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  1. Be interested to hear how the Shanti trial goes.
  2. Looking for a well used but functional Size 2 (475mm x 425mm) or size 3 (550 x450) Stratabase for top of rack for project Thanks Greg
  3. Looking to supplement Antelope Audio DAC (/Pre) with a Power Supply. Will consider Voltikus, Redwine Audio Black Lightning, Pat Haines, Teddy Pardo or others. Thanks Greg
  4. Hi This will be controversial but has had greater impact than interconnect or speaker cable changes 1. DIY 7N ACROLINK power leads on mains block; preamp/dac and Icon PS3 phono. Bass is back. Cant explain why it works, but it does for me. Circa £225 2. 4 x 30mm x 14mm isolation feet from Elusive Audio under dac/ pre. Circa £10 Seperation of voices and instruments. 3. Floyd Wish u here on new vinyl. Future plans. Explore grounding opportunities; 7N leads for power amps. Digital transport.
  5. CD72 original sounding sweet as transport with antelope audio gold dac. Augmented with remote and manuals seperately! Toying with a trichord clock - anybody tried this in Marantz CD player?
  6. Have made my own using surplus double screened satellite cable with varying success (terminations !). Was somewhat surprised when I tried an old Audioquest VDM-X I picked up at Scalford connected between my CD Player and DAC to replace a sub £10 ebay purchase and found it sharpened things up in a good way. Not convinced there is more benefit to be had by going further up the Audioquest VDM range which seems to entail adding varying amounts of silver into the mix. Maybe this needs exploring? Hifi + and other magazine reviews of Chord and other top end (cost wise) products claim improvements. Greg
  7. I have recently managed to break the cantilever of my MC cartridge using the VP Dust Buster putty kept in the original small jar. Must have hit the edge of the jar? I blame middle aged eyes. (No alcohol was involved before cleaning, though sorrows drowned thoroughly - but moderately (saving up for new cartridge!) - after the event. In discussion with Expert Stylus Company on the subject of cleaning (and regarding a new Benz Micro Cartridge), the use of a loupe, opticians spray and earbuds was recommended.
  8. Thanks Hifinutter this has transformed the usability of DAB on an Onkyo 505 in a poor reception area, still get the odd drop off in poor weather, but so many new channels! Much better reception. Used a rolling pin and insulation tape to form the 50 mm coils. Overall length 3m. Greg