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  1. I finally went for 6mm Van Damme HiFi range from Worldwide Music in Margate. Cheapest I could find by far and great guys to deal with, they gave me a great price on 22m. (01843 294890) Sonically (or psychologically..) improved, solidity, texture and realism. Physically, what a fabulous cable to work with, belies it’s appearance - soft and flexible, bends to your will and I managed to strip it without catching a single strand. I like the way it looks too, good honest cable at an extremely reasonable price imo.
  2. Thanks all, some great advice even if it was singing perfectly. I’m in the middle of a big sell off atm, hence the reason it came out in the first place..Once the madness is over I will work through your suggestions from easiest to hardest and document the results here. Just to clarify again, there’s literally no treble, that’s not a figure of speech, there’s none except what’s bleeding thru from the midrange.
  3. Guessing there’s more to come from that sentence...?
  4. Thanks Phil, I’ve definitely got a supply mixed up there then! All sounds quite critical, that has to be the starting point even if it isn’t the cause of the crap sound.
  5. Thank you guys, @uzzy, it sounds really bad, when I say the treble is missing, it literally is. @audio_PHIL_e I will see if there’s a 12v psu at work and give it a go. I’m convinced it’s not the stage although it’s not the same one - my Fisher Price deck and Camptown Races sounded better. @Lurch Yes it’s MM, thank you, I will try that too.
  6. Just taken my old Ariston Q deck out of storage to test the phono input on an amp and it sounds muted, no dynamic range, I would say the treble is absent at best. It was working fine when I put it away 6 years ish ago, it’s been boxed in a friendly environment, the amp phono stage is fine as I tested it on my Thorens. The only thing is the power supply that I assumed went with it is 10V / 1.2A vs the 12V / 350ma on the TT voltage label but that couldn’t be it could it? I know zip about TT’s, I’m not massively bothered about it but clearly can’t move it on as I hoped with it like that. The stylus is very low miles so unlikely it’s that - kind of hoping someone will just know straight off based on the symptoms. Many thanks in advance.
  7. I used to suffer the burden of being mortified about every mark, especially if they were created by me. That was until I ruined an irreplaceable speaker cone trying to get a dent out, months later I managed to find a replacement pair, absolute shite cosmetically but so relieved to get my sound back that I didn’t care one bit. It’s definitely changed my way of thinking and I actually enjoy doing a little tinkering from time to time to bring them back, they’re at the point where nothing can be seen from the seating position now. I still wonder at how kit ends up in such a mess though, some of my stuff is 25 years old and has been thru several house moves and it’s near mint. I certainly wouldn’t buy tatty kit without seeing and hearing it first.
  8. Update on the ‘Uzzy’ cable: No response after repeated attempts to contact ASC, thanks for all the info @uzzy. My credit card company refunded with no quibbles within 10 days so all good - just to emphasise that Uzzy is in no way connected with the sale of this cable! 😃
  9. Now on there, courtesy of the zero final valuation offer that I was hoping for. Would far rather they went to a Wammer so price drop to £800 + delivery.
  10. In my painful experience, storing kit in the loft is a big no no. 2 CD players the drawers stopped working because the belts degraded, one amplifier all the inputs stopped working bar 2 and the volume pot was horribly scratchy. All my spare kit is hidden in wardrobes or in plain sight around the house now, lesson learned.
  11. Maybe mistaken but shouldn’t this be in hifi classifieds vs non hifi related?
  12. No doubt admin would have put them in focus as well as a little rotation.
  13. Apologies, but the irony of some of the worst pictures ever seen for an item for sale is inescapable, guessing photography wasn’t your bag 😂.
  14. I’m going to audition a set of speakers this week with 2 sets of my amplification and the sellers own amps to start us off. I will create a play-list in Spotify, compiled over a few days which will include what I like from the WTF list, my own gems and stuff I hear between now and then that should have put a smile on my face but got skipped.