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  1. Any news on the horn? I would love to attempt a build like this
  2. I'm just here to look at valve amps
  3. Thank you for letting me buy them, they sound great with the AlmarroA318 amp.
  4. What I took from the video and the theory behind lifting cables is bullshit
  5. This is deffo the way to go. I'm amazed that some peeps still pay a small fortune for cables
  6. I was looking at exactly the same stuff on ebay
  7. Prob about 3m one side and 2m the other side.
  8. A cable is a cable at the end if the day, it passes a current.
  9. Thanks, I've just read that thread, it's interesting, I just can't see how cable will have the ability to change how the performance of my set up. I'm deffo thinking of saving the money and putting it to better uses.
  10. forgive me if this has been asked before, but I've now got my amp, the streamer is arriving tomorrow, I'm collecting the speakers Friday afternoon so I'm now looking at speaker cables. Does it really matter on the thickness of the cable? And if so would any cable do, for example if 6mm^2 is a good one to go for could I just choose a standard 6mm^2 two core used to wire a house or standed 6mm stuff that is all over ebay for cheap
  11. Yes, there is a dac in it. Another saving
  12. all I need now is a dac and speakers
  13. My thoughts exactly. I just couldn't justify 500 for a node2i when I am now having the yamaha delivered by amazon tomorrow for 269, just to stream qobus
  14. Are these still for sale Ive sent you a message. I am happy to collect them