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  1. The Philips CDM 12.4 transport mechanism, however Sonic Frontiers designed their own board using the same servo and decoding chips. Apparently the stock board contaminated the rest of the power supply and added jitter to the original clock signals. I’ve not compared.
  2. I have owned them both for a year now. I bought them both in May 2019 from Parts Connexion in Canada. The owner of Parts connexion was the founder of Sonic Frontiers. They still repair, modify and service these items. So the these two were serviced by them and converted for U.K. voltage by PcX. PcX did the mods and added the clock to the transport. The dac was done by myself but with some consultation with the owner of PcX. Especially on caps and their values vs the output impedance (I’m not keen to wing it on such a complex design but I wanted improvements). At the time of buying the dac, the owners were in swing of opening up their new business called Audio Connexion so did not have the time to carry out the mods for me (I requested they do it). But the owner suggested I’d enjoy working on this piece as it has space to get a little more creative.
  3. Both back up for sale - long story... Photos are there - issue is Photobucket who say on their Twitter feed that they are working on it.
  4. MIT cables for sale - XLR and USB 1m pair of MIT EXP Proline XLR balances cables Great sounding. Try balanced design, 6N copper (multi-gauge), Teflon dielectric. No box. Used but daily good visual condition. I have no use for them and not used them for some time, so selling at a very low price. £45 incl UK post SOLD Rare in the U.K., is the MIT USB cables. 1m MIT StyleLink Digital Plus USB 2.0 Interface Used. Original box but tatty. Data transmission up to 480 Mbps This was superb in it’s day. It not compared it to modern cables on the market Silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) center conductors, and a rugged braided jacket. Features Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) center conductors Heavy-duty 24 gauge conductors Triple shielded to eliminate extraneous noise – for excellent RFI and EMI noise rejection Meets or exceeds all USB 2.0 specifications £25 incl UK post SOLD 1m MIT StyleLink Digital USB 2.0 Interface (not the Plus version) Used. No box. Features Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) center conductors heavy-duty 24 gauge conductors Triple shielded to eliminate extraneous noise – for excellent RFI and EMI noise rejection Meets or exceeds all USB 2.0 specifications £19 incl UK post SOLD
  5. Moving Air by Abbey Road Reference speaker cable (Studio Connections) & Studio Connections RCA cable. Speaker cable: Awesome reputation which upon owning them is well deserved. New old stock for sale on eBay at a very low price of £50 a metre. Selling these for less - awesome saving if they suit your needs. No termination, cut lengths. About 250 hours use. Very good condition. These used to be very expensive 🙂. The dielectric is foamed so traps air around the conductors which is a hybrid of copper strands mixed with silver plated strands. 1.2m pair £45 incl UK post SOLD 2.1m pair £90 incl UK post SOLD Also have a pair of Studio Connection interconnect cables. 95cm long - pair. It’s their Reference Plus cable. Terminated with KLE Pure Harmony RCA plugs (pure silver). £145 incl UK post. SOLD Superb cables 🙂. Good condition. About 400 hours on them. No boxes etc for the cables but will be well packed. Just the 1.2m now left SOLD
  6. Synergistic Research Blue & Black fuse Two fuses for sale. Both with about 100 - 150 hours use so still some way to go. SR Blue 5A slow blow £69 Incl post SOLD SR Black 3.15A slow blow £49 incl post Both are fine, in very good visual condition and not blown 🙂
  7. Sonos Connect Used. Works fine and sounds great as they do. This one has had a repair. The Toslink input connector was damaged and needed to be replaced. As such there is some cosmetic blemishes on the back as seen in the photo. Also the rubber boot bottom has a tear in it but can’t be seen. So priced accordingly. Works 100%. No box etc but will be well packed. All needed manuals, instructions etc avail on Sonos website. £90 incl UK post. SOLD
  8. Sold Selling some vinyl as a job lot. Honest discriptions where it matters - likely similar to many others on the forum’s samples. Selling as one job lot - all in (nonsplitting). I need the space, the cash and all gone. So priced keenly! Don’t laugh please 🙂 The very good, rare and special: 1) Eddy Grant - Killer on the Rampage. This is a sample copy from the CBS/Sony Hong Kong Ltd to a DJ called Larry Ottaway. Broadcast notes in with the lp. Reckon this could valuable and collector piece. I’ve not used this sample. (Larry mentioned down below on link). Very good condition. 2) A very rare piece! Michael Ruff - Once in a Lifetime. Or played since I sourced it on line from a dealer some time back. Good condition. 3) Another rare beast! John Campbell - One Believer. I prefer this to the Howling lp. Took me ages to find one from a dealer. Very good condition. 