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  1. Sorry I meant how much are there new (unused) price (retail price)
  2. Evening, what was the new price
  3. burr brown pcm1792 vs burr brown pcm1796 DAC Hi all, which is the better DAC chipset out of these two.i use a Denon AVP A1HDCI which has the pcm1796 dac and the Denon DVD A1XVA which has the pcm 1792 dac. Best regards Michael
  4. I think That's highly likely a fraud that link guys. I've seen that exact same picture in a listing many years ago
  5. Hi Has anyone heard, demonstrated or compared the Qed signature 40 vs reference 40 audio interconnects Kind regards Michael
  6. i have demoed a few and i can hear a difference. my favourite so far is the QED Reference Optical Quartz, but was just wondering if anyone has heard the audioquest diamond optical Kind regards Michael
  7. Ive always wanted the audioquest everest
  8. QED Reference Optical Quartz vs AudioQuest Diamond Optical Hi has anyone heard/reviewed both the cables above. If so is the performance similar, same or miles apart? Kind regards Michael
  9. Hi they are 0.5m, they are terminated with qed Qunex Reference plugs. Kind regards