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  1. Open a stick up..probably a cap and a resistor creating a tuned circuit to increase or decrease a spot more electronics on the signal path...maybe??
  2. Give him a bell. Nice lad to talk to and no pressure and he'll guide you to the right pair for you.
  3. No... In my room too much bass around the 40 70Hz due to a room mode but when eq with the sub nothing.. re did the eq without the sub and they are nice with a flat responce but they will never hit the low 20's as they are not designed to do so..... The sub just does the very lowest bits What they are designed to do they do very very well
  4. Sorry if I wasn't clear After the first set up they were lean so re did the EQ without the sub then re added the sub last...very very happy
  5. So, They are here. I was after a new set of speakers as I've never been happy with the midrange I was getting by the PMC DB1 and TB2+. Both nice speakers but I was after something that was not trying to be everything in one box. Been run in for some 60 hours while in work. Set up with the Kalsu lasers and first and second reflection points treated. In a small room 2.5m x 2.3m and EQ'd with Audessy MultEQ 32XT stand alone unit. I've given the speakers the best chance to show what they can do by running in, correct alignment, treated listening position and EQ'd. There are I think three main types of people with regards to hifi. First theres not interested and a speaker is just a driver in a box and needs to make noise and they're happy. Secondly I think there us lot who live in the hifi world and are real about equipment's limitations etc. Thirdly theres the people who are full of sh*t I love reviews that say I heard a whole new track on the album that other speakers never played or as soon as I pressed play world hunger ended because of these speakers. No other speaker has done that before So, This is not a review as I'm not a reviewer and have not been paid or have any interest in the company selling them so this is more a post of my experience from start to finish. Kralk is a one man show from answering the phones to packing up the speaker for delivery or collection. So when he's answering mails or taking calls he's not making your speakers so communications was not the best but calling him worked best for me. I found Alan to be a crap salesman. Not as in he is unfriendly or doesn't care but he doesn't try to sell you anything...nothing. He talks gently and honestly answers your questions but doesn't try to sell you the product that best for him. once you'd had your chat if then you're interested does the conversation go to what speakers he'd recommend for you based on your music type and how the speakers are designed. I went for the TDB6 as I was after that mid range sweet sound. So while running in I used a CD I read a fellow wammer use as his test disc. While running in I was initially impressed by the amount of bass on the CD and how the speakers handled it. But then I started using some of my own test music and there was bugger all passed 40Hz or there abouts. So once run in but not EQ'd in I did some measurements and found the issue. A HUGE boost from 30Hz to 70Hz of around 10- 15 DB. This accounts for the initial impressive thoughts on the first listen and the lack of hearing anything really low. So...we have a starting point. Keep in mind these were not designed to be full range speakers and being ported will have a steep roll off below the port tuned frequency. So a small BK 10" Subwoofer was used to produce the lowest frequencies. So dialed the sub in using XTZ room analyser and then ran the EQ set up. So So disappointing and it was now late and had an early star the next day. Even with the sub no scale or depth or impact. Just flat speakers and I've has much better before. went to work and was not a happy chappy and couldn't do anything that eve as had other commitments so took Friday off to crack on. Different approach this time. Eq the speakers without the sub and the dial in the sub last. I've always found the BK high level x over to be shallow and not as sharp a roll off as REL so some work was needed. This took longer than expected given the subs crap x over but after some tweaking I go there and then started to listen to music ELO Eldorado Vinyl. This is a nice album with more orchestra than most other ELO and you can hear the orchestra in a much better soundstage. Tangerine Dream Force majeure CD Oh yes, Screaming guitars and wailing sweeping synths but also impact from the drums and a very good 3d sound stage level 42 the pursuit of accidents Vinyl Balanced sound and never tripped up by this album These speakers are hard to explain. They do not make sound. The sound just appears in the room and seems to have nothing to do with the speakers. They are neutral or honest for a better word. No fancy sales speak about how the tweeter is manufactured by 80yr old virgins using the phase distortions of the cotangent interlaced phase limiter to better integrate with the driver etc etc etc Just very well make speakers that produce a true reflection of what is sent to them and when you consider these are hand made with a worrying high level of detail it makes them even more impressive. They are not massed produced item from china but one mans passion for music and speakers. The build quality is perfect and Alan is a quiet man who lets his work do the talking and rightly so. Given the level of work and attention to detail poured into my speakers I'm more than happy with my TDB6's and they will not be going anywhere. Keep in mind Alan is not a salesman and not going to pressure you into buying and will quietly go off and make speakers that will be the best they can be with high attention to detail in everything. If you want speakers from a sales man that will cure world hunger or by reviews sitting on the end of 100K worth of kit then maybe a shop will be good for you but if you want quiet honesty and excellent speakers the Alan could be your man. Hope this is of use to someone
  6. Hi Natlepan, I started with the little DB1's...Impressive for the amount of Bass from a small speaker...nice sound stage but...something was lacking...went up to the TB2+ and a lot better but still something missing...could never put my finger on it...then replaced them with IPL transmission lines...more deep controlled bass but still...not where I wanted to be. I think I was missing the mid range detail so was looking at Proac tablette type speakers....but went with the Kralks. Cant give you a fair assessment as they are still running in and not properly set up but just messing about last nite the mid range is something else...its there from the get its looking promising.....update next Sunday eve
  7. Got them Connected them to the amp on sat nite about 8pm and started running them in Put some 17 hours on them. Again this morning 6am till 9pm tonite and the same until Friday. Then I'll put them in place and EQ them to remove the effects of the room and then sit back and listen. Will put a full review up over the weekend
  8. Interested in a Tag McLaren 5x100? Not boxed and silver facia Currently using it in a two channel setup
  9. Ok...not going to need 70 to be honest 20 chrome will be fine is that ok Can you PM me your address and tel number. Driving from Swansea to Manchester then to you, then to wakefield and then home so will have a better eta on the day
  10. Are they type 1 or 2's (Chrome) and all 90's? I'm passing from Manchester to Wakefield this sat..Are you available about midday to collect?
  11. Hi mate How much do you want for them? Cheers paul
  12. Chrome or metal are good and amount depends on price I guess What ya got?
  13. Hi sorry...I don't mean pre recorded...just blanks that have been used. I'll edit the first post