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  1. Dire Straits - Love Over Gold: The producer would have to be given a medal for the sequence " Telegraph Road" and then "Private Investigation". Deutsche Grammophon - R. Strauss Tod und Verklärung / Vier letzte Lieder: 4 Words: The sequenze, Gundula Janowitz Billy Joel - Songs in the Attic: What a great Live Album; endless power Manfred Manns Earth Band - Live in Budapest: Great Musik and with Chris Thompson, by far the greatest Rock Voice in the world (But the producer has to be "shot".) ORFEO: Wagner - Parsifal: " Erlösung dem Erlöser" - Music from the Master
  2. hallo bought the Deluxe "KARAJAN · STRAUSS The Complete Analogue Recordings" limited Edition. I am most interested in the Blu-ray Audio disc I own a "PIONEER BDP-170" using "Sonore ISO2DSD" to rip my SACD's. Is this BR -player also capable to get these 24/96 files from the mentioned BRA disc? If yes, how? Is the BRA a copy protected one? Or did DG use this disc just because of the disc space? I ripped all my CD's and I would like to have the 24/96 files on my server too Thanks
  3. I coudn't disagree more! I had the oportunity to listen to two speakers with only different tweeters: Scan Speak Illuminator D3004/602000 with 1" Textile Dome Diamphragm Scan Speak Illuminator D3004/604000 with1" Beryllium Diaphragm (99% pure Be) And even with these top top top class tweeters the differents are clear against the textil dome.
  4. I would recommend Croft gears: Croft Acoustics Micro 25 R Pre-amplifier or used Croft Acoustics Micro 25 RS Line Pre-Amplifier I own a 25R SE and very happy with that
  5. Yes, A.O.S. is the developer of these kits. You can have the passive, semi active and full active kit from him. Perhaps it is possible to buy the Scan Speaks in Australia. That would save a lot of weight and shipping costs I think you couldn't compare the Duetta with the AOS Monitor speakers....
  6. Looking at the Wilmslow kit and taking my experience in account A.O.S. ( sorry german only...) is the better solution! Scan Speak Beryllium HF, IlluminatorLW driver and the famous ATC MF driver are a really terrific combination. Plus you can go the semi and full active path later. Questions? just ask. I own a M45 TL BE regards F.s.
  7. This! I own a Audiolab MDAC plus a Arcan delta 170.3 CD-T Coupled via SPDIF. So no electrical interference. The Arcam can handle the MDAC clock lock system. That compensate the big Jitter problem with these SPDIF multimode fibre. So a technical perfect system which also sounds nice Interested? let's talk about it regards F.S.
  8. fred sonnen

    Hybrid amps.

    That's what I am doing. Croft micro25R Pre with Exposure 4DR Power Amp's. I am happy with that combo regards F.S.
  9. I want to exchange my Exposurre pre. As my Eposure Pre my PowAmp are 24/7 on. I am interested in a Sugden AU51c+51cs or a valve Pre. If valve pre Croft micro25-R seams to be an interesting solution... but I heard that during warmup vave could produce DC power. And therefor many valve pre uses relais. If I am correct a Croft pre has no relais. not from inputswitching and also not for warmup phase. Whats about these valve warmup phase? regards f.s.
  10. an old traditional British company Today I own a DTFM Tuner. I know there exists just a few and I am proud to be one of those. The DTFM is technically certainly not one of the best. But one of the best sounding Now I am looking for an AU51c Pre with the au51cs PSU. regards F.S.
  11. I just bought a arcam delta 170.3 cd-transport. it is one of very few cd-t in the market witch could use the clock lock of the mdac. at the end of the day you use optical in and out. so no cable issues at all clock lock is the best think you could do regarding jitter. regards f.s.
  12. hi guys Since 14 years I am a Arcam owner. 2014 I exchanged an sony CD-P with an Arcam alpha 8se. This was an upgrade. The Amplifier stays the same: ExposureXV-super. A realy nice combo! A few days ago I replaced the 8se by an Arcam delta 170.3 CD-T. The 170.3 is capable to work with the Audiolab MDAC clock look (optical in and out) . I think I hear a difference. May the CD-T perform long his duties.... regards F.S.
  13. 2 tip's for free: take a bike and make a tour trough "neustadt". and take the railway to "bad schandau"and come back with a steamboat on the river elbe. that alone is worth coming to dresden!
  14. try to get tickets for the " semperoper" and look for a organ concert in the "frauenkirche" these are better than any retort. bach' churches are in Leipzig: thomaskirche and nikolakirche have fun in dresden A great town witch exudes culture and history f.s.