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  1. I've been reading Midnight in Chernobyl, jeez it's scary just how much worse that could have been.
  2. I was pretty consistently slim at 14-15 stone before I quit smoking at 30. It's been creeping up since then, now 18 stone at 40. I did get down to 17 before the lockdown, but it's been a great excuse to stuff my face.
  3. I've been using VyprVPN for years and they've always been decent.
  4. I really like the Pumpkins, just crap at guessing album covers.
  5. The next time global warming does something calamitous. I'll bet the change I found down the back of the couch, and a Creme Egg, on the June 5th.
  6. They did have to ask them to stop shooting the weather..
  8. Definitely! It was a fantastic set.
  9. There's one of those mini Bluetooth keyboards in there, is that the herring?
  10. If you're looking to fully format C: and do a fresh install, rather than use a recovery partition or image provided by the OEM. I'd go online and check that all the supporting drivers are still available on the OEM's website. It won't be a problem on reasonably recent laptops and almost all provide a recovery partition or disk, but you mention XP. I've come up against this quite often when asked to reinstall or update someone's OS on an old laptop. Either no drivers, or no drivers that support the newer versions of windows on that hardware.
  11. Gutted, Bill was my gateway to soul, funk and r&b. Music I may never have explored and loved without him. Rest in peace Bill.