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  1. As well as replacing the £2.3k phono, it also replaced a £6k (new) valve amp and was [in my system] a huge upgrade.
  2. Yes, it has an incredible phono, lots of different options for loading. It's equally as good with MM as it is with MC, I've used it with some very good quality carts (Benz Ace, Benz Ruby 2 and Saec C3) this replaced a £2,300 Ayre phono, it wasn't a downgrade (or upgrade)
  3. I have one I may part with, no original box but in really nice cosmetic condition and working order
  4. I have one I 'may' part with. As good a condition as you're likely to see, recently had a full service by Mike Powell, in Bolton which cost £300, boxed with original manual
  5. RSand

    Tonearm rewire

    Very valid point, thanks! While the turntable didn't cost me very much, I do have a lot of time and a few quid or so tied up in the re-plinth I did so don't want to kill it. Original plinth aside its remarkably well made with its machined aluminium sub-platter, suspension system and sounds superb, far superior build and sound to the rega 25 I had at one point. Admittedly my homemade solid plinth made quite a difference compared to the original flimsy chipboard offering. The AR makes me question the logic of how much my NAS AceSpace cost. How easy would it be to damage the bearing, even if it is plastic? It's about to be fitted with a rather nice Benz Ruby II cartridge which is why I was questioning the wiring, I think I'll just let the Benz do its thing.
  6. RSand

    Tonearm rewire

    Thanks for the reply/info David. I have some screen/woven sheath I would use to both shield the cable from rf and coated in heat-shrink to make it a bit tougher and more robust. The current wires look pretty tough and likely strong enough to use to pull the new wires through.
  7. RSand

    Tonearm rewire

    I have an old AR AB101 turntable which I've made a new more solid plinth for, it sounds pretty good but the arm cabling looks rather old, bulky and heavy compared to the silver litz my NAS AceAnna arm is wired up with. How easy is it to rewire a tonearm? And is it a worthwhile thing to do? Is rewiring as simple as using the old wire (seems robust) to pull the new wire through or will the arm need dismantling completely or partially? I'm proficient enough to solder the cartridge tags at the arm end. I'm thinking of using this I'm assuming at 0.6mm this will be too frail a wire to go right through to the phono plugs? Is it best to just rewire the arm with this and use copper/silver/silver plate to the phono connectors? Which are the best cart tags to use? Thanks in advance.
  8. This is something I've been experimenting with a lot lately due to new speakers exciting my suspended floors. Started with spikes into laminate floor (not worried about damaging it as its getting replaced with carpet). The spikes on suspended floor just excited the room, loads of LF and a confused midrange. I've always put my speakers on sorbothane previously so tried this, it really controlled the bass, no vibrations through the floor, clearer midrange but I was missing a good chunk of that low-end grunt. Borrowed some dead sound steel sheets which I used with spikes, this was a revelation, no vibrations through the floor yet retained all the bass of using spikes but had the mid and high clarity of the sorbothane. It looks a pig though but these will be under the new carpet so not visible. Until the carpet gets laid, I'm using spikes on blue horizon isolation disks which, whilst not as effective as dead sound steel are a better compromise than sorbothane and much more stable. In the other room I bought a set of soundcare superspikes as much to protect the floor as anything but, I have to say I'm impressed with them. There's still some vibrations coming through the floor but vastly reduced and the mids/highs are clear and airy. When combined with dead sound steel sheets, things improved significantly. Unfortunately, due to aesthetics, this is not a viable option in this room but dead sound steel disks are, no idea if the benefits will be reduced due to using much less? Another alternative is to make the dead sound steel the same size and shape of my speakers and paint it to look like part of the speakers plinth. I wish I had concrete floors although I do like having a crawl space under the floor to hide wires/cables, it made hardwiring a LAN easy so I could get rid of the powerline adaptors.
  9. Except, I'm not looking to inject money, the sale of the Art and Ayre would be financing the speaker upgrade.
  10. I'll be keeping both in the short term Jake, I think I need to live with both for a couple of weeks without making a knee-jerk change. However, I'm sorely tempted, this could be a quite a jump forward without spending a bean
  11. In an attempt to upgrade my 2nd system with the injection of a new amp I've thrown myself into confusion. The 2nd system: AR AB101, Ortofon VMS20ii, Quat 34/306 and Tannoy 611's. This has been built very cheaply with the biggest expense being the quad pre/power, it sounds better than it has a right to but pales as you'd expect against my main system... Main system: NAS AceSpace, AceAnna arm, Benz ruby ii (or Saec C3), Ayre P5XE, ArtAudio quintet with Audio Physic Tempo 4's. After hearing Jeff's (Oldus) Lentek, I decided to buy one for the second system. The improvement wasn't subtle! The Tannoy's are not the last word in Bass or fidelity, but on the end of the Lentek integrated they sounded better than I could have imagined or hoped. The 2nd system was so improved it gave more than a nod to my main system, in short, I'd more than achieved my goal. I should have left it all well alone at this stage, but... The mistake... I tried the Lentek in my main system... and really like it. The Lentek just has so much more control over the Audio Physics, there's more of everything, most of the time. It's odd, some things sound much bigger and bolder in the low frequencies but other albums sound smaller and missing some of the bass I had with the valve amp. It's not just bad recordings/pressings, some albums that sounded quite compressed before like Linkin Park's Metora come alive with detail and attack I've never heard on this pressing with the Lentek. Other albums like the Sundays Blind becomes so thin, its clearly missing something it had using the valve amp. For the most part, its really enjoyable. So, what happens when the Ayre.Art combo go into the 2nd system? It elevates it well beyond what the quad pre/power could muster but ultimately it sounds a little uncontrolled. I could live with either amp in either system, both sound great but ultimately I like the Lentek in the main system too much and I don't want the Ayre/Art in the 2nd system because I want it to live in a cupboard which valves don't really like. I seem to have 2 choices. 1/ Use the Lentek in the 2nd system (archives what I wanted) Keep the main system how it is (knowing it could be better using a piece of kit I already have) 2/ Forget the 2nd system (for now) Sell the Ayre/Art and Audio Phyics feeing up a good chunk of money for a pair of 'forever speakers'. I'm leaning towards option 2. I need something with high WAF in the main system, I'm thinking Sonus Faber or Usher dancer build quality/looks. I reckon I'd have between £2k and £3k to spend. On paper, SF Cremona (M) have the right kind of sensitivity but Ushers are a harder load which the Lentek isn't supposed to like with its 60wpc at 8ohm. I don't dislike the APhysics sound, they're a bit analytical/cold. I'd like something neutral to slightly warm, I don't want bright speakers. What is the Sonus Fabre sound? The Usher sound? Are ther any other suggestions bearing in mind they have to be visually attractive/pretty. Sory for the long post, thanks in advance for any advice I listen to lots of differnt music from acoustic to dance and rock but no classical. Angus and Julia Stone, War on drugs, Linkin Park, Fleetwood Mac, Nitin Sawnhey, Anjunadeep etc. Volumes are low to high depending on mood, time of day etc.
  12. I've always been impressed with my Ayre P5Xe, I tried a lot of phono's before choosing one.