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  1. This is the Loricraft PRC 4 in Walnut Deluxe Version with arm rest and with the acrylic hinged top. Have ordered a new belt. As some of you may know, Loricraft Audio has been acquired by SME’s parent company Cadence Group, and Terry has now retired. I bought this directly from Terry. Since this currently sells for more than £2000, figured £1400 could be a good price.
  2. Hi Martin, Yes, it is still for sale. Not sure how old it is. I bought it about five years ago, I would guess, from the previous owner who had just sent it back to Avid for the SP upgrade. I have known Conrad, the owner of Avid for several years, and he recommended it to me. I have gone pro audio with my gear, and this is the last remaining bit of my audiophile equipment that remains, besides my reel-2-reel. Now going full blown pro, and the Avid no longer makes sense. Also, decided didn’t want anything in from of screen since acoustically transparent. Transition in below photos.
  3. 😂😂😂😂. Yes, makes it an even better deal.
  4. My vinyl rig is up for sale. Avid Acutus SP - £5200 Dynavector 507ii - Sold Acutus/Dynavector adaptor included if someone buys both.