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  1. I don't know. Says "you may not post attachments".
  2. Selling my Fidelity Research FR-64fx. Comes without headshell. In wonderful condition, internally silver wired, playing very very nice. 750 GBP + p&p. Kondo KSL-Vz tonearm cable, DIN-RCA, 0.6m length, 350 GBP + p&p. Photos per PM request, I am not allowed to post photos here. BR, mbede
  3. Bump. Price is rediculously low for such an awesome preamp!
  4. I heard there is one Japanese guy that buys from Akihabara shops and then resells and sends via post...tough to fins
  5. Hi guys, Does anybody knows anyone who can buy some specific Japanese made capacitors and/or transformers for tube amps and ship to Europe? BR, Marko
  6. A few details: - excellent visual condition, no dents or scratches, double boxes, photos are available via email marko.bede@os.t-com.hr - unit has been checked by authorized service, in immaculate technical condition - tubes have seen around 3000h of operation, buyer gets 1 NOS quad of Sovtek 6H30p tubes - the unit has been bought in Croatia, EU, and will ship from Croatia with no additional import charges to buyer from EU - price is firm at 4850 GBP + p.p. Audition in Croatia is always welcome. BR, Marko
  7. mbede

    So teak 6H30?

    Many thanks for your help! I am aware of the fact that those Sovteks are pretty inconsistent, but I am willing to pay premium for tight matching. Unfortunately it is crucial for Audio Research preamps.
  8. mbede

    So teak 6H30?

    Thanks guys, email sent to Peter. I have also contacted Watford valves, but got no reply yet..
  9. mbede

    So teak 6H30?

    No he does not have those...I am insisting on Sovteks because people say those sound best in Audio Research Ref range preamps...
  10. mbede

    So teak 6H30?

    Hi guys, where could I buy perfectly matched quad of Sovtek 6H30 tubes for my Audio research Ref5 SE? Ideally would be factory tubes..from where I come I have to wait 4 months to get factory tubes...
  11. I have owned AN-Japan Ongaku, not the UK one. I am wondering how interstage tranny would sound with 211. Did not like Kegon Balanced (interstage 300b) too much... BR, Marko
  12. What is the best 211 powered amp you have ever heard? Which 211 amp has not exactly lived up to your expectations?
  13. Has anyone heard those and compared to some other "premium" 300b's? I am thinking of buying a pair...where could I source those within the EU? BR, Marko
  14. Hi guys, I have owned Uno Nano, Duo, and now I have a Trio with 231g2 subwoofers. Very very very happy. Have been using them with plethora ultra expensive amplifiers from Kondo and Audio Note UK, at the end I have settled with Pass Aleph 3.