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  1. And I can swap em out. 2 off them. 12v and that also feeds the 5v. Depending on which model dac you have, you could put in something sweet like a NewClassD reg.
  2. Hi Joe What variation of the dac do you have? Mk2, 3 etc? My guess is the voltage regs - easy swap out 👍
  3. Planet10 EnABLed FE166En full range drivers + phase plugs Some info here: One of, if not the very last pair to be made by Planet10. Taken over a year from order to delivery. Dave Of Planet10 has had ailing health for some time and is stopping making these and other brands of EnABled drivers. So now super rare and likely no more orders will be taken. See links for info. Cost me £470 to get them here after insured post and VAT etc. As delivery has taken so long, I actually went a different route. Only recently received, they are unused and I only opened the packaging to take the photos. I had originally asked for soft pink to go in white cabinets. But once the coating is applied, one cannot reapply the treatment if the colour is not quite right - which is what has occurred here . They do appear pink though, but the original colouring underneath is still somewhat evident - so a soft colour. The phase plugs are magnetic. So a rare opportunity. £450 incl UK post.
  4. Sorry for the late response, all sold in the end 🙂
  5. A few more images. I’ll be buying packaging next week so will be able to post safely. Amp is small: 365mm wide x 180mm high x 270mm deep with posts and volume knob.
  6. Like you, wish I had space 🙂 Lovely amp - truly!
  7. Phast (Phase Style) integrated valve amp - 1 of only 5 made Extremely rare and likely the only 1 in the U.K. Only 5 were made by Phast. 15w integrated using an obscure tube. Output tubes are 6c19p which is from the 6C33C family, so the amplifier sounds similar to such varieties. Dynamic! Strong bass! Crystal clear highs! I have bias instructions that I will print off to go with the amp. Owner at Phast is very responsive and give good service. Being so rare, you will not find any information on the internet. The Phast website: I’ve owned the amp for a few months having imported it from Poland. Phast or Phase Style is from Ukraine. Since buying the amp I have replaced the output tubes to new matched pairs. Mains fuse is now a Synergistic Research Red and the protection fuses are Wilbrand from Germany. The amp is built to a very high spec as you will see in the photo. Coupling capacitors are Jantzen Silver Gold and Jensen Copper Oil. Resistors where they matter are Takman. Two sets of RCA inputs are CMC. Amp responds well to preamp tube rolling. Selling the amp with the pre and driver tubes it came with. Preamp tubes are EI Yugoslavian 12AX7’s made on Telefunken tooling. Driver tubes are Brimar 6060 (12AT7 - the non-Yellow T variety). Amp is incredible sounding! Only selling as another amp I’ve been after for years has come up so I can’t pass it buy. Wish I had the funds to keep both. Output is 15w per channel Output taps are 6 ohm for universal use of either 4 or 8 ohm loads Bad bits: Volume remote control works, but so will every other remote in the house work it too! Phast fixed this issue with later products - an oversight on their part. Herbies tube dampers not included. No box or manual. So collection please. I’ll post if no other option. Amp is beautiful to look at with its wood and chrome finish. It has a small footprint as well. At night is is a delight to see as the output tube’s heating elements run the length of the glass so gives a big red glow. £800 collected
  8. After a Bel Canto S300 integrated amp with the USB dac input (S300iU).