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  1. Price drop £130 incl UK post. Bargain, I need space, 3 dacs is 2 too many 🙂
  2. Arcam Black Box 50 dac - 100% refurbished and upgraded Every electrolytic cap has been replaced with an upgrade - Nichicon, Elna and Panasonic. Output caps were Rubycon electrolytic bi-polar types but now the dac sports Vishay film capacitors in this crucial position. Main power supply cap also bypassed with a Vishay film cap. Power supply input cable now Neotech. Fuse is an AMR. Lots of chassis dampening. Opamps on the dac board were NE5532 but now universal gold plated dip sockets have been added to allow for opamp rolling. Opamps in the dac are now 2604 upgrades - big improvement. Some chips coated with Audio Magic Blackout Paint. Added a ground post so one can add a grounding solution like an Entreq. 41 component upgrades in total - like a new dac for old money. Very quiet background to this dac. Very detailed and ‘quick’ sounding. Lots of ‘air’ and insight to the music. Big upgrade over a stock unit. Negative is it is not that emotionally engaging - it does not do it all. No original box or manual but will be well packed. £180 incl UK post.
  3. Less Loss sold just the Wireworld left £140 posted
  4. Digital cables - LessLoss and WireWorld LessLoss C-Marc, 1m Used. Have the original bag. Same as this one They are excellent! Retail is £510 SOLD Selling this one for £285 incl UK post. Will post abroad, please pm me. —————————————————————— WireWorld Silver Starlight 7 1.5m New and still sealed in its packaging (hence no actual cable photo - I do not want to break the seal). I’ve owned the Gold version before. They need a good burn in. Initially a little dull but once burnt in these are superb digital cables! U.K. retail is £290 Mine including U.K. post £150 Same as this one
  5. Hi John I’ll take the fuse if still available? I can’t seem to email you so please send me a PM. Regards
  6. I have 5 of the Black Gate Standard type electrolytic capacitors. 47uF 50v Very rare. Never used. I bought these a few years ago when HiFi Collective still had stock. I’ll include these in the capacitor lot as well as 2x Hovland Musicap 0.1uF 400v - used. As the Black Gate’s hold sold value (someone abroad is selling them for £45 each!), I’ll sell these for £10 each and include the Hovland caps for free 🙂 So new price for all in £160
  7. Another capacitor job lot Mundorf: •2x Evo Silver/Gold in oil 1uF 450v - new •2x Evo Silver/Gold in oil 1uF 450v - used, see photos for length of pulls. About 100 hours burn in. •4x Mlytic HV 33uF 500v - new Sonicap: Imported from the USA. Got stung duty and VAT •2x 3.3uF 200v Gen1 - new. Smooth and warm tone. Small in size for value. Matched our. •4x 0.001uF 600v Gen2 - new. Matched pairs. Milflex: •4x (2 pairs of matched) KPCU-01 copper foil in oil 0.22uF 600v. One pair still in sealed bag, the other taken out of bag to check installation (they were too big for the intended project). SoZo: •2x Nex Gen Yellow Mustard 0.001uF 600v - new Audio Note: •1x Kaisei 100uF 350v electrolytic - new Jensen: •1x 100uF 450v electrolytic axial - used ClarityCap: •2x MR 1uF 400v - used. Short pulls. About 50 hours use •2x ESA 1uF 630v - used •2x ESA 0.47uF 630v - used •2x ESA 1uF 250v - new Worth new £430 Selling this lot for £110 including U.K. post
  8. So these sound ace. Smoother and less lit up than a standard Fostex - what is expected with the treatment. Vocals and details are amazing. However, they are not bass machines - they need be close up to the wall. In corners they produce a little bass but I’m unable to place them there in my room. As such I need something that can produce the lower octaves. These would suit someone who has little power on tap, listens at low volumes (or high) but is OK with mount the low bass frequencies. Throwing the box in free 🙂 £450