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  1. yes they make and distributive the mods , the best one is the pylons, to be honest i would not trust an app, even the machine i used was dependent on the temperature of the room , and humidity , i bought the motor direct from the suppliers , it was a 7w 24v promotec , 40 , but then found the HR would not run it to the correct speed it was too fast by 2 rpm , i had true point make me a new PSU , i bought a new belt direct from Michell, and then used different oil/grease mixture in the bearing at a later stage , i have not yet repeated the wow and flutter test , but will do it again next year when every thing is bedded in , the problem with wow and flutter , i found it depended on the temp off the room and the humidity , i am not a lab , i would never guarantee the results to any one, when you get to the stage that you need to use equipment and not EARS it is time to give HIFI up , i just did that as i noticed a vast difference in the sound when i fitted the pylons,
  2. changed , the motor and psu , the belt , and the suspension , and used a ptfe grease mixed with z1 to make a better lubricant , with no springs you lose the bounce and the slacking off of the belt , and recently added an acrylic platter ,
  3. i don't think so , it has slots that hold them together , you could always make a bigger one regards peter
  4. 17.5L x 16 cm wide i used some walnut blocks that are 300 x 220 on top off the spikes, pete
  5. Solid in both style and sound, the Soundstyle Z1 stands revitalise the bass from even the smallest speakers. MASSIVE CONSTRUCTION FOR A POWERFUL SOUND With four heavy duty columns and thick top and base plates, the Soundstyle Z1 has both mass and rigidity to beat off any rival. There is also an adjustable central tension rod for increased rigidity. Thanks to the high mass and rigidity of the Z1s, you'll find a great improvement in the bass, with enhanced attack and a punchier, more revealing bottom end. COLUMN DAMPING The latest Z1 stands also feature column damping. This reduces 'ringing' resonances for enhanced sonic accuracy. The built-in damping also alleviates the need to add a separate filling to the stands. TOP AND BASE SPIKES AS STANDARD For the best isolation and stand stability it's best to use base spikes. The spikes supplied with the Z1 stands can be adjusted from the top, making it easy to get the spikes perfectly adjusted for a level and stable support. As an additional bonus, the Z1 also comes with the option of using top spikes. Whilst these won't suit all speakers and will mark the base of your speakers, they do enhance the clarity of many speakers by further isolating the speaker from stand, thus reducing bass 'boom' and resonance. 60cm Tall For a powerful -sounding stand with presence in all senses, the Soundstyle Z1 stands tall. taken from richersound site cost £169 , for sale £70ono , pick up only due to weight , from Buckley Flintshire
  6. hi guys has anyone listened to a pair of Gato Fm30 speakers, i have just purchased a pair of walnut , which are still to come direct from gato audio, they have a problem with the finishing at this moment , the company who was supplying the cabinet's went bust because off covid, which gato has confirmed,i was lucky they had a pair of walnut fm30 in stock ,i did px for the fm15 i owned, now i hope the Gato FM30 are just as good if not better pete
  7. hi hue that looks great and relaxing , glad you like the pylons, Peter
  8. if only i could buy them , but i will have to dream , all the best with the sale,
  9. some more information on these amps
  10. HI popol_vuh the pylons had a small design change to one base , now no measuring will be needed, and they will not stick either, the design is still the same and registered the certificate is on the TPA web site, , i have tried boiling the belt , but i found the new versions off the Michell ones bought direct from michell seem to be a lot better , the feet i use are just skate board wheels with BSF nuts place where the bearing sits, i looked around for a different way but Cost was the only concern for me, skate board wheels cost £7 , for 4 , from China , £3 for the nuts, that is all, they stopped the deck from moving and did a small bit of isolation, the problem with the gyro is the suspension is part off the feet , but on the orbe they are separate, the feet screwed to the bottom spider , the location is then via the 3 pointed grub screws , in the second spider , or plinth, the small stub part then screws into the second spider , the adjuster is then sat on the ball , the chassis is then hung off the pylons, but on the Gyro it is all hung of the foot adjuster pole, which has a longer thread ,to hold the feet in place, and no matter what you try 100% isolation may be impossible to do , with the arm board directly screwed to the chassis, any vibration always ends back at the arm and then into the cartridge ,
  11. TPA Pylons and psu and platter and armboard , with ptfe and zx1 mixed oil and grease, Popol_vch , i hope you are enjoying TPA's pylons , pete
  12. i made feet out of skateboard wheels , they do the job for me.
  13. i manged to get the wow and flutter down , a lot , how ever it was done with the following , a change of PSU , and a motor to 7 watt, the bearing now uses something similar to projects grease oil for the inverted bearing , i mixed zx1 and synthetic ptfe grease , to form a very thin grease oil it coats the bearing and the top of the shaft so now on start up the bearing is not dry if the turntable has not been used for a while, on the picture above i had not set the drift properly , it made no difference to the figures when adjusted, p
  14. just had this from paul who works for tom Hi Peter For some odd reason it won't allow me to join the forum and send a reply. If you can please tell the guy on the forum, if he just wants us to repair the unit we can do that for him, just email us and tell us that, getting another engineer to repair it will be difficult, because we scrub the identification off the I.C's we use, so whoever they get to look at it they would need to get in touch with us to fix it. We don't supply any circuit diagrams or parts list of bits used.(job security and propriety information). Tom may have mentioned upgrading the unit because of its age, some of the bits in the older products are now obsolete, which forced us to change the product range. Kind Regards Paul @ Audio Design Email 01443 833570