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  1. Hi Everyone, As we haven't done any open days for quite some time, hopefully we can get back to normality next year regarding this, I thought it would be a good idea to do a walkthrough for anyone who hasn't been in recently as a fair bit has changed and we have some exciting new equipment here. Also after a year of planning we are very nearly ready to launch iLounge Racing so the progress of converting the headphone showroom into a simulator demo space can be seen also further into the video. Enjoy, Paul.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just a quickie to say that we have a couple of pairs of very special speakers in demo at the moment that we have borrowed from the distributors for a couple of demos so if you'd like a listen please get in touch to make an appointment. Magneplanar 30.7's Speakers certainly don't get much bigger than these, they really do give a wall of sound. I love Maggies, certainly not the easiest speakers to accommodate but if you can then they are well worth a listen as they have a mid range to die for and give an extremely open and large sound, very different from a more conventional speaker. [URL='https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/magnepan/speakers/']https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/magnepan/speakers[/URL] Avantgarde Duo XD Speakers I have to say having these in HFL has been a real treat and a revelation, this is the first pair of Horn speakers I have actually sat down and listened to, other than a quick listen at shows, and I have to say that I am totally smitten as they give such a live and big sound and with the active bass drivers you get real solid and fast bass that you really feel, we only have these for a couple of weeks then we have to give them back unfortunately, certainly been a real eye opener that's for sure. Cheers, Paul.
  3. Hi All, So this could quite possible be the best bit of HiFi eye Candy out there, it looks great in the pics but is even more gorgeous for real, the Silver Anniversary finish, to celebrate SME's 75th Anniversary, is a £3000 premium over the standard black finish so that makes it £18,895 but it really is worth every penny if you can stretch to it. So what is the SME Synergy? Basically it is a Highend Plug and Play Turntable, all you need to do is plug it straight into a line input and you are up and running, it really couldn't be easier, it is made of a combination of some of the worlds best brands that are all tuned to get the best performance, Synergy really is the right name here, please see below from SME’s website for an overview - 'Synergy is a unique, precision-engineered integrated turntable featuring magnesium tonearm, moving coil cartridge and built-in phono stage. Comprising of a completely new turntable design combined with the highly acclaimed SME Series IV tonearm, Ortofon’s ‘exclusive series’ MC Windfeld Ti cartridge and a specially designed phono stage by NAGRA, all coupled with mono crystal silver wire by Crystal Cable, Synergy is a fully integrated turntable unit that is factory configured requiring minimal user set-up.' We will have our Synergy setup in our Highend System so if you’d like to hear it please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment and feel free to bring some of your favourite records along as for me there is nothing better than listening to vinyl, have to say it really has made our big system sing, especially the Alexx V’s. Please find more info in the link below and a few pictures, we now have pretty much the full SME range of Turntables on demo so please feel free to get in to to arrange a demo. https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/sme/turntables-sme/ Many thanks, Paul.
  4. Snetterton Photobook, Fire, Rain + New Livery! Hi All, So for our Snetterton race weekend it was certainly a weekend like no other, basically it was British Summertime so we had plenty of rain but we also had a huge pit lane fire just when we were about to go out for our first race, basically a teams lorry caught fire and it took 2 fire engines to get it under control, luckily no one was injured but it meant we lost our first race and our 2nd race was re-scheduled for 6pm, this ended up being cut short due to a car stranded on the track so basically we did 3 days at the track for a 17 minute race but at least we came away with a trophy so it wasn't all bad. Plus we had the new livery on the Elise to promote iLounge Racing, a couple of tweaks to do but overall really happy with the look, really stands out on track now. So off to Brands Hatch this weekend, really looking forward to this one as it is on the short Indy layout so is very much like a big Go Kart track which should suit me, presently we are 5th overall in the standings and 2nd in our class so plenty to still play for. We were testing there last week and I had my closest moment to a big crash yet, please see below, certainly a Code Brown moment but luckily we got away with just a little damage under the car where I had to go over the grass in avoidance, could certainly have been much worse. Anyway please find a few pictures below from our Snetterton weekend. Cheers, Paul.
  5. Hi Everyone, The fun part with having a speaker here as accomplished as our demo Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers is trying different equipment with them as they are so revealing you can totally change their character by trying a different brand, I recently got an enquiry from someone who wanted to try the Class A Accuphase Monoblocks along with their DAC and top of the line Preamp, needless to say we had to try them on the Alexx's and I have to say it is a pretty special combination, totally effortless and open with a really weighty and full bass with loads of definition, it really is a winning combo. Anyway I just wanted to post some pictures, please see below and if you'd like to come in for a listen please feel free. https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/accuphase/ https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/wilson-audio/ Cheers, Paul.