4) John Campbell - Howling Mercy reissue. 180g, bought new, played twice. 5) Queen Greatest hits, 180g. Bought new a couple months ago, played once! 4 lp’s in set. Now the ‘good’: 6) Another Eddy Grant - Killer on the Rampage. Good condition. I used this one so as not to spoil the snazzy lp mentioned above. 7) Rare lp, Rickie Lee Jones - Girl at her Volcano. Excellent condition. Played once by me. May have been NOS 🤔. Old and a little tatty sleeve. 8) 3x Rickie Lee Jones - self titled. I think one is new, still sealed 🙂. The new lp is made in Netherlands by WEA records. The other is Warner Bros, made in England, very good condition. The 3rd copy is also a Warner Bros but made in the USA, good condition. 9) 2x Tracey Chapman. Both Electra labelled, made in Germany. Both Ok, one in better condition than the other. 10) Lorde - Pure Heroine. Superb album. 180g. Played it about 20 times. I bought this new. I think on one track there is a skip, or maybe a pop 🤔 11) Eric Clapton MTV unplugged. I bought this new some time back for £27. This is the double lp set. They now sell for £50+ used 😳. Could do with a clean. One initial track has a pop 🤷‍♂️. A clean may sort it 🤷‍♂️. 12) Louis Armstrong & Ellington - the Great Reunion. Love this album 🙂. I bought it new, played maybe 4 times. Excellent condition. 13) Fleetwood Mac - greatest hits. Bought new - reissue, played maybe 5 times. 14) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours. I bought it new - reissue, played no more than 5x. 15) Nirvana - MTV Unplugged. Awesome album. I bought this new - reissue, played once. 16) Prince - Purple Rain. I bought this new - reissue, played twice. I don’t think a good recording. 17) Adele - 21. I bought this new - reissue, played once. 18) Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon. I bought this new - reissue, played once, 180g, comes with posters. 19) Coldplay - MYLO. Bought new, played a few times. Good condition. Dusty as sat around for ages - Not a fan. 20) Seasick Steve - Man from Another Time. Very good condition. 21) Katy B - Light On 12” maxi single. 22) Jewel - Serve the Ego. This is rare. Maxi 12” single with DJ remixes. Sell for about £20+ 2nd hand. For the fans really. 23) INXS - Never Tear is Apart 12” single. I bought this new and played it about 10 times. The rest has some that are good condition, some not so much. Some I’ve never played. All bought used. Some I’ve not checked really (other than look good enough to use - but I’ve not played them): 24) ZZ Top - Eliminator 25) Bob Marley - Exodus 26) Eddy Grant - Walking on Sunshine single 12” single 27) Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw and the Uncooked 28) 2x Tabitha Tikaram - Ancient Heart 29) HiFi Sound - stereo test record 30) U2 - The Unforgettable Fire 31) U2 Live - Under a Blood Red Sky 32) KWS - Hold back the Night (that 90’s banger - Please Don’t Go) 33) Eddy Grant - Do you feel my Love. 12” single. 34) INXS - Kick 35) Heart - Little Queen 36) Bangles - Greatest Hits (for the fans 🤣- sorry) 37) Joe Cocker - With a Little Help from my Friends (looks in good condition) 38) Clannad - Past.Present 39) Gerry Raffert - City to City 40) Beatles - Abbey Road 41) Heart - Heart 42) Paul Young - No Parlez (X2 🤷‍♂️) 43) Paul Young - The Secret of Association 44) Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega 45) Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing 46) Chris Rea - Road to Hell 47) Terence Trent D’Arby - Hardline 48) Phil Collins - Serious Hits Live 49) Dire Straits - Vertigo (has that sweet track - 6 Blade Knife) 50) Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms 51) Beatles - Band on the Run 52) Dr Alban - One Love 12” single 53) Hits 4 54) Cyndi Lauder - I Drove all Night 12” maxi single 55) T’Pau - Rage 56) T’Pau - T’Pau 57) Sister Sledge - We are Family 58) The Cream of Eric Clapton 59) Spice Girls - Spice 60) Erasure - Circus 61) Tom Watts - Real Gone (2lp set) 62) Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 63) The Greatest Hits is the 80’s 64) Aha - the Blood that Moves the Body 65) Sinead O’Connor - I do not want what I haven’t Got 66) Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound 67) Lionel Richie - Back to Front 68) The Awards 1989 compilation 69) Kim Carnes - View from the House 70) Carly Simon - No Secrets 71) Eddy Grant - Till I cant take Love no More 12” single 72) The Golden Hits of Sandy Shaw 73) Alison Moyet - Raindancing 74) Black - Wonderful Life 75) Pat Benatar - Tropico 76) King - Step in Time 77) ELO - Out of the Blue (2lp set) 78) Transvision Vamp - If Looks could Kill 12” maxi. Amazing track. Pop at the start for a few rotations. Then small singles: 79) Opus - Life is Life 80) Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom 81) Midnight Oil - Beds are Burning 82) Cerys Matthews - Open Roads £195 incl UK post or, £170 collected - I’ll pack in box and leave out on the drive for collection etc, practising safe distancing. Will wipe box with disinfectant wipes.
