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  1. I am using my LS27 with a pair of Rank Concept 18 watt Class A SET mono valve amps bought from Horace (Hi Martin). The match with my ART loudspeakers is simply wonderful.
  2. This definitely would not have been played at all at my house when it was released, or any of my mate's houses for that matter. It is tedious, bland, formulaic cock rock fed through the corporate unit shifting beige-o-matic to make it sufficiently bland to sell in cartloads. I played it quietly because I didn't want to upset the kids or startle the horses. It might have merited a 'What the fuck is this shit?' in the old days but I guess the standard reaction is to discharge the SBD of indifference in the direction of this odious excressance. Did I mention that it is bland, bland, bland? M'eh.
  3. Grim . Possibly a low point for the WAC , Couldn't manage more than a couple of minutes of this . :td:/5 on the M'eh scale.
  4. Sold subject to payment to Max.
  5. /Opinion on/ Quite like Pale Shelter which was somewhat original. The rest of it was largely glossy commercial dross with expensive videos and big hair. A bit like Spandau Ballet without the East Enders appearances...... /Opinion off/
  6. Many thanks to John. Picked up a big bag of CDs from my sisters in Dublin. All as described. Excellent stuff. Sorry it took so long to reply.
  7. I have for sale a Naim Aro Tonearm Cable. The cable became surplus to requirements when I moved from a Prefix to a Urika. The cable has been carefully stored for the last five years and is in excellent condition. It is terminated with high quality RCA plugs. I am looking for £200 including delivery to a UK address. As I have never seen an Aro arm cable for sale before this is a guesstimate at value and is negotiable within reason. I can deliver overseas but that will be at cost.
  8. htm_1968

    The Euros 2016

    Up with this sort of thing!
  9. Good LP this. I'm a big fan of the motorik/cosmiche thing so this is a big favourite here. Probably more atmospheric than it is given credit for, as most people think driving 4/4 Apache-beat when 'Krautrock' is mentioned. There is far more variety to this LP than the casual stereotype would allow. 4/5
  10. I use ART loudspeakers, although a much later design to the Illusion ones. I'm very surprised Derek or Ramsey from ART did not respond to you as they are normally very, very helpful. It might be well worth your while to give them a call.
  11. Gave it a bash. It is beyond limp really. Excessively flaccid perhaps? I'll give it M'eh out of 5.
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