  6. Hi Everyone, So we have had our incredible Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers for a month or so now and I have been running them everyday since they arrived and I think it is fair to say they are well and truly run in now and are sounding even better than when we first got them. I know it is the biggest cliche in the HiFi book but on our so called Highend system I am listening to albums and songs that I know so well and it really is like hearing them for the first time, there is so much more information coming through it is as if some songs are totally different mixes which I know they are not but say on something like Billie Eilish's last album I am amazed how much more there is in the recording through this system compared to what I have heard before. Last week I hooked up our Chord Ultima 2 Mono Blocks to the Alexx V's and that gave a totally different presentation compared to the amps we had previously been using, much more solid bass weight and depth so I will be leaving them hooked up for some time. So I got to thinking that me shooting a video on my phone really wasn't doing these magnificent speakers justice so I spoke with Ian and IDB Creative to come up with a quality promo film encouraging people to come in for a listen, let me know what you think and if you would like a listen feel free to get in touch to make an appointment to try some of your favourite songs and hear them like you have never heard them before. Please find a link to the video below, enjoy. Regards, Paul.
  7. Photobook From Round 4, Cadwell Park, The Prettiest Track in the UK! Hi Everyone, Just a quick update from our Lotus Elise Trophy exploits, for the last round we headed to Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire which without doubt is the most picturesque race track in the UK, I must admit I’m always a little nervous when arriving there as it is very narrow with some really fast corners, it is also very undulating with not a lot of run off so get it wrong and it will bite but as always it worked its wonders on me again and I left falling in love with Cadwell all over again. No trophies this time I’m afraid but had some good track action which is the whole point really and the car survived the dangers of the Mini Nurburgring as it is affectionately known. The season is disappearing fast, this weekend we are at Snetterton, nowhere as pretty as Cadwell but equally as demanding, every race we have got more performance out the car and from me also so really hoping that trend continues this weekend and that it stays dry. The penny dropped the other day when testing at Snetterton that the Elise is a very different animal to the Radical, basically with the Radical it feels planted thanks to the aero I guess but with the Elise if it isn’t moving around under you then you are just not going fast enough, you almost have to drive it to the point it is just about to break away, the good news is that when it does oversteer it is very easy to get it back, very much like a big go kart, so I really hope to test that theory more this weekend. Please find a few pics below for the stunning Cadwell Park. Cheers, Paul.
  8. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post a few pictures of a really lovely McIntosh and Wilson Audio system that we installed the other day, 2 iconic American HiFi companies, basically comprising of the McIntosh MA8900 Integrated Amp, the MT2 Turntable which I have to say looked absolutely stunning and the MVP901 Universal Disc player partnered with one of my favourite speakers, the incredible Wilson Audio Sabrina X Speakers, which give such a big and involving sound for what it a pretty small speaker. Please find a few pictures below and links to both brands on our website - https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/mcintosh/ https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/wilson-audio/
  9. Hi Everyone, So this is a first, an install blog for some speaker and XLR cables, I must admit when I started HFL that I never thought I’d drive nearly 2 hours to install some cables but but these are not just any old cables but arguably the best in the world, the Transparent Magnum Opus Generation 6 cables which have just come out, these are actually serial number 0002 so if the manufacturer keeps 0001 for themselves this will be the first pair in the world, I’m a big cable believer so I was rather excited by this install to say the least. Needless to say cables at this level were going on a rather nice system, basically a D’Agostino amp with Magico S7 speakers, I have heard this system a fair bit over the last year or so and I have to say I really have never heard it sound anywhere near this good once the cables where installed, incredible resolution, transparency and amazing bass control, I know something like this is out of most peoples reach but if you can and you have a system to appreciate them then I would say you should at least give them a try as they really will get the best from your HiFi. In other Transparent Generation 6 news, we now have our so called Reference System cabled up with the new Generation 6 Transparent Reference cables so please feel free to come in for a listen anytime. Anyway please find some pictures below from the install and a link below to Transparent on our website - https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/transparent/ Cheers, Paul.
