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  1. I think there's a BBC sounds app for Squeezebox/LMS but not sure how the new Innuos software integrates that these days if you can still get into add-ins/apps you can tick the box. that's the problem with a closed system ronnie
  2. So, Drawing on previous posts; Could be this https://support.bluos.net/hc/en-us/articles/360000261328-Why-can-t-I-see-all-of-the-tracks-in-a-Qobuz-Album- or this https://community.roonlabs.com/t/qobuz-unavailable-albums-are-actually-available/96023 or it's gone all Pete Tong
  3. This post rememberd me, that the playback described by the OP, is exactly what happens when one plays a "sample" album. Or, indeed, using Qobuz without a current supbscription ronnie
  4. If this is new behaviour, have any of your Networking settings changed recently, or even, maybe, those of your neighbour's . ronnie
  5. I think @Bourneendboy uses a smartphone as a source, maybe give hime a tug ? ronnie
  6. Hi David, let's hope it keeps working I have the same result running a bash script under autostart, so there is an alternative to the cron job. It does the same thing, so there is no improvement to be gained. I also found a thread from 2015 hidden in the slimdevices forum which runs a script on a raspberrypi (at start up) that reboots the SBTouch (same as using the button on the back of the Touch). I might play with that at sometime. I'll ask, at slimdevices, next week, if it is possible to delay the LMS start ronnie
  7. Right, a quick how to, as Il Lombardia will be starting soon Open a Terminal and SSH into the pi Type sudo apt update (let it complete) sudo apt full-upgrade (let it complete) follow any instructions. then sudo reboot SSH in again type sudo crontab -e append this line to the bottom of the file @reboot sleep 25 && sudo /usr/local/bin/restart.sh Save and exit with ctrl + x, followed by y when prompted to save, and then enter then make this file type sudo nano /usr/local/bin/restart.sh enter text #!/bin/bash sudo /etc/init.d/logitechmediaserver restart Save and exit with ctrl + x, followed by y when prompted to save, and then enter make the file executable sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/restart.sh (or chmod +x) Reboot with sudo reboot Shut down the pi Wait for at least one hour (longer if possible) Boot up the pi, at around 35 secs the time on the Touch should revert to the time you shut down the pi, it should return to the current time at about 55 secs. The Touch is now available Time might be shorter on a rpi4 (I used a rpi3B+) More tomorrow, hope it works for you ronnie
  8. I think the result this morning was maybe an error Anyway before I went out, I reset the sllep time from 25 to 20. That did not work A return to 25 worked withe the time change being shown, but I need a longer period between reboots. Anyway, a possible neater way of doing it is to use autostart. I have used that before. From the raspbeery pi forum It can also be used to start a bash script, which is what I am using at the moment for the cron job. So, at the moment I have configured the autostart without any delay to the start (sleep) in the bash script. I want to see what happens before I add any "sleep". I have unpowered the rpi and will wait an hour or so before starting it up. ronnie
  9. Just a quick one. I set up a cron job last night and this morning when I plugged in the pi, everything ran in a normal manner. The time display on the Touch did not revert to 22:08 which was when I unplugged the rpi. It needs more testing. Back in the afternoon
  10. Hmm, I never got to page two, I went of on a link from page one I meant just a short press of the reset button The raspberry pi resyncs the time at boot, so a restart of LMS has to wait until it has started which is pretty near the end of the boot process (timed by watching the Desktop appear and trying to connect with the touch) ronnie
  11. I have spent some time this morning having a go with restarting LMS via a cronjob after boot So far I have it restarting 50 seconds after boot. I stopped the pi at 12:45 at 14:20 I restarted the pi, the Touch time returned to 12:45 and after a pause set to 14:40. I might be a minute or so wrong with the times but it does now seem to work (previously I had made some errors that I was unaware of I'll now reduce the time by second intervals ronnie
  12. Not a new problem apparently. The answer is here https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?85339-Wrong-time-showing-on-Touch&p=607854&viewfull=1#post607854 ronnie Edit: about twenty Mississippi
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