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  1. I lost my wallet and had my faith in humanity renewed recently when a nice lady & a young chap knocked on the door. The splendid young fellow had found my wallet and gave it to his mum and the nice lady had bothered to come and give it back to me.
  2. There are politicians with integrity. God knows why any decent person would want to enter politics now with unaccountable social media cynicism and keyboard warriors. But thankfully here the cynical are allowed to debate - unlike perhaps in Russia or Belarus or elsewhere. A healthy democratic debate...
  3. "If I open my heart to you and show you my weak side what would you do?"
  4. Neil was a sensitive and intelligent man and no one ever doubted he could write a love song.. But I believe there's a ghost of a chance We can find someone to love And make it last
  5. If they're new they'll need running in. New kit can be exasperating...
  6. Convincing front to back imaging is possibly one of stereo's best but most illusive tricks. Always struggled to achieve it well. Best heard was dealer demo many years ago with a Gyro & SF standmounters - quite spooky imaging but with a good meaty balance. The magazines like to talk of 'holographic imaging'.
  7. Conformance anxiety and the pursuit of social acceptance. Ripped jeans, beards and fessed up eyebrows. They raise a smile at least. Wearing the sleeves of your jumper out from air-guitaring to Judas Priest's wonderful 'Killing Machine' was better than conforming .
  8. Top class record from a bit of an idiosyncratic band.
  9. There is a thread but no matter - Classical comes up here now & then. Scheherazade is great music.
  10. Kathryn Tickell's Northumbrian pipes are splendid here. As is Dominic Miller's guitar.
  11. Mr. Hunt - the bungling incompetent Health secretary now looking like a viable PM..