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  1. The Signature is significantly better in every consideration. If you want to play the game of percentages, old Signature better than Standard by 40%, latest Signature better than older Signature by 30% again. cheers. Compared last weekend same cd same cables same AN-E SPe HE speakers.
  2. The latest Oto SE Signature is quite different to the earlier versions and sounds much better for the changes. Copper shrouds for the C-core output transformers, dedicated RCA's for the inputs rather than the generic strip versions, proper interconnect wiring rather than ribbon, Elna switches, out of the box much better than a fully run in 2 year old version with better tubes in place.
  3. box

    Best 211?

    Possibly early versions with the slimmer glass tube before the now standard larger glass envelopes.
  4. The main consideration of any DC blocking is with regard to the current ripple rating of the caps used and the diode quality along with the current capability of the track used on the circuit board. The minimum ripple current rating of the caps you would want to use would be 3 amps. Because the use of caps in this configuration is not necessarily how they were intended to be used, you really need to overspec with running 230volts through them.
  5. Go listen to an Elrog ER300B valved amplifier and be prepared to rethink your whiny girl comments.
  6. The best equipment service guy in Sydney is Chris Kim - Kimil Electronics, Georges River Road , Croydon Park 97993019. He specialises in high end service work but without the high end price.
  7. box

    New 300B

    I already use the ELROG 211 tubes so not much of a leap of faith actually, cheers.
  8. box

    New 300B

    Sorry Jazid, I took a photo of the P4 Balanced this afternoon with the Elrogs in situ and no badgers but will have to wait until the wife's superior computer image insertion skills become available later today. We actually ended up with 8 Elrogs but 1 was broken in transit and is being replaced. The P4's require 4 in total and as production from Elrog is only 200 tubes for the rest of the year and 5000 per annum after that, I thought I would buy now before the price went up. Will add the photo later on.
  9. box

    New 300B

    JAZID, they don't sound like a 300b, they sound like a 211 tube. Completely changed my opinion of what a 300b could sound like, bass extension like you wouldn't believe. The Haxan Cloak's "excavation" was the killer. Early days but even fresh out of the box made a pair of shugang black treasures sound like a fart in a hurricane.
  10. If you ever get a chance to try Aurio Pro Max coupling devices under the AN-E's, the improvement is quite dramatic, much greater speed and dynamic contrast and the bass response is very surprising. Quite expensive and not easy to come buy as they are no longer made but so worth the effort.
  11. box

    New 300B

    I have 6 of the Elrog 300b arriving late next week for a pair of AN P4 Balanced amps so fingers crossed they sound like the 211 versions although they sounded ordinary until the 80 hour mark and then dramatically changed for the better. The P4's only have the standard Shugang's so it will be interesting to hear the difference. I lost interest in expensive 300b tubes after going down the AN VIAC path years ago and having them all fail, great looking tube and fantastic glass but to much stress for me on turn on.
  12. I never understood what Rothko was about until I sat alone in the room in the Tate and just focused on the picture in front of me and over the next 20 minutes my appreciation of him completely changed. Some people get it and some don't, most people of the time thought Impressionism was vulgar and of no value, most art is of limited appeal in it's immediate creation, time seems to sort the great from the mediocre and garbage. I wouldn't mind it hanging on my wall but I would prefer a collection of a good Richter, Doig and a small Bacon triptych as a personal way of spreading the coin around.
  13. I recently bought an ongaku kensei and was surprised to see in the instructions that the power consumption was only 200 watts, it almost made me feel green and environmentally enlightened for a minute or so. then I switched the bitch on and basked in that 211 heat.
  14. With regard to furniture finishes, dark timber veneers look better with high gloss, blonder timbers look better in satin, highly figured of either generally gloss, as for contrast with the platter, that's fine as long as the arm colour is the same as the platter otherwise you have 3 contrasting elements and then it has an ad hoc feel. Hope this is of use. If you are after a unique and expensive look then consider Yew veneer in a high gloss, it looks sensational.
  15. There is a house sound and there are better products within their range but that is mainly down to valve characteristics of the repective components. I drank the Audio Note kool-aid back in 95 and came from martin logan CLS's, Gryphon, Audio Research back to owning an Oto SE and LS 3/5a's. I still have that system stored away for when i retire and get my library room. As others have indicated, the one convincing aspect of owning an Audio Note system is how much music you buy, you can't seem to get enough, both CD and vinyl and that in the end is what it's all about.