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  1. i had this and talked to eBay , they said they could not force the seller to sell the item ,but would put him on the one to watch list , the point is eBay is not a proper auction site, on a proper auction site there is a Buyers preimum on top of the sales price and a sellers preimum all go to the auction house, the fee can be as much as 30% on top the final bid price , plus vat , the contract is binding when you bid on a proper auction room , but not on ebay , they will just ban you for a short while,
  2. only send to the address provided by paypal , they will only cover you for that address if some thing goes wrong , you will have no help off paypal or eBay ,
  3. i am glad all the upgrades worked for you , mine is the same , i have enjoyed making stuff for this Turntable, i dont have any more to offer , all the best pete
  4. London Grammar Californian soil clear vinyl
  5. HI Balle , what did you pay for the test equipment , ?
  6. i am glad you like them , i am at this moment consintrating on the SME 309 getting ready to send back to SME at £630 plus packageing , in the next month fingers crossed, it will happen , please note those of us who own soundsmith cartridges , they have been hit by COVID19, even peter was taken to hospital twice, if you have ordered a cartridge it will be late , https://www.sound-smith.com/articles/covid19
  7. Amstrad made cheap hifi for currys, , as well as computers, yes i did buy them direct, sending them back would cost a lot , i am going to ask them to change them this month , with in the 5 year warranty , i have put a 1meter lenght level on the sides, they are out by about 1/4 inch , not a lot but it is something her in doors has a moan about the spekers are drunk , pete
  8. i would say one inwards and one out wards , i think the problem is the shape of the sides are not squre with the front of the speakers, so they look odd depending on how you look at them , if the curve is not 100% they will look out , i had a digital level , they are level , but the sides are not , think posh Amstrad ,
  9. i have a pair of fm30 , the sound is good, but i still cannot get over the fact thay look drunk , you cannot level them up , verically even using a long sprit level ,
  10. if you need answers to pete's pylons please PM me, i no longer answer questions on my designs, this is to allow other topics, on the members forum , and not just mine, the sme pirce is including VAT , at %20 for the uk ,
  11. well i had the price from brian the service manager , Dear Peter, The service cost for an SME 309 arm is £630.00 + return carriage. During the service the arm is fully dismantled and rebuilt to the latest standards. New internal wiring and bearings will be installed before full testing, calibration and inspection. The service work is fully warrantied . We do not offer a service to replace just the graphics as it would not be cost effective. If you wish to proceed simply send the arm to the address shown below enclosing full contact details (postal address etc.). Best regards, Brian Brian Laker Service Manager T: +44 (0) 1903 814 321 | W:www.sme-audio.com SME Limited, Mill Road, Steyning West Sussex, England, BN44 3GY
  12. Cost of a SME sevrice on a 309 is £630 , plus any missing parts,
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