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  1. Nothing in mind yet, but thinking cheap & old ! - starting a bit of backtracking down the HiFi slope as just not getting enough listening time
  2. found my post on the build, it's done me 5 years which must be a record
  3. I have a dual mono NC400 that's not getting out as much as it should (young family...), so I could be tempted to part with it. Let me know if of interest & I'll find some pics, Mike
  4. Sunday bump, feels good I'd also like to claim exemption for normal spirit rules on these - you are welcome to resell for a great profit, burn, use for hamster bedding, whatever you like basically as long as you take them all...
  5. Are you using the mojo just for headphones ? Might be worth trying it in place of the DAC XP if you haven't done so already.
  6. Had the lid off my new dac, AUDIO-GD NFB 1.38 to change the filter settings (done with jumpers) so thought I'd post a pic - definitely seems a lot of electronics for the money DAC and USB PCBs are at the top of the pic, underneath those are the L & R analogue outputs (again with a lot going on..) and then the lower half is the power supplies, 3 in total I think
  7. & Parasound have a few options for 2.1 with built in x-over
  8. The merging Nadac 8 channel would seem a nice way of doing it for computer sources (x-over / DSP on the PC), can't imagine it's cheap , but reassuring to know if you like the sub you have enough channels to add another 5...
  9. Bump, just because I can, I miss bumps...
  10. Dj Sports - Modern species, a nice take on that early 90's jungle & house sound
  11. After a long run with my primare pre and having recently sworn allegiance to the owners club I was then swayed by this Audionet pre with EPS on ebay, all settled in now and it's a lovely thing, just need to get over that nagging feeling that I've betrayed an old friend... bit of a tidy up and an evening of music & beer is helping....
  12. Plenty of winter reading here and don't forget the best thing about old hi-fi mags - you can actually afford some of this stuff now...
  13. +1 for Peter Tyson & the discounts, but take care with newer AV receivers and analogue inputs. My Denon X4100 sounded rough using an external dac into the analogue in's , after a lot of messing about and reading up it turns out all analogue inputs go straight into a A/D and this is never bypassed, even in "pure direct" mode. Might have been OK with a decent A/D, but seems the money was spent on 4K's , atmos's , audesseys & airplays...
  14. All in decent condition, collection only from just outside Oxford, OX3 9TJ