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  1. Hi Jules, It's a superb sounding player but getting a little long in the tooth now. The transport has no SPDIF outputs & is limited to the kW25 DAC with the dual mono connection. The DAC does have a SPDIF connection though. Its loading draw was noisy but reliable. You might be advised to ask JS Audio about an aging MF mech though mate
  2. It's just my opinion of having owned one for a few months Rab
  3. I've heard this appraisal before for the Minimax & have questioned my judgment. The bass was indistinct. I'd love to try one again to see if my ears have changed..
  4. I still remember handing over my Minimax in part ex to one that did bass.. The Minimax was superb and lovely if you only ever want to listen to midrange..
  5. It's a little bit of a humanitarian mess already and the passion will only inevitably grow stronger. The Newcastle debacle is really very tedious & has been so for many years. The support for the club, city and region will never be in doubt but what are we to do?
  6. And the whole point of our passion - an illusion. The sound in your room and also the illusion of the musicians in your room created by your perception. Wonderful really.
  7. In the 80's a compatible speaker to match our CD player & amp's annoying brightness was a question you asked the hifi shop proprietor & you wondered at his concerned look... CD, early metal dome tweeters & hard transistor amps. The 80s were ruined. CD players are now superb & amps too. We've never had it so good but choose speakers carefully.
  8. Respect to your research Uzzy. Minded of the conversation about the originality of music & what is original music?
  9. What happened to Jeff - not been here for ages?
  10. Triumph rightly says Joseph Grado invented the MC & interestingly the Grado range is MI - these inventors... MC is where the coin is now. MM works superbly - just ask an IQ3 owner...
  11. Takeover completed but the complete makeover has not yet started. Cheers outside the hallowed ground for the fireside pisser's departure as much as for Mandy? Can you imagine a Saudi outpost of influence in the North East of England...? We have no choice & look forward to competing with Brentford & Burnley..
  12. Forums are a thing eh? Opinion as fact and an attitude to back it up - makes you feel old. Take care.
  13. Want to have a little chat? Forum insouciance and actually insouciance in general is galling but don't worry about it.
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