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  1. Hello, Have be watching your post for a while now, interested and live relativity close by, just outside Fordingbridge. Would £800 plus fuel cost buy it? KRs Brian
  2. Hello, This has been sitting in a cupboard and needs a new home. Very good condition, the vacuum tube display is crisp and clear. Excellent sound for such a small device. Complete, apart from the instructions that are freely available on the net. From smoke free home. Looking for £95 to include postage. Item located in the New Forest.
  3. Sill waiting for Robbie from UKD (Audio Oasis) to come back to me with the amps date of birth. Apparently the Pathos factory closed down for August.
  4. Thank you for your reply. However, I think I need to book an eye test tomorrow at Specsavers as I cannot find any label as you described:
  5. Good question, I will contact the UK distributor, who lives in the next village to me, and ask him to contact Pathos direct and advise accordingly.
  6. Hi John, Thanks for your reply. Robbie was due to collect and bring up to you to sort it out. Still waiting! Brian
  7. Hello folks, Sadly, I have to part with my Pathos Logos amp. I have owned it for 5 years and enjoyed every single moment. Stunning looks and sound, but I guess you already know this. Purchased from the UK distributor Audio Oasis. Comes complete with original double box. It tips the scales at a whopping 28 kg. The original Sovtek valves were binned a few years ago and replaced with a warmer sounding pair of NOS Siemens (£75). Nearly as good as the Telefunken's, IMHO, that once graced it. Now for the bad point; very occasionally it throws its ball out of the pram by briefly blocking the remote control. Turning it off ,and back on, resolves the issue.The asking price reflects this. Located in Fordingbridge, Hants. Auditions available to serious purchasers but Covid 19 containment rules must be fully respected, gloves ,masks and social distancing etc.
  8. Hello folks Today we have for your consideration a pair of 1m XLR "Black" balanced interconnects from the respected award winning Tellurium Q company. Now surplus to my requirements as my new amplifier doesn't sport XLR inputs. About 5 years old so well burned in. Offered with free signed for delivery in original box. Buy these for £155 or stump up £370 for a new pair. Located in ,Fordingbridge, Hants.
  9. Hello, Here we have a Schiit G5 USB card now surplus to requirements as I have upgraded to the Unison card in my Yggy. Looking for £70 to include free post to UK. Circa £140 new. Will post overseas but additional cost may be due I will charge what it costs me nothing more. Item in New Forest. Thanks for looking and stay safe! The G5 upgrade is best described here: Forget decrapifiers, regenerators, isolators, and all the USB dongles and boxes you’ve been told you need for USB sound. Our all-new Gen 5 USB input doesn’t require any of that stuff. It’s this simple: Gen 5 is USB, solved. The new Gen 5 USB input board features: 1.Electromagnetic and electrostatic isolation using transformer coupling. 2.Self-power by the DAC for the critical low-noise re-clocking and latching sections. 3.Precision local clocks for both 44.1 and 48k multiples. The new Gen 5 board is an upgrade for any Bifrost, Gungnir, or Yggdrasil with the Gen 1, 2, or 3 USB inputs, and now ships standard with every new Bifrost, Gungnir, or Yggdrasil. t
  10. Loving your work, thanks for sharing. Stay safe!
  11. Hello, that was my Plan B. Yes, would love to see your pics . What wood are you using? I have thought of getting some Padauk wood and attaching to the sides using neodymium disc magnets countersunk and glued in with resin.