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  1. Hello Franck Thank you so much for your explaination, it looks like a very powerfull solution. OK, a bit technical too… Let me explore this LPEC universe and try to understand how it works, and I will come back to you once I will have done some progress Bouarb
  2. Thank you entdgc, to let me know that Alexa was supposed to work. So I had to create a UK account on Amazon, and then the Linn skill was accepted and transfered to the Alexa app. Once in the app, it is then possible to define a little prgram where you can activate the DS and turn it on or off, choose the source, at some precise hours. The volume is given with the Autoplay Linn function. If you select radio, the last one will be played. This solution is not perfect, but at least it allows me to be woken in music… Let me know if you find any improvement to this method…
  3. LoL So, for the time being, no one has any solution! Desappointed I used to do it with IFTTT, but it is not working anymore. When I try to use Alexa with the Linn skill, I have an answer saying that this skill is not anymore in use. I also tried to plug my system on a socket that you can program, taking benefit of the Autoplay function, but several inconveniences: - don’t like to switch on/off all the system savagely - cannot choose the source, - volume can only be adjusted with Start up volume - not possible to listen to music when the socket is off (which got my wife crazy) So, I am still hoping a solution from Linn or from a skilful forumer… Come on guys, BlueSound app is just offering it, don’t tell it is not possible with Linn
  4. Hello Would anyone have an idea of how I could implement an alarm clock on my Linn DS? Something quite simple: play an internet radio from Monday to Friday at 7:00, and switch it off at 8:00. It implies that you can select a source and choose the volume level. Thank you Bouarb
  5. Two years ago, my dealer was expecting Linn to launch some new amps, and thus I was proposed a pair of KCT at very discounted prices . Very good opportunities at that time
  6. What about a new box combining a Klimax System Hub and a Klimax ExaktBox Katalyst? In Linn setup, I don’t see why we still need these 2 elements to be different. Combining both should allow to shorten the way of the signal and thus improve the sound quality. It would also to decrease the number of boxes for a Klimax system, which has ben clearly the trend these last years...
  7. I have the same problem: Linn skills are not available for the Fench Amazon. I tried to register on the UK Amazon, but then it was a big mess between my different Amazon accounts. So, for the time being, no Alexa controll for my Linn system...
  8. This is exactly why I switched form my beloved Linn Akurate 242 (but 5 channels) to KEF Ref which are 3 channels speakers. It allowed me to get 1 Klimax ExaktBox + 3 amps, instead of 2 KEB + 5 amps with the 242, which was not financially possible on my side.
  9. Hello Serge I have a system closed to the one you would like to get: - KDSM / Klimax Exaktbox Katalyst / KCT x 3 - KEF Ref 5 being transformed to Aktiv The kit you are talking about is to transform the KEF Ref to Aktiv, but otherwise, you don’t need any kit to get Katalyst, just an (Katalyst) Exaktbox. The KEF Ref are already excellent speakers, but the fact to go Aktiv magnify them. You can have a superb source with Exaktbox Katalyst + Aktiv KEF Ref which are going to keep their very musical DNA enhanced by the transparency and the rapidity of the activ side. The final result is at very high standard. It can given the global price :) As David was writing, I think you have to keep both Katalyst AND Aktiv, meaning you have to buy an Exaktbox and have 3 amps in total, i.e. a quite significant budget.
  10. Nos that Roon is integrating Qobuz, I am going to test it. I will let you know my first impressions, but I can see why it should not be excellent. The only inconvenient is to the obligation to have a computer / NAS running somewhere
  11. My system would be something like: 25 : 30 : 20 : 25 Optimizing the whole increase largely the cost of extras: Nordost cables, Audioquest RJ45, ground boxes, Linear power supplies, Hi-Fi rack like Fraim...
  12. If you want to listen to HiRes music, try Qobuz! And the integration with Linn/Kazoo/Lumin is juste excellent
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