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  1. So many problems- and no solutions
  2. https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?71012-Dr-Feickert-NG-Alignment-protractor probably sold straight away - you may be lucky though
  3. I don’t have any to swap but these are very nice in the Jolida https://www.watfordvalves.com/product_detail.asp?id=2324 I have tried many and these are worth a try for the presentation you want
  4. Hi SS or valve amp - or doesn’t it matter I have noisy mains - can’t listen when the boilers on,I tried a BT mains conditioner and it’s quite effective although it only has one outlet
  5. I got a txt from a rather excited acquaintance - this maybe heading to Lancashire
  6. enrae8

    Cadenza Bronze

    I think that Linn with the very nice Bronze has found a home
  7. enrae8

    Cadenza Bronze

    A re tipped Bronze sold very recently on AOS for £1000 makes that Linn look a great bargain for someone 🙂
  8. enrae8

    Cadenza Bronze

    A cart I would like to try - at a nice price,good Dealer too https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/ortofon-cadenza-bronze-mc-cartridge-24672-p.asp
  9. I like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tom-Evans-MicroGroove-MC-Phono-Pre-Amplifier-with-UGroove-external-power-supply/324277866794?hash=item4b8077912a:g:WngAAOSwdvlfTpaa
  10. Long shot - looking for a nice pair of the above,two pairs would be even better,it’s nice to have spares
  11. It is indeed Taut's - A very nice guy to deal with, loves his HiFi and Music it was a pleasure to meet him - it was a long drive for me but well worth it
  12. Mastersound Evo 845 - plenty of everything - sound and presence!!! Drives my speakers beautifully, a work of art and sound
  13. Anyway - I've decided to ignore most of the advice given in this thread - I've acquired a very nice 845 SET amp and it works beautifully in my room with my speakers(IMHO) I don't think I'll need to look for another amp ever
  14. It's good to know there are people out there, whatever the reason, at least I don't feel alone !