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    'You have been caught wanking over biddy porn - give us a trillion bitcoin and we'll take it no further.'
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  3. Back in the early 80's there was a big rift between the students of the Humanities and the apparently more grounded students of Engineering. At the college where my education was paid for by the state - unlike now where education is a lifelong debt - Humanities students & Engineers were chalk & cheese. On the face of it we were miles apart (Humanities v Engineers) - Ironically many of one's engineering studying colleagues liked 70's Genesis - music as art. The raincoated Humanities students were listening to post punk.
  4. Here's the advice from Rega in the P9 manual: "Don't worry about visible dust on the record surface, the stylus brushes this aside and any that collects on the stylus can be easily blown away. In general, record cleaning is overdone and one should not believe all the claims made by record cleaner manufacturers." Roy may have a point but being Rega he didn't much elucidate beyond being vague.... He'd already got your cash & hoped all his P9 buyers were - by now - on board - with his very vague Rega philosophy. What is the Rega thing? A turntable with no inherent isolation so you have to buy something else to isolate it to make it work?
  5. An arty thread is welcome. Here's one of Grimshaw's paintings of 'dirty' Leeds in the late 19th century. A gas lightern Victorian past, a favoured theme of Grimshaw.
  6. Nice to see the wam still has a sense of humour.
  7. What a charming & informative video. Damn nice chap with good taste in the ladies.
  8. Frippy looks like my old boss - lovely chap.
  9. You know that Nicola Sturgeon would love to turn back the clock & change the name of the SNP? The SNP are quite happy to use anti-English pish like Braveheart for their own ends. Gibson, the cocky Australian chancer who thought he could make a shilling out of it might have forgotten all about it but Nicola would like to move on from it. Don't alienate the bedrock of strong anti-english support though hen.
  10. Oh the effing British press & their quest to elucidate our minds. Poor **** was a chancer with concern for his nipper.
  11. Not sure why you're promoting a petition to kick Scotland out. I'm also English born - from the North East - and have lived in Scotland for 30 of 50 + odd years. Also voted Remain & as a Scottish resident voted 'No' in the 1st episode of Scotland's great quest for freedom from the security of having the Bank of England on their back - like every other wage slave with a pension. Living in the past does Scotland no favours - the Braveheart poster in the SNP head office must be getting raggy now.
  12. The scottish nationalist ruling class have never had it so good - given the hitch up to virtual monopoly by totally inadequate opposition. The knight on newly shining labour armour must inspire his scottish colleagues to give us some desperately needed respite from the rising tide of nationalism up here. Shines the light on the divided England though and the disparities across the nation. Maybe next there'll be a petition to get rid of the North East? or Cornwall? or anywhere else that doesn't smell like you?
  13. 'Kick Covid19's ass' - and wait for the next bastard. When dialogue and constructive diplomacy are required more than ever between China & the rest of the world - which generally means the US - we have, by default, Mr. Trump to take the lead. Look back in the years to come at these times & wonder.