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  1. they dont move but do isolate , please note these will be in Black , silver , gold , or naked aluminium , when sorted, and are about 25mm tall, at this moment , 75% completed at this moment , it means you can use the michell foot to adjust them to get the correct level , , the style is in keeping with Michell Feet of the past , and is similar to the hydrolic tt ,but isolated inside,
  2. Hi John yes i know but there are plenty of AC models out there , it now means the owners know how to service them if they want to , the advice on how to service the AC motors came direct from MIchell, pete
  3. Servicing the old AC motor according to MIchell Engineering , Servicing the old AC motor , The old AC motors have two sintered bearings. If they have dried out then they can be oiled but they won’t be the same as before they dried out, you might get a year or two before they will need doing again. You really need to strip the motor down to lubricate it because if you oil it from the top, it could make the motor noisy, as you will be lubricating the series of washers on the top of the motor and they can then begin to vibrate. You can try using something thin like ZX1 or WD40. Th
  4. you have to get the pulley changed, the one i have is too small ,but it is a trial , i can get the 33.3 but not 45 or 78 , that has to be sorted out on monday ,the belt is 5mm wide about the width of 3 belts, alli have to say i have to double check the wow and flutter with the new pulley , on monday , pete
  5. hi john i can borrow a wow and flutter meter , i suspect it wont make much difference to the deck , i will pick it up on monday if TPA will lend it to me , they dont beleive is bankholidays, i also dont have a phone that will run apps , i am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to phones, lol
  6. Flat bealt on trial , wont no if it is better than the round for several weeks, the speed is rock steady , as for the sound i dont know until my pre amp is back from Graham ,
  7. they are quite easy to install ,if you dont want to measure the holes, the std version will do the same, i ask you to do this cut the wax thread and see what happens, i know what happens if you cut 2 o rings you simply replace them,
  8. i had the fm 15 and sold them after 12months, midrange is very agressive , they did not mellow, voices , where very forward , so i bought the fm30 , different sound again , the bass can get out of hand, muddy mids os far , and very tight highs, unfortunatly i have not been able to level the speakers, one always looks drunk , and no its not an optical illusion , i have just sent my preamp to get recapped and double checked by trichord , i dont expect any change in the speakers, which i am stuck with , dealers will not touch them as they have not imported them or the offers for nearly new speake
  9. hi john what works for one may not work for another , you pays your hard earned money and you take a chance, all i know i can cut an oring and the pylons are fine, not sure about the SA ones and i will not comment , all the stuff i put out was to help owners either make it them selves or buy it , the DIY aspect saves money, but then i dont do fancy packing , the thread on AOS cheap upgrades and the help off owners have all helped bring the pylons to were they are , the Bobbins were used over a year ago , but i could not get ones that were 8mm to 12mm tall, now i can i dont have any pro
  10. HI John i know but these are only 8-12mm tall, the top part is suspended away from the bottom part , i have these but thay have been on test for a year , now i am waiting for the delrin covers to be made, as they are for the armboard , a simalar thing to the feet , all of them are industry standard anti vibration , and work very well, they are used to suspend Motors , and in camera mounts, etc , i am amazed to see that a 20k euro TT is using the same principle for the pylons,( Vertere Acoustics SG-1) as o rings have been used in different ways on different decks with different material
  11. at £16 , this are the business https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373068142167?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=641847062643&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 m5 x 10mm x16mm diamer , the botton thared is seperate from the upper bolt , and they are an industry std isolation device
  12. arm board isolation is it possible on a gyro or orbe, in the past i have tried all kinds to do this, with sorbothane and rubber bobbins to replace the michell standoffs, they work well at £7 for 4 off ebay , but i use what i would consider to be an expensive cartridge , i was worried if any movement was happening ,that i could not see, so i use a sold acrylic armboard , with dots of grungbuster which the armboard sits on , i was also concerned that if this armboard or the michell was not perfectly level it would mean the channel separation, channel balance, and signal direction may be wrong ,
  13. HI all , Does the Techno deck have a DC motor in the early versions, the later versions do they have a DC motor
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