  10. Lotus Elise Trophy Race Updates Rounds 2 and 3! Hi Everyone, Got a little behind with our race updates I'm afraid as we have now completed race 2 of our Elise Trophy which was at Silverstone and was very wet and I wasn't very competitive to be honest so the less we say about that the better but then we went to Oulton Park last weekend and it was great weather and I felt I really started to get the best from myself and the car although I did find a second on my last very lap which was a surprise so I am not sure where that came from but Oulton Park is such a great drivers track that encourages you to attack every corner, really was a lot of fun and spectators where allowed again which did make all the difference. Next weekend we are at Cadwell Park which is arguably the prettiest UK track and is often called the mini Nurburgring which makes me a little nervous as it is so narrow and the barriers are very close and you can get airborne at the so called 'Mountain' which will be interesting. But we left Oulton Park with another trophy for 2nd in our class so that was a great way to end 2 fun days at the track, please find some pics below and a video of my 2 best laps around Oulton park which also are my best laps in the Elise so far, unfortunately we think there is something wrong with the camera as the quality isn't great so we have sent it back to the supplier to check it out but it will give you an idea of how great Oulton is to drive. Oulton Park 2 Best Laps Cheers, Paul.
  11. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to put out a quick post to say that I am totally addicted to Gary Numan's latest album 'Intruder', and highly recommend you give it a listen if you haven't already, fantastic music, extremely well produced, on PMC Speakers apparently, with a great story running through it where basically the Earth is talking to Humans on how we are ruining the planet, if you just try the title track 'Intruder' that will give you a good taste of the album and is my favourite track but it is a really strong album for the first track to the last. There has been a lot of music released this year, which is to be expected I guess with artists not touring thanks to Covid, but I have found most of it quite mediocre to be honest but this album really stands out as the album of the year so far by quite some margin, it really will take some beating this year, for me there are hints of Massive Attack, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails + others which is no bad thing and it is a real grower and well worth sitting down and reading the lyrics whilst listening as they are pretty powerful and makes you think how we really haven't done a great job looking after this planet. I've never been a big fan before in all honesty, more that he passed me by somehow, so I am around 40 years too late to this party but I have now ordered all his back catalogue and booked 2 concerts for next year which I really can't wait for, I am now discovering that very much like Bowie he has had a very illustrious career reinventing himself along the way and I find it incredible that after over 40 years he is still turning out music this good, that really is rare to have that kind of staying power. Right I'm off to listen to it again on our new Wilson Alexx V's, also please find a link below to a great interview with Gary Numan about this album - https://www.rockcellarmagazine.com/gary-numan-interview-intruder-new-album-climate-change/ And a link to the Intruder Video Cheers, Paul.
  12. Hi Everyone, Well this is certainly exciting news as today we can announce the awesome Naim Solstice Special Edition Turntable, this is Naim’s first ever turntable and it really is something very special indeed, the only bad news is that it is limited to 500 worldwide with only 120 in the UK so once it is gone that is it but that certainly guarantees it instant classic status, I really can’t see the 500 hanging around long. As a quick overview it is a complete package so it comes with the turntable, the re-engineered Aro arm, MC Cartridge, Phono Stage, Power Supply, Special Edition Book and Vinyl, so a really lovely package which retails for £16,000, I haven’t heard it yet myself but I know a couple of people who have and needless to say it doesn’t disappoint bringing that Naim sound to vinyl. We have managed to secure a handful of the these packages but I am being told once they are gone then there will be no more so if you would like a piece of Naim history and a brilliant ready to go turntable please feel free to get in touch so not to be disappointed. Please find more information below on our website and any questions please either give me a call or send me a mail. https://hifilounge.co.uk/product/naim-solstice-turntable/ Many thanks, Paul.