  9. Good point Graham, I forgot the price! £20 incl post
  10. Vacuum tubes of various sorts for sale at sweet prices Most will be shipped in plain white boxes. 1) Tungsol NOS pair welded black plate 6X4W aka EZ90 Giant bent D getters Silver plate supports Late 1950’s Rated 20,000 hours Rare - great tubes £30 incl post 2) Single Reflektor gold pin EZ90 (6Ц4П) 6C4P-EV rectifier tube Equivalent to Chinese 6Z4 1979 NOS Very rare 10,000hrs rated L3-3, Ia>72 mA £20 incl post 3) Pair of 6C33-B Used - took them out a pair of mono blocks. Working and sounding fine but don’t know the history Sovtek brand £27 incl post 4) Pair of Mullard (new issue) EL34 cryo treated SOLD From Cryoset in the USA Matched pair These are used, can’t recall hours Original boxes £20 including U.K. post 5) Pair Sylvania Jan-CHS 6SL7GT (VT229) SOLD Used but tested good Ratings: Tube 1 2.5/1.6 2.3/1.6 Tube 2 2.25/1.5 2.4/1.6 £22 incl post 6) Mullard NOS EZ80 SOLD Bent D getter Nice £15 incl UK post 7) Pair RCA JAN CRC 5692 red base SOLD Matching date codes (1962) No boxes Light use Matched pair Super bargain £125 incl post 8) Great for the above Herbies Ultra Sonic RX30 tube dampers (for 6SL7 types) As new as hardly used them (sold amps) £40 for the pair incl UK post 9) Matched & balanced quad of new issue JJ E88CC gold pins SOLD Low use £35 incl UK post 10) 3x New issue Tungsol 12AX7 SOLD Single digit hours £18 for all 3 posted 11) iFi Premium Selected ECF82 - pair Used No original boxes Rare now! £25 incl UK post 12) Pair NOS Raytheon CK5755 (red label) with adaptors SOLD Plain boxes Low cost 12AX7 upgrade £28 incl UK post 13) Single NOS RCA 6SN7 Single side getter Glass paint gone £20 incl UK post 14) Single NOS RCA 6SN7 Dual side getter Glass paint gone £20 incl UK post 15) New issue Electro-Harmonix 6922 - pair SOLD Low hours £15 for both incl UK post 16) Philips Miniwatt NOS 6DJ8 / ECC88 - single Original box Mu 24.1 / 25 Gm 3875 / 3590 Vn 79.6 / 79.9 17) Rare pair of Jolida branded 12AT7 Interesting internal construction Likely Chinese origin Triple meca Hours unknown £16 incl UK post 18) Pair Sovtek 6922 new issues Used £16 for both incl post 19A) Pair new issue JJ ECC81 gold pins Low hours £20 incl UK post for the pair 19B) As above but a matched and balanced pair £30 incl UK post 20) Primaluna Silver Label 12AU7 - single Used £12 incl UK post 21) Matched pair Reflektor 6H23N-EB SOLD 6922 / E88CC equivalent Ruggedised and low noise versions About 20 hours use 1987 vintage £30 incl UK post 22) Quad Reflektor ECC88 SOLD Visually they are identical to the above but I’ve never seen such tubes with only E88CC etched on the glass Low hours Could be a gem (I’ve not got the means to compare) Photo of these below £60 for the quad Incl UK post 23) Pair Brimar 13D5 premium 12AU7 SOLD Bought recently from Langrex Maybe 30 hours use (sold amp) Nice tubes £30 for the pair incl UK post 24) Pair Jan GE 12AT7WC (6201) SOLD NOS - never tried them £18 incl UK post 25) Pair Electro-Harmonix 12BH7A Used Maybe 300 hours £15 for the pair posted 26) Quad Siemens Rohren PCC189 NOS Original boxes Some measurements on tubes Tube 1: 3.4/4.0 Tube 2: 3.6/3.8 Tube 3: 3.6/3.0 Tube 4: 3.2/3.2 Much debate as to whether they can be used as an ECC88 equivalents. Suppose depends on application, but I personally have not tried them. Bought them to try but amps now sold. Suggest one does their querying / reading online. Issue is the Uh - 7.2v? These versions are rare. £65 for all four incl UK post
  11. New prices for regulators and fuses: Regulators now £35 posted (Sold!) Fuses now £30 posted (Sold!)