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  1. Royville

    WANTED lp12

    Hi Hen, Are you still looking for an LP12? I'm thinking of selling mine if youre still looking. LP12 in Afromosia plinth Ekos SE Lingo Cirkus Trampolin Khan Top Plate and Skale counter weight. (Tiger Paw) Iv'e no idea what its worth, but let me know if youre interested. Regards Roy.
  2. Thanks SCIDB, Ill send a post over there. Regards Roy.
  3. Hi, I think I read on here somewhere that someone, after going to the Scalford show was looking for a Linn Sondek. I just wanted to let you know that I am considdering selling mine and to contact me for details if youre still looking. Thank you Roy.
  4. Royville

    Valve info

    Thanks SSM, Excellent news about the sound quality. I think I'll order a single pair initially for the line stage and see how it goes. Never done this tube rolling before, - so here goes... Roy.
  5. Royville

    Valve info

    Hello SSM, Could I ask where you had your jj goldpin 6992 from ? I'd like to try a pair in my EAR 868. I believe they will fit. Thanks.
  6. Royville

    Valve info

    Hi All, I recently posted this - ... and was directed here. Reading through this thread I now gather that Telefunken are no longer available so what would be a good alternative to try in my 868? As I said above, it sounds a little soft in the treble, and heavy in the bass. Hi Rabski I read somewhere that you have experience with EAR gear (even with Mr 'dP' himself). I would love to hear your views on this pre, and indeed what valves/upgrades would suit it. - BTW, fantastic signature. Hi ValveBloke I was at the Scalford show in March and heard your yams, - sounded very nice indeed! Wouldn't mind something like those myself. Regards to all.
  7. Okay, thanks myrman - will do Regards.
  8. Hi Folks, I don't post here very often but I've just seen this thread was prompted to write, (hope I'm not intruding). I have been the proud owner of a 868 for about 6 months and I feel I may benefit from a bit of this so called tube rolling. I say this because although I'm very pleased with my purchase I do feel that bass is a little over energetic and indeed the treble slightly rolled off. Having gone through the thread I am under the impression that Telefunken valves may be what I want, so basically my question is where can I purchase a set of four from - to try? Are you guys from the UK or elsewhere? I am in the UK but I think all the 'tube' sites I've seen are not. I'd appreciate any help or advice here please! Regards to all.