  13. Hi Everyone, Well is was certainly a big day last Friday as we became the first UK dealer to take delivery of the new Wilson Audio Alexx V speakers for demo and and I really can't put into words just how incredible these speakers are. Firstly the looks, well if you are going to have a Statement speaker then you need a colour that will really stand out, and as Wilson can do any colour out there, I decided to go with my favourite colour and in a tribute to one of my favourite artists, the Purple One himself Prince, so Purple they are, not any Purple though, it is actually a Porsche Car Colour and I couldn't be happier with how they've turned out, colour aside they look totally stunning, you can just see the amount of thought and work that has gone in to the design of these stunning speakers to give the best performance possible, totally gorgeous. As for the sound, well I am actually going to struggle to put it into words as they just sound totally engaging and captivating, Wilson always give a stunning mid range but the bass on these has so much depth and control that it is very addictive, in a moment of indulgence on Saturday I blasted out my favourite live song, Bruce's Jungleland and I was taken to a place that I have only experienced when in a stadium with Bruce and the E Street band there in front of me playing it live, they really are that good and personally I can't ask more for more than that, the only other time I have experienced this is when I was fortunate to go to Utah to visit Dave Wilson's house to hear the mighty Wamm's, these big Wilsons really have a way of transporting you to somewhere special. So my plan for our Alexx V's is to have them running permanently during open hours, our so called Highend Room is now going to be a static demo room where we just have the one system playing all the time so if you come in please feel free to indulge in a system that comprises some of the best HiFi in the world, take an hour or so to play some of your favourite tracks and hopefully you will experience the same magic I did, there is no pressure to buy a pair, I just want everyone to experience just how good these Alexx V's are and experience what a truly awesome system can achieve. So we are busy running them in at the moment, what are we playing to achieve this as fast as possible? well there is only one choice really isn't there, Prince Purple Rain :-) So it goes without saying if you'd like to come in for a listen please feel free to book an appointment or if you come in for a demo for something else please don't be afraid to ask if you can have a listen, saying that you probably won't have much choice Please find some pics and a link to the Alexx V's on our website and as soon as we can we will have an open day to showcase them - https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/wilson-audio/ Cheers, Paul.
  14. Hi All, Every now and again the perfect product comes along, something without compromise that ticks all the boxes for features, build quality, performance and price and I would argue that the new Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition is one of those products. Basically it is everything that is loved with the Uniti range but maximized to get the best from your headphones, so if you are looking for a new compact headphone amp that has a top quality streamer built in and that caters for Balanced 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm (Pentaconn) outputs + a 6.3mm output then look no further. Personally at home I like to do my headphone listening in another room so again the Atom Headphone Edition is perfect here also as basically all you need to do is get power to it, ideally plug a network cable it it, and off you go with a dedicated headphone system that can stream you favourite music from either Tidal / Qobuz or from a server. Finally it has variable outputs so you could add a power amp and a pair of speakers and you really would have all bases covered + you could use the analogue input to connect a turntable or CD player if required, as I said this really is a very versatile product that delivers on every count and at £2399 you can't really moan about the price, I'd say Naim have really nailed it with the Atom Headphone Edition. We have it on demo now with a large selection of the best headphones available in our new and more intimate dedicated headphone room. Please find a link below and any questions please don't hesitate to ask - [URL]https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/naim/uniti/[/URL] Cheers, Paul.
  15. [B]I Can Now Say I've Raced A Lotus, RD 1 Photobook![/B] Hi All, So last weekend we had our first race in the Lotus Elise at Donnington Park, one of my favourite tracks, firstly it was a huge tick as I can now say I have raced a Lotus, Lotus is my favourite car Marque, I've lost count how many I have owned over the years so for me this was a very special day. So how did it go? if I am totally honest I was a little disappointed that I wasn't a little quicker but we did come away with a trophy for third place in our class so I really can't complain at that and as seat time is so important, and I was racing people who have been in the Elise Trophy for years, then I'm hopeful as I get to know the car better then we can move up the grid and taking positives from the weekend I got faster with every session on track with my fastest laps coming at the end of the 45 minute race on Sunday. Next stop in Silverstone in a couple of weeks which I am really looking forward too as I'd like to think we can really be in the mix there and whichever way you look at it I will be racing a Lotus as Silverstone, now that really is a dream come true. Please find a selection of pictures below taken from the our first race in the Lotus Elise Trophy at Donington Park. Cheers, Paul.
  16. Build Pictures Converting Road Lotus Elise into a Race Car! Hi Everyone, I just thought I would post some pictures of the conversion of our Road Lotus Elise into a Race car, Lotus used to supply race Elise's but no longer do unfortunately so if you want to race in the Lotus Elise Trophy you have 3 options really, buy an Elise that has already been converted, buy a used Elise and convert it, there are certainly a lot of S1 Elise's racing or the way we did it, buy a brand spanking new Elise then pull it all apart, replace a hell of a lot of parts and put it back together again and hey presto, you have a race car. Lotus specialists Hangar 111 did the conversion for us, have to say they did a brilliant job and whilst they were doing the work they took some snaps to show the work involved, have to say in the end you really wouldn't know that the car had been through this dismantling process, great job guys. Please see pics below, really does show the amount of work involved, if interested you can see more pictures on www.iloungeracing.co.uk Cheers, Paul.
