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  1. Just been advised by a member on slimdevices forum that JB_Radio2 has returned https://www.hiresaudio.online/jb-radio-2/ the flac stream is a bit hit and miss at the moment But one to keep an ear out for These emoji are griving me nuts ronnie 320 AAC stream better at the moment (for me, anyway) might be a bit loud
  2. If you have a Squeezeboxen (or even if not ) https://jukeradio.double6.net/ slimdevices link: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?115087-Testers-wanted ronnie
  3. @malcesine not a valve in site, and perfect for th 63s https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product/quad-44-fm4-and-405-2/ ronnie https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product/quad-44-fm4-and-405-2/
  4. Is it just an extension cable you want ? These folk might help (and in the UK) https://custom-lynx.co.uk/ ronnie
  5. Thanks Now; ..........about this amazing mains cable I heard.... ronnie
  6. No response yet from Admin email, and nothing here. Might make it a foo mains cable thread instead ronnie
  7. This is the "reverse engineered" Tidal-connect that Volumio based / got the idea from If you manage to resolve your network problem, then it should function correctly, especially as you are paying for that function ronnie
  8. Forgot to say, one can check if a neighbour's wi-fi is using the same band as one's own, and then one can select a different one (in the UK, 1, 6 or 11 are generally recommended, rather than Auto)
  9. Well, it is possible to split the two bandwidths and give each an individual SSID and password The 2.4 frequency it better for distance than 5, so that might be worth a try. Also is the pi in a metal case ? This can effect reception, a usb wi-fi dongle on an extender might better work, if you have one. I have a couple of these I don't know if extenders are the same technically as a WIFI Bridge Also, if Volumio is "crap" in the current situation, then any other media server is also likely to demonstrate a reduced performance. keep us posted ronnie
  10. @Joss Are you using the 2.4GHz band for wireless to the pi ?
  11. Wireless connection is prone to being flakey If you have an old router it might be possible to use that as a bridge ronnie
  12. One should be able to shutdown Volumio from a smartphone, either via an direct control app or a SSH app on the phone. Its base is raspberry pi OS, so reachable via SSH ronnie
  13. LMS is actually free via Max2Play, Andrew (one has to ignore all the nag screens ) And the emoji are all messed up ronnie
  14. Finally gave in and just sent an e-mail from the error page to the Admins ronnie
  15. I have removed the quality update that was installed on the 4th of September to get at the update (KB:4023057) that was installed on the 3rd. That does not want to leave. Using the wusa removal tool on the command line tells me that the update is not installed Can we have a "give me strength!!" emoji ronnie
  16. Since early Friday morning (03/9/21) I have been unable to browse the Wam without log in. Is this a plan ? Tried three different browsers (Windows 10 Pro Desktop). No changes at this end, there was a Windows update on the third, but no other Forum is affected ronnie
  17. Well yes, but there does seem to be a bit of tweaking (good imo, case, power supply, LMS remote) added in (and no restriction on the software usage). Some of the stuff in the case does need specialist knowledge and board stuffing is something I can not do, nor want to. It's deffo something I would consider, especially if the HDMI output could be used at its default setting with a small touchscreen. ronnie
  18. have you tried to increasing the Squeezelite Buffer in Moode ? ALSA params 160:4::1 or ALSA params 240:4::1
  19. Andrew I have just pu Moode on my Signature, enabled the Squeezelite Renderer. All settings at Default. Plays without a problem ronnie
  20. Andrew Is it possible to get a boot log ? This would /should show the boot sequence. Have you tried powering up the DDRC 22D first and then the rpi ? ronnie
  21. With the Digione Signature one has to power on the "clean supply" first, or, both "clean" and "dirty" at the same time. Perhaps the dirty is powering on before the clean ? an inline switch might help https://thepihut.com/products/usb-c-cable-with-switch Andrew, I have just bought a second-hand Signature. Using the battery pack for the clean and a HDPlex 100 power supply for the 5 volt. Sounds nice ronnie
  22. Here's one they made earlier ronnie
  23. I just did a search for on/off button for a Raspberry Pi 3 and found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVnMZ4DXDNo If you shut down the pi remotely then you caould use a power cable (or short extension) with an on/off switch. It might also depend which OS is on the pi and which state you wish the pi to be left in There is a case by Argon which might suffice It might help if you do some internet searching for options if noboby comes up with a suitable suggestion ronnie
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