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  1. received a first serious offer. Update: Since I do not use PayPal, we cannot agree. So the HTPC is still for sale.
  2. I also believe that I do not call an exaggerated price...
  3. As it's a bigger package I think I have to pay 20 - 30 EUR for shipping within EU
  4. My offer was " insured DHL shipping within EU (& GB) " So we are talking about "free shipping"
  5. I would like to have completed the sale this year. At a fair price! Otherwise this silence HTPC goes into the garbage. So I am open for reasonable (and not insulting) offers. Thank you.
  6. The m-SSD should be empty. I stated the HTPC with the Pentium and them upgraded to the i5. To run the HTPC you need just one PS. The second is spare. I think for shipping: The more separately packed and not installed, the less can be broken during shipping. Im my experiance todays Hardware is alway Plug'n Play and easy to install. Also mostly self-explanatory. If you are interested in mainboard details, perhaps you take a look into this pdf: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/motherboards/desktop/dq77kb/dq77kb_techprodspec08.pdf
  7. Sorry, no windows license. But it shouldn't be a problem to get a cheapish Win7 license and then upgrade to Win10. The mSATA-SSD is 64 Gb, enough for a Windows or Linux installation. The media files I would store on a extra HDD / SSD.
  8. Home Theater PC. So a PC to deliver audio or video data. In my case a silent PC without any fan. And no usual PC case, but something more pleasing.
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