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  1. The first listen of a Genesis album got you nowhere, the second little further. By the 4th ,5th play it started to sink in & then stayed. I think it was Mike Rutherford's parents that said this album was good for the soul.
  2. The original Krell KAV300i was a superb amp and I well remember a dealer demo including one in the late 90s with a Gyro & SF Concerto speakers producing the most convincing soundstaging/imaging I'd heard. It could sound a touch lean & bright with the 'wrong' or badly matched speakers such as the SF Signum... so care needed. Good recommendation from Bodgit to look out for a JSAudio modified MF amp.
  3. I used a set of River interconnects between head amp & MM stage with good results. No complaints at all.
  4. Rob Halford helped out Tony & the Sabs with vocals & was no doubt screamingly competent. Best wishes Aston.
  5. Rob Halford would do a lovely tour of metal Brum -
  6. Russ Andrews once worked in a wonderful old shop in Edinburgh selling Linn with a bloody torch heating up the cart - proper audiophile retail. Now selling firmly mating IEC mains connectors with a twist.
  7. A lovely reminiscence Giz and don't kick yersel too hard about selling the slides. Heck. I now recall you've mentioned before that you lived near Tony I. A hero of mine since I was about 16. The music we loved when we were young stays with us & almost grows as we get older. Love The Sabs now more than ever.
  8. I'm gonna climb up every mountain of the moon And find the dish that ran away with the spoon..
  9. 'Schiit' might be a bit of a piss-take of the industry-wide obsession with the letter 'i'. 'Stick an i in the name & the punters'll love it' ..cars, hifi, phones..
  10. Beyonce or Arnold Schoenberg.
  11. A hint of science & explanation would help - a fancy marketing name with 'proprietary' & 'revolutionary' are inadequate. RA will be well aware of the scepticism surrounding this kind of thing & should be more open about it.
  12. Its like a band of hopefuls trying to find a name. The acronym from the initials of North East Acoustic Traders was on a plate. Brands named after their founders have a touch of gravitas - no fancy Schiity nonsense. 'Wayne Kerr' test gear is right up Schiit's alley.
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