  17. Photobook From Shakedown of new Race Lotus Elise at Silverstone! Hi All, I just wanted to share some pictures from our shakedown drive of the new race Lotus Elise at Silverstone last Friday, back there again this Sunday for one more drive before the season starts at Donington on April 23rd. The day went well other than it raining most of the day but the Elise drove beautifully until the end of the day where we got a bad judder on the front left corner and also realised that trying to drive on a track with traction control switched on isn't the best idea but luckily that could be switched off which made it a lot more fun to drive. Still nowhere near its limits but the Elise is such a confidence inspiring car I really feel I will be able to get on top of it's performance easier than I could with the Radical, well here's hoping anway. Cheers, Paul.
  18. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post a few pictures of the awesome SME 30 with the 12" Series V tonearm fitted with the Koetsu Blue Lace Agate cartridge we recently supplied to one of our very lucky customers, it really doesn't get much better than this in my view, the total package comes in at around £45,000 so it is a pretty serious vinyl setup, for me it was the 12" arm that stole the show, I just couldn't stop looking at it, we are all so used to 9" arms that when you see the extra length it really does look incredible and the £8498 Koetus was a thing of beauty also with it's Blue Onyx body, a really gorgeous package. Please find a couple of links below to SME and Koetsu on our website and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask - https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/sme/turntables-sme/ https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/koetsu-cartridges/ Cheers, Paul.
  19. Hi Everyone, So like myself until recently I am sure most of you haven't come across HiFi Rose before but I have to admit now I have experienced their products I am pretty confident they are a brand to watch and I am really pleased to add them to our portfolio as I feel they really do offer something different in the world of HiFi. Coming from South Korea they offer 2 products at the moment, the RS-150 which is a streaming preamp priced at £3899 and a streamer with an amp built it called the RS-201 priced at £1749, so just add speakers. I have to say that once you have seen these products in the flesh they really scream quality much more so than their price indicates. HiFi Rose RS-150 Streaming Preamp. The RS-150 really does cover all bases, firstly it is beautifully built, the touch screen dominates but looks gorgeous and is really usable, it is Roon and MQA compatible, has an analog input so as it is a preamp also you could just add a power amp + turntable & phono stage and you have a really neat system that covers all bases, has a great app, it even does 4K video but obviously most importantly sounds great, it does so much more like CD Ripping and Storage so please see below for more info - HiFi RS-201 All In One. This is basically a smaller version of the above with a 100 watt amp built in so just add speakers and you are all ready to go, please find more info below - Please find a link to HiFi Rose on our website below, our demo stock is a couple of weeks away but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/hifi-rose/ I really do feel HiFi Rose are one to watch so really look forward to demoing their kit once this Lockdown is over. Regards, Paul.
  20. HFL's New Race Car for 2021, Yes We're Racing a Lotus I am excited to announce that for the 2021 motorsport season we will be competing in the Lotus Elise Trophy Championship around the UK's best circuits and here is our new race car fresh from the Lotus Cars Production line. I've owned Lotus's for over 30 years now, my first true car love was a Lotus Elan M100 back in 1989 and since then I have had the pleasure of owning quite a few Lotus Cars, so to finally get to race a Lotus is super exciting and especially so as Lotus recently announced that 2021 is the final year of Elise production after over 25 years so better late than never though I guess to finally drive one in anger on track. So thanks to the team at Lotus Silverstone for supplying the beautiful 250 Cup in Porsche Miami Blue, the car is now off to Hangar 111 Lotus Performance to be converted into a race car which basically means pulling it all apart and replacing a ridiculous amount of parts. I will update regularly with how the season is progressing and hopefully soon motorsport fans will be allowed back to the track so feel free to come along to watch the shenanigans unfold. Some more exciting HFL Motorsport news coming very soon Cheers, Paul.
