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  1. Meridian 808 meridian 808 by BB Wan, on Flickr Can't believe nobody else even mentioned Meridian in passing
  2. I live in Cardiff and would be happy to help if you still need it. I'm not going anywhere near Derby but could maybe help with postage or whatever? PM me if you still need some help complin
  3. Well i've made what feels like a lot of changes this year, but I think the top 3 would be: 3. Cyrus DAC XP Sig and Mono Xs out and a gorgeous (imo) Chord CPM2650 (with Integra legs!) in 2. Cyrus Stream X out and Linn Akurate DS/1 in 1. Moving my equipment from being on a rack in between the speakers to being all wall mounted at the back of the room Obviously I changed two things with the equipment move (not between speakers and wall mounted), so it's difficult to say which one of these had the biggest effect, but overall it's the biggest improvement i think I've ever made to my system. Imaging is considerably improved and there is definitely more depth to the sound too! It's even more noticeable with vinyl replay, but then I previously had my Gyro SE wall-mounted and am convinced it's happiest there (if you can do it of course).
  4. Makes a change for something to be on Android and not Apple! One option springs to mind, ditch that Apple product
  5. Maybe a quick search of Apple store (or whatever it's called) would reveal if there is one or not?
  6. Oooh there's a point, I don't know tbh. I'm an Android user and have been for a long long time so don't know if an iOS version is available or not I'm afraid.
  7. +1 I found this was the same with my Majik DS too. I've come to the conclusion that a pre-amp is required to get the best results with the Linn DS players (the ones I've had at least), although not tried the Klimax range in this configuration.
  8. I'm a long time Linn DS user (went away for a while but came right back) and have used a fair few control apps and have come to the conclusion that Kazoo is actually pretty poor. My recommendation is to delete Kazoo, spend £3.99 on Bubble DS Next and save yourself a load of hassle and fiddling about. I just checked and I can definitely do the three things you outlined in your first post. Bubble DS is by far and away the best I've found (although I'm sure others here may have found others), give it a go and see what you think.
  9. Yeah I'll give them a bell and see what's what. Been caught out by that sort of thing before. Thanks everyone.
  10. Yeah it does, but buying a /1 is a good way to spread the cost a bit assuming it's not too much more to do it that way.
  11. Ok great thanks Phino, that's great info. I've just got to keep my eyes peeled now...and sneak it past her
  12. Thanks Phino. That sort of leads me to suspect that a /2 is probably off the shortlist. I know they recently stopped making pure streamers (now only DSMs) but I presume they did make an ADS/3 before they axed the DS? Ive done a little more reading since earlier and it would seem the Katalyst upgrade is almost universally accepted as a big step up.
  13. Hi guys, do any of you have any experience of the SQ differences between ADS/1/2/3? I have heard ADS/0 vs /1 but I've been out of the loop on Linn gear in the recent past and am now looking at one of the above as a streamer and didn't realise there had been so many variants. I should also state that I have no interest in their speakers, amps or the features of a DSM. Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. Superb speakers (and stands!). Don't see them very often, doubt they'll be here long! Look like a lovely pair too. GLWTS
  15. Many thanks Graham. Nice to meet you and a pleasure doing business with you! Glad you like the amps! A thoroughly recommended Wammer!
  16. There's always going to be nay-sayers (especially on the Wam ) but it's basically free to try and if you felt it made a positive difference to your system, it can't be bad. Ignore the sceptics I say!
  17. BB Wan

    Dying valve

    Both channels working! I'm surprised too, but I have PMed Guy to ask advice! He's the don!
  18. BB Wan

    Michell Orbe

    I'm very interested by the comments surrounding OL tonearms on Michelle decks here. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the SMEs are undoubtedly very fine arms, but to say the OL is 'pants'? Mmmm, not sure. Different yes, less preferable, yes. But pants? Really not sure it's pants. I tried an SME IV and liked some of what it did a lot, but i found that to my ear it had no groove really. Now maybe the V is different, but from what i hear from many SME fans, it is really just even more of the same. I can appreciate them both for their qualities, but had a personal preference for the OL, and the OP is entitled to make their own mind up (obviously). However, to say OL arms are pants is probably going too far. My advice is to try and listen to both and see what YOU think.
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