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  1. I used to love Laskys and Tandy. I bought Sharp and JVC cassette decks, Pioneer deck and Goodmans Q45 speakers from Laskys in my mid teens. My first 'new' hi-fi purchases. Never bought anything from Tandy but their catalogue gave me enormous pleasure, I remember the Minimus speakers!
  2. Merry Christmas C-E. Try not to be too hatstand .
  3. Stand Up to Cancer on Channel 4. Don't buy an album tonight, send them some money.
  4. Wot he said. Cables are just a dream in the mind of a giant butterfly.
  5. Have you ever considered that your forum persona suggests a belligerent drunk sat in the corner of the pub with a massive chip on his shoulder? You appear to have a staggering lack of self awareness. I personally would not entertain listening to any of your 'products' based purely on this. Some sales technique you've got there...
  6. All Russians should be pulled apart by chimpanzees.
  7. If you find it, check the protagonist's kit list. I suspect we are dealing with the same person. Very fond of PMC speakers...
  8. PMC Man again...and something else before being banned/flouncing - and threatening to call the police because someone had offended him
  9. Bluemessiah

    Tesla Night

    Step away from the hallucinogenics and watch some Bagpuss videos, there's a good cat.
  10. Oh yes. Highly underated and Bill Nelson was/is a fine guitarist.
  11. Radiogramness is good. Needs proper cables obviously, will rate 51 with specialist unobtainium god's beard fibre interconnects.