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  1. Nicely worded - it's the 'how' of the music that can make all the difference. Being able to hear the acoustics of the venue - for example the Tallis Scholars' Allegri Miserere would be lost without the sense of location & atmosphere of the reverberant acoustic.
  2. That's right - the pirated broadcasting of football games let us off the hook. A football club backed by the funds from a corrupt regime were never going to sit well. The Club's followers have no say in these matters but you could be assured that we would have taken it in the neck from some quarters if the deal had gone through. We remain as we were.
  3. Ken Wolstenholme & his beautiful euphemisms are lost to us - the 1970 cup final & its repeat are still shockers. Yes - smiling Giles looked like his Mum's pet in a way but appearances were wholly deceptive.... The FA cup was the big one back then when player's wages were in five figures. Dear old gone Norman Hunter was one of the most 'physical' players ever - in a team that also had Bremner & Lorimer ..Cooper, Madeley, Reaney & all the others..
  4. Oh - I see what you mean - I meant that record cleaners are nearly essential . Don't worry - my brain is half knacked an all.
  5. Get away man - I never made the statement that we should all have vinyl - all I said was that a good record cleaner was necessary if you're serious about playing records - no inference was made or intended that it is the only way to listen to music.
  6. Why the aggression & intolerance? And why not accept that vinyl floats people's boat without getting on a horse about it - that ok bud?
  7. They're all called Mackems man... 'Them parts' - like that former piece of Lancashire?
  8. The Premier League's secretive delaying tactics with the Newcastle takeover have succeeded - the Saudis are quite rightly fed up with it & have told them to shove it. Ashley has panic attacks over his retail empire & is not interested in the football club he bought to mess about with. We in the North East should be used to it.
  9. Putin is going to be there for a very long time... a paranoid bully. That's what they have. The United Kingdom's role of world policeman continues - ironic..
  10. Always best to read the book before watching the film. Chalked in - thanks.
  11. Unfortunately yes. Unfortunately because the cheap charity shop record you just bought probably needs a good clean - like nearly all 2nd hand records and most new ones. To do it properly means at least a sucker - a Moth or other similar vacuum. If you have a lot of records or are planning to get a lot of records - and why not? - they are nearly essential
  12. Lovely list - and the italicised caveats are understandable . Held against a wall it would be listening to Mr.Lifeson.