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  1. As the owner of a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC I was advised by the dealer when I bought it three years ago, that the I2S inputs were the best sounding inputs which were provided to allow connection via HDMI cable to the I2S outputs on the matching PS Audio CD player. Whilst browsing the various forums on the PS Audio web site some time ago I came across a lengthy thread posted by users regarding the step forward in performance of the Direct Stream DAC they had made by inserting a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 USB interface between the USB output of a laptop, music server, CD player etc into the I2S input of the Direct Stream DAC. Member review here:- Users reported obvious improvements in sound quality when compared with streaming via the onboard Bridge II network card. The Matrix is designed to work off the 5v supply in a USB cable but performance can be improved further with the addition of a quality linear power supply and the latest UpTone UltraCap LPS 1.2 which offers switchable output voltages of 5v, 7v, 9v and 12v is included as part of this sale. Further information in below link. The standard DC cable supplied with the UltraCap has been upgraded with a Ghent Audio GAC-4 JSSG360 DC cable complete with Oyaide plugs. The JSSG (John Swenson Shield Ground) is a cable built by Ghent Audio to a design by John Swenson who is the main designer of UpTone’s products. The cable is just 0.3m in length to sit between the Matrix and UltraCap which are both compact units. These items were purchased new at the start of this year and so should now be fully burnt in. They are complete with original boxes and packaging. I have very recently sold the PS Audio Direct Stream and so no longer have any use for these items. I would prefer to sell these items as a complete lot but may consider splitting in due course in the event of there being no interest. I paid £877 plus postage for these items ten months ago and they are each in perfect cosmetic and operational condition. I am looking for £625 plus postage for the lot. Plenty of reviews to be found regarding these items.
  2. With little serious interest thus far apart from a couple of questions, I shall probably take advantage of eBay's current 'Sell for £1' offer and list this beautiful DAC tomorrow night if not sold beforehand. It will be listed at a higher price than on here but as I would prefer to sell it to a fellow forum member it will remain available on here at my current asking price unless sold elsewhere.
  3. I recently got to listen to an Auralic Vega 2.1 and was a little surprised at the additional vitality and detail it offered albeit at the expense of the more natural richness and lower end fullness of the PS Audio. However, when the new Aries G2.1 streamer was then added to the mix I felt this combination improved upon what I am used to with the PS Audio which perhaps is not a surprise at a cost of £10k+. The dealer performing the dem trailed the incentive that adding either of the two other G2 series boxes takes things to an even higher level. With my pension on the horizon next year I thought I would spoil myself and start with the Vega with a view to adding the further boxes later.
  4. Thanks Joolz, I think it's always helpful to get some positive comments from an existing user when you decide to sell something. However, based on your comment regarding my asking price coupled with a similar comment over on PFM, I would like to apologise to any prospective purchaser about selling it too cheap and I would of course be happy to agree a much higher price if that helps?
  5. I have decided to offer for sale my beautiful PS Audio Direct Stream DSD DAC. This was purchased new in September 2017 from a UK dealer and is therefore just 3 years old. It is in superb cosmetic condition with sound quality to match. It was supplied fitted with the optional network bridge (Bridge II) and has the latest Windom firmware installed which by virtue of being a programmable FPGA device (as opposed to a standard chip) means that the firmware can be updated/improved. These firmware updates are issued free of charge which effectively means the DAC can continue to be improved. Lifted from the PS Audio website:- '' Astounding“, “Gave up vinyl finally“, “Never heard anything like it!” Product of the year in both Stereophile and TAS, Darko Knock Out award, Editor’s choice and Golden Ear awards. DirectStream is one of the most remarkable DACS ever built and the reviewers agree. Hand written, discrete, perfection based conversion that uncovers all the missing information hiding in your digital audio media. CD’s, high-resolution PCM or DSD based media are expertly upsampled in the DirectStream to twenty times DSD rate and output as pure analog directly into your amplifier or preamplifier. Now, full MQA, Tidal (including Masters), Spotify, VTuner, Qobuz, and Roon ready with Bridge II installed.'' If you think this DAC/preamp might be of interest it would be well worth visiting the PS Audio website where the considerable number of awards, professional reviews and technical information can be found. These DAC’s are not that common on the second-hand market and this one would be provided with the original double boxes, remote control, unused mains cable, separate box/software for the Bridge II network card and a user manual. Furthermore, I will provide a set of the special threaded rods that are used to remove the lid thereby allowing internal access. Ideally, I would prefer collection from Ipswich, Suffolk where it could be seen and heard before removal. However, I would be prepared to consider postage at buyer’s risk/cost. Current retail is £5670 with the network bridge. There is one similar unit currently advertised on eBay at £3899 which is older than mine and was originally a Perfect Wave DAC that has been updated to a full Direct Stream DAC but does not contain the network bridge (£840). I am looking for £3600 for this one.
  6. I would like to give these a try if Lostwin isn't interested?
  7. Supply of new Schiit products into Europe is currently restricted and so I wondered if anyone might have one of these they wish to move on?
  8. Thanks to all. I have now picked up a pair of used cables which will allow me to take advantage of a week's trial of a separate preamp that only has RCA outputs into my power amp that only has balanced inputs. Didn't want to spend a lot on a cable that might only be used for a week!
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I had already spotted a number of potential suppliers including these who can make me a new one. However, I just thought it might be worth seeing if something suitable was lying in someone's cupboard. I quite like the idea of trying a cable that doesn't need any running in.
  10. Thanks for your kind offer. I have been offered a trial of an active preamp with RCA outputs to try with my power amp which only has balanced inputs and I am curious to see how it might work. As I don't have any interconnects equipped with RCA's I really need a cable with RCA's at the source end to connect with my power amp. Ideally, I would like a decent quality cable but I don't want to spend a fortune to give this preamp a try.
  11. Bit of a long shot but has anyone got a pair of RCA to male XLR interconnects around one metre in length they no longer need?
  12. These interconnects were commissioned a few years ago to sit between a SUT and an EAR 868PL preamp. They were used for around 9 months before I made a decision to sell all my analogue kit in favour of a simplified digital streaming system. They were put in a drawer and overlooked until finding them during a recent clear out. The interconnects are 0.5m in length and were constructed using Klotz MC5000 cable and KLE's top of the range Absolute Harmony silver RCA's (£120 per set of four). They are in excellent condition but unfortunately I do not have any use for them and so they are offered for sale. £80 plus postage.
  13. Bit of a bargain methinks. These devices are really well regarded on the PS Audio forum in view of their ability to convert USB signals into the I2s inputs on the Direct Stream DAC with numerous reports of an uplift in sonic performance. GLWS