  21. Hi Everyone, So we are unashamedly big Wilson Audio fans at HFL, I feel extremely privileged to have been to David Wilson’s house to hear the extraordinary Wamm Master Chronosonic Speakers a few years ago and although they gave the best HiFi Experience I have ever heard at knocking on for £1 million with the subs that was never going to be achievable but quietly I have always dreamed of adding a pair of Wilson Alexx’s to our ‘Highend’ demo room so with the news last week that Wilson will be launching the all new version on March 29th well I couldn’t resist and am now excitedly looking forward to them arriving to be here all ready for once we are out of lockdown all being well, although they ‘Only’ cost £139,000 for me they will be like HFL’s own pair of Mini Wamm’s. The million dollar question is though what colour should we go with bearing in mind that Wilson can do any colour imaginable? As I plan to have these on permanent demo for many years to come I didn’t want to play it safe so we have chosen a colour that should be pretty unique I would guess, all will be revealed once here but as a clue they are in tribute to one of my favourite artists. More info once I have some and I really look forward to holding an open day as soon as we can to showcase the new Wilson Audio Alexx V speakers once normality returns. All very exciting, Cheers, Paul.
  22. Hi All, Some headphone news for a change, the headphone market has definitely settled down now from 3-4 years ago where there seemed to be something new coming out every week so it is nice to have something new to look forward to with the McIntosh MHA200 Valve amplifier just announced. McIntosh certainly know how to make good looking kit and this really is pure McIntosh, it reminds me of a mini version of the Iconic McIntosh 275 Stereo Amp, it is guaranteed to deliver also catering for 6.3mm, Stereo and Independent left + right XLR's with Balanced and single ended inputs and at £2795 it certainly won't break the bank and is guaranteed to drive any headphone out there. I ordered our demo model as soon as I saw it and we have sold a couple already so I can see this being a really popular product for McIntosh. During this Lockdown we have finished moving the Headphone Showroom to it's new, more intimate, location so the MHA200 will definately be taking pride of place in there. Please find a few pictures and a link to more info on our website below - https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/mcintosh/headphones-mcintosh/ Cheers, Paul.
  23. Hi all, So I must admit I have become a bot of an Accuphase fan boy since taking on the brand last year, firstly there isn't much HiFi out there that is as well made as Accuphase but at the end of the day that is pointless if it doesn't sound any good and that is where Accuphase really wins as whether looking at their integrated amps or their Pre/Power's you get a very natural and organic sound but with no loss of detail, it really is a sound you could listen to all genres of music too for many hours on end without any fatigue and as a bonus for me they look gorgeous too in a retro way, I never thought I'd like Gold HiFi to be honest but it really does ooze class. Anyway enough of me gushing about how much I like Accuphase, the point of this blog is that last week we took delivery of the new Accuphase DP-570 CD/SACD/DAC so now we can demo a full Accuphase system, this has just come out and apparently we have the first model in the country, it retails for £10,200 so not cheap but actually when you look what it offers it isn't bad value really, since getting it I have been having a good listen and it really doesn't disappoint, what I love is it will play CD and SACD but it also has digital inputs and outputs so for me the winner is that you can hook a Melco up to it over USB and you have all your digital bases covered whether you have a big CD/SACD collection or you like to stream or have a big HiRes library you can access everything at a really high level with a lovely smallish system, currently I am running our E-800 Class A integrated amp with the DP-570 partnered with a Melco N100 into the Focal Scala Utopias all hooked up with Atlas Asimi cables and it really does sound epic, wish we could have everyone in for a listen. Anyway if you are looking for a new high quality CD/SACD spinner or a digital hub please feel free to get in touch to discuss. https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/accuphase/ Regards, Paul.
  24. Hi All, Just a quickie to say at last Audio Research have announced their Reference 80S Stereo Power amp, this is the one everyone has been waiting for as the outgoing Reference 75se was a very popular amp for Audio Research and the new 80S is bound to carry on that tradition, we have ordered our demo model so that will be with us shortly, if this is of any interest please feel free to get in touch as I'll be happy to lend it out bearing in mind we are currently closed for demos unfortunately. We have got the Reference 160M Mono's and 160S Stereo amps already on demo so it will be nice to finish the trio with the 80S. At 80 Watts of power for each channel from its KT150 output valves it will be enough to drive the most challenging of speakers and with their newish design with the floating VU meters it really is a serious amp and for a lot of our customers when it comes to musicality and involvement then nothing touches Valves, especially from Audio Research, arguably the leaders in Valve based HiFi. In other really exciting news, they are also shortly releasing a £5000'ish integrated amp, I don't have any info on this at the moment but this promises to be very exciting indeed, more news to follow. Please find a link to the Audio Research Reference range below and a few pics of the imminent Reference 80S Stereo amp. https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/brands/audio-research/reference-series/ Cheers, Paul
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