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  1. Ok I'll change to 8.2.0 I have just booted the rpi up and the Touch (and a Radio on the same network) reset to 12:08 which was when I shut down. I restarted LMS and the time on both devices corrected I have a rpi3b+ I'll connect up later today for further testing ronnie
  2. Last night I powered off the rpi and Touch (I can't remember the sequence) After reading David's post this morning, I first powerd on the Touch which gave a screen with only two lines on, Settings and My Music, (I think that is correct) but I have seen these before when there is no LMS to connect to. The screen then defaulted to the time last night when the Touch was powered off. When I plugged in the rpi, it started up but the Touch was not recognised, restarted LMS and everything hooked up. The player is supposed to poll for the LMS (or the other way around, I can never remember) At the moment I have powered off the rpi and left the Touch powered on, showing the (correct) time I'll leave things for sometime, to let the LMS cache expire ronnie
  3. HI David I have just seen the same thing. Which version of LMS are you using? ronnie
  4. I just realised that most adapters are USB C to A Converter, I don't think I have seen one with a B female. sorry about the confusion
  5. Hey Bill I just remembered I have a couple of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/AmazonBasics-Type-C-USB-Male-Cable/dp/B01GGKYKQM so I connected a SBTouch via usb to the Khadas toneboard and headphones (Senny HD 600) sounds pretty good If you have any "posh" usb cables you can get adapters for the usb c end
  6. Another thing to try: If you have given the rpi a static Ip, change it to DHCP and reserve the IP address in the router
  7. You can try this If Desktop Menu > Preferences > System > Wait for network If Headless, open a Terminal and type sudo raspi-config select 1 System Options > S6 Network at Boot > Enable > exit and reboot I think it may be possible to increase the wait time But I would have to search for that command ronnie
  8. Hi David That's a strange one Is it the Desktop Buster on the rpi, also which version of LMS and in what order (and how) do you power the devices off and on ? ronnie Is everything Wireless or Ethernet ?
  9. Yep, this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079L2VL1S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I often find expectations let me down I do use the supplied cable, it seems to do the job ronnie I sometimes use mine direct into headphones, it has software volume control (alsamixer on LMS)
  11. Hey Bill I don't, but just in case ; I use one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/youyeetoo-Khadas-Clear-Acrylic-Board/dp/B07VRS4YDG ronnie
  12. Ahh, got it. The Magna thingy is rpi4 based
  13. Why do you need / want a raspberry pi ? Is it a temporary solution until you get the Magna Mano thingy ? ronnie
  14. Apple Music Might be a "fly in the oinkment" As far as I know, all Airplay on raspberry pi OS use Shairport-sync which is a reverse engineered software of Airplay. Apple Music (I might be wrong here) is Airplay2 I don't know about the compatabilty between Airplay 1 & 2 I know there are Beta version of Shairport-sync with Airplay2, but not how efficient they are I just spotted this over on the fishie forum https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/allo-digione-pi3-case-psu.259723/ ronnie
  15. @robbie010 Depends on how you intend to use the streamer (including interacting with its control) and what you want to stream. Can you achieve what you want, with what you currently possess? If so, then an OS on a rpi that can faciltate a similar experience is "Best" Most OS are pretty similar in functionality, some have a USP (sort of). All require a learning curve, if more than one person is going to use the device, compromise may be required between the parties. I have tried Rune Audio, MoOde Audio, LogitchMediaServer (LMS), Ropieee, Volumio and a Sonos Connect LMS is the one that suits my user case Self build Spotify-Connect and Tidal-Connect rpi devices are also possible. ronnie
  16. Raspbian Stretch Desktop gives the same segmentation fault pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd /usr/ifi pi@raspberrypi:/usr/ifi $ sudo ifi-tidal-release/pa_devs/run.sh ifi-tidal-release/pa_devs/run.sh: line 6: 956 Segmentation fault ${SAME_DIR}/bin/ifi-pa-devs-get > ${SAME_DIR}devices pi@raspberrypi:/usr/ifi $ looks like you will need a new pi
  17. It just occurred to me, that it might work on the piZero with Stretch. Here is a link that will help to find the download https://howchoo.com/raspbian/raspbian-stretch-download Stretch is still supported for some updates (at least until Bullseye comes on line )
  18. I have it working on a rpi3B+ using HDMI output to a TV. I am using the Lite version raspberry pi OS https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspios_lite_armhf/images/raspios_lite_armhf-2021-05-28/2021-05-07-raspios-buster-armhf-lite.zip With my TV (and maybe an amplifier connection) a small edit to the /boot/config.txt file is required. Control is by SSH If you want to run the Desktop, let me know and I'll make a new image and test. ronnie
  19. Well I have spent about three + hours on this, this morning. Using both The Buster Desktop and Buster Lite I kept getting cd /usr/ifi pi@pizero:/usr/ifi $ sudo ifi-tidal-release/pa_devs/run.sh ifi-tidal-release/pa_devs/run.sh: line 6: 2473 Segmentation fault ${SAME_DIR}/bin/ifi-pa-devs-get > ${SAME_DIR}devices I don't know any linux coding so that rather stopped me, google didi not help much I then copied my working image from a rpi3b+ and tried that in the pi zero. Same fault. I then thought to look on the rpi forum in the original thread to see if I could glean some knowledge. I found two posters with pizeros and one with a rpi1b+ who had the same problem https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=297771&sid=ce1eac9fa2abc2252bd044f4927cee45&start=50#p1858765 So that's a no go then A different rpi is required ronnie
  20. That is the correct one for the Desktop Depends if one is using the Desktop or the LIte image with a Headless connection Correct, nothing extra to install Unless yoy want to run Squeezelite and / or Spotify Connect on the same pi ronnie
  21. Just checking; is it the Desktop Buster Image ? HDMI might be tricky ronnie
  22. Would you please provide a little more information ? Which raspberry pi ? Which device for audio output ? Which RPI OS ? Which OS on the phone? Thanks ronnie There will / maybe likely more questions Oh! welcome t'wam
  23. ~~ If you look on the picoreplayer site there is a lot of advice offered https://docs.picoreplayer.org/ Always click on the red word more for tool tips hw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0 front:CARD=Audio,DEV=0 would be my choice, in that order ronnie
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