looks like Sloth from the Goonies? Your shout, but it's up for grabs for free to someone who'll appreciate it. It's a cheap fix for someone with plenty of time, patience and DIY skills. It can be collected from either my house at GL18 or office (but only during office hours) at B11 Here's the original sale thread from 2016 from before it got all bent up and stuck in a box for 4 years: cheers, James
  4. cheers, yeah. This was destined for our family room setup but at 4/10 on the volume dial into a pair of Cornered Audio C4 speakers it was definitely as loud as I'd ever want it to be, so I was worried some little darling would crank it right up and damage something
  5. Hi all, I've got a Rega Brio amplifier. Latest model in perfect working order and great condition. Comes with original box, instructions, IEC cable and remote control. It's a brilliant amp with a wonderful sound, but it's too powerful for what I need for this setup (I had replaced a 50WPC T-amp and assumed that this would be similar output, but it's LOADS more powerful) so I've replaced it with its smaller brother, the Rega IO instead. £450 gets it delivered to your door in the UK with DPD. Happy to send it outside mainland UK, just ask me for a quote. cheers, James
  6. Cheers. That sounds promising. I had done a search and checked the section here, but not in the last 12 hours it seems
  7. Hi all, has anyone had the opportunity to compare the new Rega IO amp to the latest 2017 Brio? I know the Brio is what I want sound-wise, but I only need 2 line inputs, I don't need a recording output and 30wpc would be plenty for this particular setup. Plus I'm not too fussy about the looks and smaller is better in this instance as it's not the main hifi and is in a shared family room out in the open. So it seems to me like all the compromises of the smaller cheaper IO either don't matter to me or are a positive, but is the overall sound and character of the IO compromised compared to the Brio or is it just these lesser specs which don't effect me? cheers, James
  8. DWJames

    Wtd - DDDAC parts

    Hi, I have various bits and pieces spare. A pair of both the original 5v and 12v dddac power supplies plus upgrades, WaveIO board, 4 of the custom Tentlabs regulators to fill 1 deck, and a few other bits besides. Drop me a PM if you need anything specific, cheers, James
  9. Would you believe it, it's a new year and these are still here! I had a bit of interest, but then got lost in work and house projects and now it's 2017! So these are now reduced to £190 due to a visiting little darling child poking one of the dust caps in (not the one that previously had a dent, the other good one) so it now looks like this, it doesn't affect the sound in any way I can detect and is likely an easy repair but I have too much else on my plate at the minute: All other details remain the same cheers, J
  10. I didn't get the memo about screwing the lid down properly so ended up doing this And this Then Closely followed by (mainboard reg output detached) And (ignore the silly massive gold resistors, I guessed the spec wrong and had to dig in the spares temporarily) With a few new data wires And a bit of standoff jiggering And I've made it all fit and I can (in theory) now close the lid(s) for the first time in about a year should the need arise... Sounds pretty good too quite a step up from the level of detail I've heard from a dddac before. So that's without any of the dddac mainboard data signal processing, just a reclocked signal direct from the Cronus to as close to the DAC chips as is practical. The mainboard is only there to hold the i/v resistors for the moment. I kind of know what the next/final couple of tweeks would be ideally, but I'm also kind of limited by Doede's board design at this stage, I'd want to omit so many of the kit parts and change some fiddly pcb stuff it's almost worth getting a new pcb made, but that gets a bit awkward and aside from my lack of pcb design experience, I wouldn't want to appear disrespectful to Doede who's done a pretty great job and been very generous and humble with his approach to the project.. Ps: I'd be up for comparing DDDACs and their sweet musics if anyone's up for a Midlands-ish weekday evening meet, but I don't have a load of listening room at mine these days James
  11. Any photos of the boards yet? I'd be interested to see their take on things