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  1. PWS

    Rega Exact 20 Hrs

    Hi All, I'll selling a Rega Exact with aroud 20 hours use Asking £100 inc del Cheers Paul
  2. Hi All Selling my BK XLS200 Subwoofer Forward firing Matt Black Spikes Power lead Collection only or happy to deliver in person up to 150 miles from Swansea for £25 £200 excluding delivery Cheers Paul
  3. What type of enclosure are they? Sealed...Ported...Transmission Line? I cant find any pics of the rear
  4. Sat here listening to the wall on vinyl via my TBD6's and its so dynamic and has in no small part due to the Kralks. The loss of Kralk and Alans skills is a massive loss.
  5. Selling my modded yaquin MS23B valve phonostage Bought this as a stop gap while I built my Rod Elliot P06 Spent the lockdown switching between the two and finally settled on the P06 now I fixed the issues I caused This was modded by Les himself and I bought this from a gent on here.'Life'_into_the_Yaqin_MS-22B.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0QMHgPu1bnkN47TK2LKzZJ5PQShiU4RCjdkRyMv2Uclonh-ge6SwQe-Uc Asking what I paid for it so £180 delivered Any questions please let me know Cheers Paul
  6. Check out the post code for the companies address A solicitors office....looks well things are being hidden................
  7. I love the way they blame Alan who has run it for 8 years for the failures of the last few months. If I was Alan I'd be livid at this. I think they joined at the wrong time hoping to capitlaise on Alans work and got burned by the virus and lockdown and dont have the resources to continue so blame Alan. Shame is all Alans hard work over the years may be damaged and he'll have to start again under a different name or get rid of the two chancers and continue with Kralk. That post is really damaging to the Kralk name and a poor communication from "Business" men who claim to be saviors to Kralk and Alan.
  8. Jesus What the fuk happened? I may have has one of the last Kralk's made and I love them If Alan doesn't make speakers this is a massive loss. Thing with Kralk was the hand made speaker made with passion and knowledge and It shows in the sound and build quality. I wish Alan all the best for the future as he's a genuine person who's passion and skills should not be lost Paul
  9. PWS

    Arcam rPlay

    Found it in exploder...not showing on chrome Sorted
  10. PWS

    Arcam rPlay

    Thats Fing mad...the screen shot shows the report button but not my screen Maybe a browers issue Will try with exploder and have a look
  11. PWS

    Arcam rPlay

    No it doesn't. It tells you to do it but not where the report button is. I dont see it anywhere... Screenshot of my view...its not there :