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  1. 2 mega dacs for sale - Cullen modded PS Audio & Jolida Mk2 spruced Each at £590 incl U.K. post - take your pick 1) Jolida Mk2 with sweet upgrades - sounds great! Mods: •Output RCA’s silver plated •Output caps straight to output RCA’s bypassing board traces and joints •Output caps now Mundorf Supreme •Fuse an AMR Gold •Acousti Feet (firm) •Output tube Raytheon CK5755 and adapters for use as a 12AX7 •High voltage power supply caps upgraded to Nichicon and Panasonic. DC block now a Mundorf Evo in Oil. •Low voltage power supply caps to Nichicon and Audio note - bypass caps upgr
  2. Nobsound NS-01P valve preamp These are just over £200 on eBay. Selling this used unit for £85 incl UK post. Pre tubes are all JJ new issues. Rectifier tube is a Reflektor. O-rings in the feet are gone so that may need be replaced if wanted.
  3. Entreq Minimus Grounding Box and RCA ground cable 1 x Entreq Minimus box. The original series (not the Infinity). In good visual condition but comes with no original box. 1 x Entreq Eartha Copper RCA (non-Infinity) to spade grounding cable. No box. Good condition. £195 for both excl postage
  4. Banana plugs are from Gothic Audio. Silver plated tellurium copper.
  5. <a href="https://app.photobucket.com/u/Dizarden/a/d9f8f191-dbe6-4060-b0c9-a0597dda8a6b/p/2a23cce3-7309-4742-a7c5-ad7fd46c5545" target="_blank"><img src="https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/y535/Dizarden/001(17).HEIC" border="0" alt="001(17)"/></a>
  6. MIT Terminator 4 Bi-wire speaker cable pair 4.5m (15ft) T4 Box is worn as in the photo. Cables all good though. The original connectors have been removed and replaced with silver plated banana plugs - no solder. Seen in the photos. Superb sounding cable. Neutral and warm with epic bass. Being bi-wire, MIT use differing networks for the high and low frequencies. Selling as my speakers use single ended connections. Including post £160.00 Absolute sonic bargain.
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