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  1. Shaun has been kind enough to loan me this player, I am an ardent vinyl man but I can honestly say the Helios is a thoroughly enjoyable cd player to listen to. It certainly has an analogue sound that draws you into the music and if it were not for my son deciding he wants to buy a house the Helios would not be going anywhere.
  2. I use my Mojo with a Nokia 7.2 android phone, with a USB on the go cable to my Mojo. Prior to the Android 10 update the Mojo was sampling at 44.1khz (red light) irrespective of the sampling rate of the source music from the phone. Since the Android 10 update the Mojo now appears to be sampling at 96khz, which I am not complaining about, but can anyone shed any light on this other than the Android 10 update, as I cannot see anything in the Android 10 update blurb that would have given this unexpected benefit.
  3. WANTED - Amp stands for AUDION Black Shadow 2 monoblocks, dimensions 26cm wide by 46cm long, must be in very good condition.
  6. They say if something seems to good to be true, it usually is, hence why my suspicions were aroused.
  7. alans1957

    Trader Check

    Has anybody had any experience of dealing with AUDIOHIFIMARKET?