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  1. so today due to shear boredom, i set about upgrading the motor on the Odyssey , although it had anew power supply attached , it was sent back and upgraded to have a bigger transformer fitted and dropped back off at my house with in 12 hrs,, the new Motor having twice the torque as the old one , the difference was i no longer can stop the platter with the brush ,, it had one draw back in that the HR would run it but at the wrong speed ,, the TPA would ,, it is easy to change ,, the torque is now 22nmn , and not 10 ,, the new motor fitted directly into the Michell Rubber sock so no need to drill add other bits,, p
  2. Hi their is a guy called Blakep , who boiled his old belts, this will shrink them,, also he recommends the malvern hills one , i have only ever bought the michell belts directly from michell , all have been fine for a short while, i talked to jonathan nye the michell engineer , he promised they where now making there own in house , i cannot prove or disprove this, so no further comment from me,,, it seems now Michell have moved it may just be an assembly plant ,most of the component parts are bought from sub contract suppliers, that is fine but you must have an in house inspection system to make sure the parts come up to the std you require ,, The chassis holes are all different due to the casting and how they are machined , they had a problem where the machine they placed the chassis onto would machine the holes and than cut through either the inner web or the out part of the chassis scrapping the whole part , The work around was to reduce the hole size to suit the one off chassis ,, that is why each and every chassis is different ,, and that is why i ask for the size to be measured ,to fit the pylons,, i tried to come up with a one size fits all after talking to another engineer down to 33mm but then found the next one that was on the list was 32,8 mm. i have never copied any ones ideas, it was hard enough that is why i have the IP cert off the government i checked before they were released,, all the ideas had help from forum members in testing,, which i am grateful for ,, from making feet of skateboard wheels , to putting the armboard on anti vibration rubbers, to using caravan mastic to help stop the chassis ringing ,,,all can be taken off with out any damage to the deck , i just did not like the thought of getting a drill out of the box and drilling holes in the side of the chassis ,,,once drilled you cannot go back ,, pete
  3. from my own experience with the gyro and orb there was always the thought that the deck could be better ,, in so many ways,, but that Michell are set in their ways,,and don t want to do any work on the deck that would upset the followers of the michell sound,, the pylons took ages to get correct , well before they were ever uploaded ,, but ill health forced me to sell all the hifi gear off ,, until 3 years ago, boredom set in and i started again,, i realy like the michell decks,, i have had several from the transcriptio,,to the orb, gyro ,, and now the odyssey ,, but after reading that the sound could be a little thin on several forums and the springs ring ,, i just set about looking what was on offer upgrade wise, the only thing i could find was the gert pederson upgrade,, i even asked if he would sell me just the suspension but was turned down flat ,, it was then i bought the GP Armboard ,the less said the better ,, so wanting to get rid of the springs, he joked to put the deck on a inner tube , so i talked to some one who knew J Michell ,he said john was working on some air bladders but they were never finished,, i talked to J Nye several times, about the suspension,, but they were not interested in any one's ideas, it had to come from in house, which i thought was fine,, i put the toilet seal into the Dc motor Pod to stop the motor buzz you can hear from time to time this is because the rubber sock is not supported i am not sure how it is fixed to the top plate but the bottom is left free , so when you put pressure onto the top of the motor with the belt it must also move the bottom of the motor causing the motor to catch the top of the rubber sock , putting the seal in stops the movement of the rubber sock with the support ,, all of the tweaks were done with help for other users , they were never meant to be sold, but ended up with TruePoint Audio ,, as the engineering side made all the parts ,, i could no longer afford to give some parts away ,, so now they make and charge for them , i had a problem with the HR power supply it would not stay at 33.3 always drifting enough to have you look for the small screw driver not to knock the HR it is a great bit of kit but if you want to adjust it you have to take it out of the rack ,have good eye sight and a small screw driver to adjust it ,, it may not be the power supply but the Very Poor belts that have been made, and are still made, i think i have bought 4 in the past year ,, as they do stretch ,, i just do not under stand that Manufactures do not take notice of any upgrades that are not made in house, or even acknowledge they may help keep the deck alive and kicking ,, the Gorbe is not an orbe regardless on what you do , the drive motor has a tacho and controller , the suspension has a second stage , were the feet are separate,, so hence the new power supply ,, it has a DC controller in the box, to keep the speed and change speed, ,, so why did Michell not offer some thing like this, ??? to the gyro users , instead you cannot upgrade the gyro any further with Michell parts as they will not sell you a orb power supply and motor ,, they are only for people who have bought the orbe,, the reason no upgrades from Michell is just a mystery , but now i have woken them up they may even surprise me,they may even improve on the belts,
