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  1. Supply of new Schiit products into Europe is currently restricted and so I wondered if anyone might have one of these they wish to move on?
  2. Thanks to all. I have now picked up a pair of used cables which will allow me to take advantage of a week's trial of a separate preamp that only has RCA outputs into my power amp that only has balanced inputs. Didn't want to spend a lot on a cable that might only be used for a week!
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I had already spotted a number of potential suppliers including these who can make me a new one. However, I just thought it might be worth seeing if something suitable was lying in someone's cupboard. I quite like the idea of trying a cable that doesn't need any running in.
  4. Thanks for your kind offer. I have been offered a trial of an active preamp with RCA outputs to try with my power amp which only has balanced inputs and I am curious to see how it might work. As I don't have any interconnects equipped with RCA's I really need a cable with RCA's at the source end to connect with my power amp. Ideally, I would like a decent quality cable but I don't want to spend a fortune to give this preamp a try.
  5. Bit of a long shot but has anyone got a pair of RCA to male XLR interconnects around one metre in length they no longer need?
  6. These interconnects were commissioned a few years ago to sit between a SUT and an EAR 868PL preamp. They were used for around 9 months before I made a decision to sell all my analogue kit in favour of a simplified digital streaming system. They were put in a drawer and overlooked until finding them during a recent clear out. The interconnects are 0.5m in length and were constructed using Klotz MC5000 cable and KLE's top of the range Absolute Harmony silver RCA's (£120 per set of four). They are in excellent condition but unfortunately I do not have any use for them and so they are offered for sale. £80 plus postage.
  7. Bit of a bargain methinks. These devices are really well regarded on the PS Audio forum in view of their ability to convert USB signals into the I2s inputs on the Direct Stream DAC with numerous reports of an uplift in sonic performance. GLWS
  8. Yes indeed. It could well be GLB's lucky day after all..
  9. Well good luck with that! When I started looking a number of the potential suppliers, including Uptone themselves, reported being completely out of stock. However, if you are prepared to splash out, Vortexbox in Tunbridge Wells had a small number in stock when I got mine a few weeks ago....... Go on, you know you want to..
  10. Yes, these are the sort of cables I am looking for. From the further research I have been doing it is evident from postings on the Uptone and PS Audio user forums that another chinese company (Ghent Audio) do a range of DC cables using wires from the likes of Canare, Gotham and Neotech which are highly regarded. I just thought I would see if anyone had any decent similar cables in their possession that they no longer required. If not, then I will probably place an order with Ghent based on the positive user comments I've read. Thanks for providing the links though.
  11. I would quite like to try an audiophile DC cable between my Uptone LPS 1.2 power supply and a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 converter. Ideally around 0.3m in length but must be fitted with 5.5/2.1mm connectors and wired centre positive. Bit of a long shot but has anyone got one of these lying around that they would like to sell?
  12. Dear Santa, Please find me a new home for Christmas....