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  1. Hi Alan, you compared the DJ version to the Maroon ? I notice the DJ version has a tie off a both ends for back scratching, sounds more robust never a bad thing. Any opinion ? Cheers Johno
  2. Looking for a modern London Decca cartridge in excellent condition
  3. The AT-OC9XML may well be the sweet spot in the current OC9 range. I recently traded in my broken AT-ART9 for a AT-OC9XSL using the 30% discount AT offer. Sadly the suspension wire on the AT-ART9 collapsed and was deemed unfixable. I've spent around 50 hours listening to the AT-OC9XSL on the same Nottingham Analog turntable rig. In my opinion the AT-OC9XSL is a well balanced cartridge but it doesn't hold a candle to the AT-ART9 which is truly special, dare I say magical. You will never offend anyone with the AT-OC9XSL but to my ears it is too polite unfortunately the AT-ART9XI the replacement for the ART9 was out of my price range.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, cheers
  5. Thanks for the link Keith. Looking for more a subjective view as to how the two compare. Attached is a link regarding DDDAC 1794
  6. G'day, wondering if anyone has compared a higher end Audio Note transformer coupled DAC to a DDDAC 1794 transformer coupled DAC ? PS - All listening to be done on standard Redbook CD Cheers Johno
  7. Interesting I do not live in the UK so no cigar regarding a caption cook. They would have to be special though as you can buy a new pair of Legacy Ardens for around 6,500 pounds compared to the Ref Canterbury Speaker that Paul makes starting at 7,500 pounds Cheers Johno
  8. Hi everyone, Being an owner of Tannoy Arden loaded with good working 15" HPD & Crossovers. I wonder how these compare with current Tannoy Canterbury. Both similar in volume and magnet material . Or has anyone compared Legacy Arden with current Canterbury ? Thanks in advance. Cheers Johno
  9. Thanks Cooky, your advice is the same as what Speakerbits in Melbourne recommended (use foam).
  10. Thanks mikeyb, exactly what I was after, cheers
  11. Thanks for the feedback, I need to call Lockwood Audio to clarify what the conversions involves.. Cheers Johno
  12. Hi there, Anyone tried the Lockwood Audio hard edge re-cone for Tannoy HPD385. There website doesn't explain the modification but I assume this is a complete new cone, voice coils & hard edge surround ? And does this modification change the sound of the speaker be it better or different. Cheers Johno
  13. Hi Ben been a while wondering whether you had a chance to compare pre-amps ? Cheers Johno
  14. Cheers, I read that review and noticed the similarity of design philosophy between the two product lines ie SW1X Audio Design & Abbasaudio. They appear identical, albeit with a large price difference but bear in mind the business models are very different.. I totally agree with comments below in the review regarding active versus passive I/V conversion with TDA1453 in that it sounds flat / boring when in passive mode. "Set aside such anxieties though and the DAC 1 Signature makes a lot of sense. It is a NOS – non-oversampling – DAC using the resistor-to-resistor TDA1543 DAC chip and the CS8412/14 receiver chip, with a transistor making the current-to voltage conversion directly connected to a single-ended class A, zero feedback E88CC/6N6P tube output stage". Johno
  15. Yep point taken there are a number of DACS he sells some cheaper some more expensive. I can't speak Ukraine or Russian perhaps someone else can charm in regarding his product line. Googling doesn't help. Johno