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    Gyro SE
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    Tecnoarm:AT33 PTG II
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    Rega Aria
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  1. Been living with my i32 & r32 for 7/8 months now very happy with it
  2. I'm interested never been to a bake off before but wouldn't mind listening to tidal
  3. UPDATE i persevered with my Elicit R after it had been back to Rega to have replacement caps - still not happy with it really as it should sound superb with my Aria phono stage - but just sounds ok ! I have lost faith in Rega now, not in the customer service which is excellent - but in the Quality Control - this is my 4th Elicit R now, had 2 different RP6s, RP8 has QC issues too. I have now p/ex my Elicit R & Aria for a Primare i32 & r32 Phono Stage - just waiting for them to come into the dealers - Thanks to Gary @Analogue Seduction for a good p/ex deal.
  4. Is that nag still kicking about 

    1. Infinitely Baffled

      Infinitely Baffled

      Yes it is - still boxed and here. Gary.

  5. Rega Aria - I am the second owner, boxed etc £500 AT33 PTG II moving coil - 50-60 hours use £300
  6. I have a silver with smoke glass shelves - 2 glass shelves - beggars can't be choosers I guess
  7. Hey James - your inbox is full I have sent your cartridge should be there tomorrow before 1pm
  8. That is wrong info - should read 1500-2000 - its a well know error on Nagaoka literature
  9. Is this still available - can you confirm you have the box for definite thanks
  10. I'd say a Nag MP200 would wipe the floor with an exact - well it did in my system - - - Updated - - - How about an AT33 PTG II
  11. Thanks to Turbotony for meeting me and prompt payment