  4. Hi Huw , there is not one for the gyro only the orbe, maybe one of the lads can help , i did know the 33.3 and the 45 on the orbe once had a button ,but never on the Gyro which this is for , it is very early days yet to even consider doing any wright up for the TPA one, all i know i like the fact i no longer have to disturb the tension on the belt ,by moving it to the 45 ,, the trichord NC was just for the Orbe , Michell will not sell an orbe motor to a none orbe user , so i was left with asking TPA to look at making his Pink triangle Controller work on a Michell Gyro , which he has done, so now no touching the belt for 45 on the gyro , it is up to owners who wish to have this , and contact Charlie, i have just bought this and i am so far a very happy user , it is very early days , i no nothing about electronics, or how this works , just wanted to have a better experience with the deck with out getting the belt dirty , pete
  5. i don't no,, i don't have this one yet , it is being made, to do the michell, they are a little bit cheaper than the HR , the price is via TPA, i just wanted to show there is now an alternative to the Hr , i think the technology used is similar to the Orbe power supply accept it is all in the box, and not in the base of the motor as well, so a complete controller like the orbe , i unplugged the unit i have last night force of habit , expecting i would have to re trim the speed, but it had remembered as soon i used it it started on 33.4 and then went down to 33.3 , and has not changed since , 4 hrs ago , the HR is a fine piece of engineering , but the trim pot at the back is a pain to keep the speed correct, you may only test the speed once a year with a strobe ,but he laser tachometer is more accurate , i always found the HR to be slightly out , time will tell if that is the case with this, ,,,but at this moment i am a happy bunny , it will come with its own pulley , and also in 110v if needed, the reason for the pulley is because you no longer need to move the belt , so the same tension on the belt is kept between speeds, which helps ,, pete
  6. just tried it out on one lp the verve , it was great to hear a lp that stayed on speed,,, with in about point one of a rpm i can set the tachometer to read ,, , it is stable for the whole of the lp according to that ,,, in my opinion it is better than the HR , in one way the fact i don't have to find a small screw driver for the fine trimming or move the belt , just press the button on the front panel , when set it stays there , at this moment i will not pass 100% judgement due to it being the first for the Michell by TPA , i am bound to find a fault ,, but as it is a proven design with a tweak to work on the gyro i cannot see it failing , unless i blow it up , pete
  7. what i did not no was that this has been proven for the past years for the pink triangle, it is as small as the HR but with no need to move the belt ( that is not a problem) but ten you have the speed trimming on the front that is done with the up or down for fine speed, the speed is set very easy , simply push the button , the only thing i dont like is the Green on and off switch , this blinks when you are adjusting the speed, in the fine mode, i thought i had broken it when it started to flash , but it was just that i was pressing the adjust button so it was flashing to let me know the adjustment was taking place, all good stuff ,
  8. i will double check but it did before , have not checked since i was messing about with it , the trim settings are just on the front push button , and yes it will , i have just checked again , it is for the DC Gyro only ,, 78 rpm is quite something to see on a gyro, it will have its own pulley , not sure if it will be a double belt one, as the controller seems to lock it in place , but cannot check the accuracy of the speed down past point one of a RPM, it is done in a Black front as well, but as this is the very first one it has been done in Gray , it is nearly the same controller he makes for the Pink Triangle, pete
  9. well this is working great , no need to change the motor , just plug and set the speed, for the gyro DC only , in black or gray , now for the fun , pete
  10. new power supply on the way which will do 33.3 45 and 78 ,, which is quite a sight to see the gyro running at 78 rpm, it is on test at my home, but will be only available from TPA controller .mp4 45 rpm .mp4
  11. Hi you should now beable to adjust them properly now, the tone arm is about half a kg in weight ??? , it will be a good match now, the pylons are fitted, enjoy , pete
  12. Hi António what Tone arm are you using , pete
  13. Hi António glad you like the pylons , i am aware of the pulley's running eccentric how ever their is not room on the pulley to make it any other way ,, so our pulleys are tested before they will be sent out with a DTI to check they are concentric,,, but there is a new idea that has come up with regards to a power supply having 3 speeds which is now on the test rig, ..,,, kind regards pete