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  1. Hi All, Looking for a top LPS to suit an OpticalRendu which needs 7v. Open to suggestions/recommendations, thank you.
  2. I have one if you are still looking
  3. Just giving this a try, right up my street, thank you.
  4. Thanks Ian, great pictures, shows off the the quality of the finish well.
  5. Another picture (stands not included). Thank you to Mike for letting me re-use the images.
  6. Due to a change in circumstances, having recently bought these on another forum I need to reluctantly let someone else enjoy them, so they are up for sale. These are based upon the CAOW 1 design by Dennis Murphy, with very high quality construction and components. A Mk II version have appeared at the Wam shows previously, which convinced me to hunt for a pair. Built by ed9000 of this forum, these are the MkIII’s, with Corian baffles and solid ply (not veneer) cabinets. A high quality driver compliment - Hiquphon OW1 and Seas CA15RLY. Offboard crossovers, again high quality components throughout. H 32 X W 21.5 x D 25 cm. Weight 6.7 Kg each. Price is £650 excluding delivery. Prefer collection/meet up.
  7. I have these for sale at the moment. Over budget, but perform well beyond anything in this price bracket. Hand built with very HQ components and materials. https://audioabattoir.com/t/fs-teribil-audio-kattkista-mkiii-speakers/8667/2
  8. aaah, should have read more closely..... A DC Blocker would seem to be the way to go in that case, but I didn't experience any issue like this so can't offer any experience I'm afraid. Good luck with getting the issue sorted, worth the effort!
  9. Oh, and I tried a DC Blocker, didn’t work.
  10. I am a former owner of these amps, and solved this problem with a Ground Loop Isolator. This is power/system dependent. When tested in FB’s system they did not make a noise. In my system, in my house there was a noise in one channel. It is not a fault with the amps (as you will see 2 prior owners had them professionally checked, including myself). Cheap, easy solution. You may already have this, as I gave it to Simon the guy who sold the amps to you. Bumper Ground Loop Isolator Noise Remover https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0048FF1GG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_tp3bFbDZWTBK8 Just connect to the pre-amp on one of the monoblock outputs, problem solved. Happy listening, great amps, I miss them.
  11. On the look out for one of these if anyone is considering moving one on.