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  1. Hello, I'm looking for an old PCM63 based Audio Note DAC, particularly DAC 3 or DAC 2. If you want to sell one, let me know! Best regards Stefan
  2. Dear crimsondonky,


    while searching for a linear PSU to empower a Sonos Connect I found a number of postings by IanS1 over at cyrusunofficial as well as DIYaudio. He obviously has worked out a very good solution but all I could find is that he used Paul Hynes regulators. I also read that Ian has passed away two years ago, and that you were friends – I'm very sorry!

    Do you know if there is any more information available on that particular LPSU Ian designed for his Sonos ZP80/ZP90/Connect?


    Best regards


    1. crimsondonkey


      Sorry Stefan, the design was something Ian had worked out and apart from incorporating Paul Hynes regs which took an eternity to arrive i can recall little of the detail except that they definitely lifted the sound of his Sonos,

  3. Hello, I'd like to ask how the old Audio Note PCM63 DACs compare to the newer non-os AD1865? I have an AN DAC 1.1x signature (AD1865, non-oversampling) and a while ago would have had the opportunity to get a DAC3 signature (PCM63, 8x oversampling). Unfortunately it was too far away to have a listen in advance. Also I was not able not find much user experiences concerning a comparison between the old and the newer units so I let it go. If anyone would like to share his experience? Best regards Stefan
  4. I have an Audio Note DAC 1.1 signature. Firstly I used it with JKSPDIF MK2 (based upon M2Tech Hiface, modded by John Kenny with battery power etc.). Later I switched to an AR-T Legato which was a quite remarkable upgrade from JKSPDIF. The Legato has a very good power supply, is galvanically isolated from the computer and sports a very high precision clock. Compared to the other high end converters (Berkeley, Audiophileo, Offramp) it was really cheap because as a trade-off it takes only CD redbook files, that is 44.1kHz 16bit. You can say it concentrates its abilities on one thing but that it does really good. If you can live with that you get a top level device. The first Legato comes up rarely second hand but you could get the most recent Legato 2 which is said to be even a bit better. I heard Hydra-Z would be a moderately priced but still very good device, but I can't comment on that. Most recently I tried a Corning optical USB cable for connection between computer and Legato as there were some interesting postings about it on – it really made a difference once again. Now I've placed an order for Uptone Audio's Regen as this was greatly reviewed by a number of users on CA. Both devices, Corning cable and Regen, seem to somehow prevent the electronic waste coming from the computer to enter the DAC (or USB/SPDIF converter in our case) resulting in a cleaner signal – and cleaner sound. What I want to say is that getting a good signal from computer USB into the DAC seems to be quite a delicate thing. So it will be worth to take some care about choosing a really good USB/SPDIF converter because what you loose here remains lost and cannot be recovered in the following audio chain.