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  1. Thank you all, you’ve largely backed up what what my equally large gut was telling me. I wish the desire to keep on exploring new kit could be suppressed by doing something other than exploring new kit! I think I will try a dac sometime in the future, I had also come to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to be cheap if I wanted a noticeable improvement. The other factor is that it would give me the option of room correction, often something I read about and find myself frustrated that I can’t try it. Having said that, I would wait on that until it requires less user input and is potentially even cleverer than it is now...I digress, as always, great to hear your views.
  2. Just had a sudden urge to play this, last time was circa 1992, forgotten how superb this is and it sounds incredible, it’s like it’s never been away
  3. Didn’t think it would be long before I found an itch to scratch and one medium I’ve never tried or even heard is SACD. So does any half decent player show a noticeable improvement over most standard players? I know Sony’s ES range is supposed to be pretty good so would £800 on a second hand XA3000 ES be money well spent and consign my Meridian G08 to the classifieds? Could I spend less than that and still achieve the same end? Alternatively, would I be better off forgetting the medium altogether (bearing in mind scarcity and cost of discs) and investing significantly more in a nice DAC that my 851N and CD player can share?
  4. Oh crap, sorry! It’s what happens when people don’t hit the report button to let mods know it’s sold. I don’t know how handy you are but I made mine, it’s an old piece of kitchen work top and the pillars are from discarded tv stands.
  5. If you can stretch to it, the one on this forum is an absolute beauty imo:
  6. Hi, does this include the free gift that originally came with this model, the 30th anniversary KI Pearl CD player?
  7. That looks amazing all round and I love the slightly steam punk rack courtesy of the iron pipes. There are some very distinctive and different styles in there and somehow you’ve made them all gel beautifully, was that in your minds eye from the start or did one lead to another?
  8. Absolutely, up there with the best.
  9. I don’t imagine reading a 192 page book would be the first thing that sprang to mind listening to that..
  10. The Beta Band - The 3 EP’s - One of those wtf albums that sneaks up and grabs you on the 3rd or 4th listen and you have to have it. Great recording, turn down the lights and it’s imaging heaven. If you haven’t heard it, give it a spin.
  11. Incredible, I bought the dvd of A Hundred Miles or More, it’s just a handful of songs interspersed with interviews from her and various collaborators on that album. The amazing thing is that her speaking voice is so close to her singing voice, which probably explains why it sounds so effortless and pure. Btw, your copy of Raising Sand, is it the grey vinyl version? I wasn’t impressed, luckily it has a fault anyway so it’s going back never to return, at least not in that guise.
  12. Alison Krauss - Essential Alison Krauss - I think I could listen to this heavenly voice forever and never tire of it.
  13. Have to say, that’s a really nice looking thing, great price.
  14. Click “report post” and just type “sold” in the message box.