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  1. @AnilS Is the Router dual-band ? If so have you tried splitting the bands by giving each a seperate SSID and then using the 2.4 band in the garage? (even maybe dropping the n and using only b/g if whatever device you are using in the garage will support that. ronnie
  2. You don't say how far the garage is from the house. So, let's think...... Relocate the Router in the house to the side nearest the garage and position it higher.............. If you have and old wireless router I believe these can be used as an Extender............................... Get a really long length of flat Ethernet cable and pass it through a house window on the garage side and gently close the window......... Google, "Pringle can antenna" ronnie
  3. Andrew, I would think that for running a bespoke LMS OS, a rpi4b (4gb) is certainly sufficient for the majority of users. When the usb boot procedure comes out of beta, I think a bootable SSD drive will be the way to get a realistic improvement. I don't notice any difference between my Samsung M3 and a 64gb microSD card. Once running it only reboots after any updates. from the above link I have a sneaky feeling I have a small 120gb SSD somewhere ? Although improved, the usb3 connection is still a bottleneck, so a plain Sata 3 SSD is sufficient (M2, apparently is a bit overkill) (and not all usb connectors work efficiently with the pi....sigh !). keep safe ronnie Remember, it's only a stereo, ffs. I was quite happy with a Dansette and an old Roberts portable radio.
  4. I'm running LMS on a Samsung M3 usb hard drive, rpi4b 4gb, Raspi OS 32bit. I have a new 8gb to play with when the beta 64 bit OS is a bit more advanced. Local music files stored on the drive (I transferred via a usb stick) ronnie
  5. Another thing to do with a Zero ronnie
  6. Why ? I run Mackie actives, Project pre-amp, Topping dac and a couple of raspberry pi from a mains problem ronnie
  7. Heads Up for Tidal users on LogitechMediaServer!&p=976302&viewfull=1#post976302 ronnie
  8. Post #3 and #12 have salient points with regard to the SBT. I have most of my switching power supplies plugged into a power strip connecting via a Marmitek X10 Plug. The rest of my hi-fi is plugged into a seperate spur (used to be for an electric fire) ronnie
  9. Quick answer; NO The Khadas uses a usb-c connection for power, so a better choice would be the officialsupply for the rpi4b, or a converter if you already have a rpi3b PS. Or a battery bank Co-ax out from SBT ronnie, who is going back to his flahavans and blueberrys Edit: this is the standalone board for the rpi, I ordered direct from Khadas (it was a little cheaper at the time) The original designer left and now has his own product called SONCOZ
  10. Well, the world is not quite your oyster, but close enough. If you decide to stick with Raspbian OS, then Buster is the way to go This is the semi-skimmed version. If you want to do coding you can add in bits or download the full-fat version. The lite version is command line only, so a good way to learn a different approach. I don't do coding. The has a wealth of info, google search will become a friend. Type into the search box what you want to do and filter the results, changing the question slightly can vary the result. Beware the time line of any answer and also the OS, two years old and a deprecated OS is no good, but may still work in a current OS ! Get yourself a few sd cards for the pi, it's a question of making backups so that you don't have to begin from ground zero each time (although this is a way to learn very quickly). make notes of the things you do (copy and save links). You can use the Chromium browser to stream music from websites, also BBC iPlayer. For media servers there is a vast choice, most have/are their own specific OS. The pi can be a bit slow so patience is required (one of the reasons I use a remote desktop) but getting something to work can feel quite rewarding. Something like this will allow you to connect the pi to your amp at minimum cost Keep an eye open for people selling on dacs / hats that might provide better quality, should you need it. Better to keep expenditure to a minium at the beginning. ronnie
  11. Well I think it would be better if you started a seperate thread. Is the monitor using hdmi and is the speaker seperate from the monitor I have just started VLC Player (I never use this, it took me a minute ot two to get it working) I'm using the built in VNC server to remote control it from a Windows 10 Desktop
  12. Which OS are you using ? and I presume you have another computer that you can use to remote into the pi? Does you monitor have speakers ? It might be small but if using wireless then it needs to be in the open a little bit, Ethernet connection is preferred.
  13. Other streamers have access to the Qobuz API, see their list of "partners". They have to meet criteria set by Qobuz to utilise the Qobuz software. I don't know if a fee is charged. Volumio has either made an arrangement with Qobuz and is recouping the developement cost or ....doing something else From browsing on the slimdevices forum it is apparent that LMS has access to both Tidal and Qobuz through restricted "API"s so the plugins have a reduced functionality compared to the web browsers offered by Tidal and Qobuz. ronnie
  14. Hi Stewart You can start with describing how you use the pi at the moment, what is it connected to ? what do you want to connect it it to ? and define "streamer" as you think of it. Which OS are you using ? and do you have any spare SD cards ? ronnie
  15. Hi Richard would a reserved IP address be sufficient ? Why is a static address required for SSH ? ronnie