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  1. If you're not fussed about - for many - the essentials of hifi like soundstaging etc but you like a bit of transient power & power reserve try to search out an MF kW500 with JS mods. The NV600/800 is a big soft teddy as you've said but that's not the end game with that amp.
  2. Some call this film boring ... what would they make of Guinness' version? Memorable performance from John Hurt.
  3. Fritz Sennheiser himself once said that headphone listening wasn't for everybody for that very reason - the missing physicality that is the compromise of direct ear injection. Having said that headphone listening can be a revelation with a good set & a good headphone amp. It can get right into a recording.
  4. Worth a shot Chris - good luck with it.... Check for gunk on your stylus.
  5. Good advice. That tickling brush no good at all for a stylus. Ortofon/Pro-ject etc brush already commended super - Onzow & like too. Clean records via Moth etc beneficial.
  6. Von Krolock


    The Paul Weller center parting?
  7. Von Krolock


    A natural thatch just like the 70s. Chap far right top with beard looks particularly on-message & splendid.
  8. Thin and lacking in bass weight - Dire Straits Making Movies on CD - but there lots of others - have you got time for a long list Tony. Nostalgia makes em sound nice but many are dire...