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  1. I find that the optical output is at a lower level on a lot of stuff, especially on my TV
  2. I have used a Plusnet router and the firewall was not turned on by default. I don't know about this one. Infact, most ISP routers I have had, have the firewall off by default ronnie
  3. Well something is not getting through. I have to go now but here is what I think First clean the browser cacher on the laptop. Actually try this first and also on the Control Panel, Advanced Tab, tick the Clean Cache box and run Cleanup. Do not delete the Preferences file sometimes the browser just presents a previous page, especially on repeated requests to the same location, so an error report can be repeated. Second I just did a quick search for 3483 tcp port logitech media server windows 10 and got a lot of answers However, maybe try this; whenever I install a fresh (or an update) LMS on my Windows Desktop I download the .exe file, right click on it, and install as administrator. I then keep the .exe in my downloads folder (just incase) I would suggest that you download v 8.1.2 and reinstall over the top (install as admin) this should give you access through the router. You might even get the box asking for permissions. This is the link (it actually says 8.1.1 but the files are 8.1.2 http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/index.php?ver=8.1
  4. what anti virus is on the windows laptop
  5. I just switched my SBT to a Windows 10 LMS without a problem. Hmmm, have you tried restarting the laptop whilst the SBT is powered up ? Whilst I have the LMS windows server open, I clicked on Open Control Panel as Administrator and got the Box you mentioned, I click on yes and another control panel opened. I now have four control panels open. I suggest closing the laptop down and restarting it
  6. I just performed the task I described to you in my post and the SBT connected to Mysqueezebox.com, I tapped My Music and connected to the local LMS. The LMS on the Laptop will have the same name as previously, but a different IP Address When you tap on My Music on the SBT are the two same names shown ?
  7. And when you did the factory reset, it found the ethernet, you signed in with your email and password and it connected to mysqueezebox.com ?
  8. Have you done a factory reset on the SBT ?
  9. The above just worked for me. Also, if you install the Music and Artist Information Plugin In, when playing back an album one can press the [ i ] for further info (if available) ronnie look at git hub for more info https://github.com/CDrummond/lms-material
  10. Usage Access the skin through http://<yourserver>:9000/material/ Select "Add to Home screen" on your device, if supported. Selecting mobile or desktop Material should automatically choose mobile or desktop layouts, but you may also force one or the other. http://<yourserver>:9000/material/?layout=mobile will force mobile layout http://<yourserver>:9000/material/?layout=desktop will force desktop layout You can also launch Material straight into its desktop now-playing screen, using: http://<yourserver>:9000/material/now-playing
  11. I recommend installing the version from MySqueezebox.com to begin with. update the lms later to either v 8.1.2 or 8.2.0 Catalina will likely decline to install the file, just choose to do so. LMS no longer starts from "boot up" on mac os but does from "log in" The problem I referred to is over here https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?113045-Announce-BBC-Sounds-Plugin&p=1028821&viewfull=1#post1028821 It should be sorted later today the dev posted after we had arrived at a resolution ronnie I'm actually just moving down from Catalina to Mojave
  12. @soupdragon I have just spent time this morning, helping someone on another forum with a Mac-mini preoblem and installing BBC Sounds Plugin on LMS. Not insurmountable, but a decided faff. Which OS is on the Mac ? Is LMS on the Mac ? Is the Mac on all the time ? Do you still have the SBTouch ? I would say, raspberry pi with piCorePlayer OS running LMS with either a dac or spdif HAT for outlet into your hifi Music files on the Mac can be accessed, via the network, from the raspberry pi when the Mac is powered on. There is a BBC Sounds plugin which pretty well replicates the official BBC Sounds App and requires you to use your BBC Account to sign in. Plus lots of other good stuff Control from the iPad can be with iPeng, Material Skin browser or SqueezePad. I use either of the last two. Lots of help available
  13. Which Mac OS do you have ? You can install LMS on the mac-mini ronnie Better on a raspberry pi though see next, longer post
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