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  1. Great threads are born out of nothing.. One still really hasn't got to grips with no more Rush - because for one thing they always sounded so vital and relevant. And a lot else.Such an awful way to end. Sabbath will never return but somehow this is ok because they are still ok & lived out their career as they wanted. A good thread.
  2. Robin Jackman nipping into the bar to get a lemonade. Long before the cynicism of commercialism (oops that word again). The top humour of some of the Ozzie & SA fast bowlers on the boundary coping with drunken but friendly fans.
  3. It would be very interesting The Avanti's insight with a little more scale.
  4. A moment in footie - Ronnie coming back & scoring twice - even the Glazers turned up. Perhaps they could make a Mancie movie about it staring Giggs. Sell the soundtrack and recover Ronnie's costs...
  5. Schenker was German but UFO were a 'British' band. Germany was lousy at contemporary music apart from perhaps Kraftwerk, Can,The Scorpions, Tangerine Dream. I remember seeing UFO when they were working hard after the Schenker peak & thinking that they were magnificent.
  6. Vaughan saying that it's all about money doesn't really surprise. (Cancellation of the 5th test match) It's disappointing that cricket has taken 2nd place to the IPL. Give the lads proper money like the chavs that play footie & they wouldn't have to peddle their skills in the damn IPL...
  7. What would you do if you saw one of your favourite musicians sitting at a bar? Go over & gush & bore the pants off the poor lad? Mogg was plagued by insecurity & his human lyrics are often lost.
  8. The NuVista is possibly just a buffer to a very nice phono stage in a elegant industrial case but it does work beautifully. Probably not enough gain for the Ortofon Windfeld unless you use SUT into the MM. Cadenza very good..
  9. I only went in to buy a couple of valves but was enthused with the sounds from those beautiful speakers... Let's see how they compare with Audio Physic.
  10. Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto is often considered to be excessively sentimental. Eric Carmen milked the emotion hard in All By Myself & here it is...
  11. Ronaldo's 'Homecoming' against us tomorrow should be interesting. The lad looks after himself at 36. Our (Newcastle's) last great return might be Keegan back for 2nd stint as manager and it didn't go well. A homecoming for Andy Cole, Nobby Solano, Shola, Les Ferdinand, Ginola, Cabaye. Good times..
  12. If Zep had recorded this it would, or could be revered classic...
  13. Oh that Bowie face ....best wishes DRJ.
  14. A drive to work 5 days a week tells you enough about how people like to brag about their status with their cars - you know the form. A turntable as social status is a lovely concept - but hidden in a corner a thing like this must prove its worth.
  15. The implied speed stability and 33.3 rpm assurance of this sort of thing makes one almost cream one's unders. Bet it sounds lovelier than it looks.
  16. Von Krolock

    One Track

    Removed - not worth the bother.
  17. Von Krolock

    One Track

    Do you remember that day in '85 when The Cars 'Drive' was broadcast?
  18. Von Krolock

    One Track

    Can you imagine what it means to sensitive people to have to pick just one? Just thinking of the dilemma makes the thought of having to make real decisions unbearable. It has to be the Sabs Symptom of the Universe.
  19. Yes, acquiring relatives or friends unwanted records is the starting point for many of us old scrotes. The uncomprehending face on those who will sell their classical LP collection to you should be shared. Classical music on LP, without wishing to labour the point, can be sublime. Best wishes
  20. Arezzo Kinetic with Super Platter & PSU sounding lovely with Audio Note Arm & our dearly missed Len Gregory's Music Master. Lovely with acoustic sounds & decent all over..
  21. Von Krolock

    One Track

    Oh my dear friend... Rush playing Digital Man from Signals. You don't need a need a link to do you? xx
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