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    Hydraulic Reference
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    Croft (silver wired)
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    Cambridge CD4se rtd
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    Modded Muse 1543 X 4
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    Rogue Atlas Magnum
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    OneThing Quad 57's
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    sennheiserHD400 MK1
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  1. Not to mention possibly a flat belt from pete in the offing
  2. Pete would it be easier in the long run to convert to DC from AC as I have with my Hydraulic Reference which as a bonus gave an audible improvement.
  3. Thank you, I should understand them I have tried all sorts of variations on position etc, I first heard 57's as Mono voiced at Radio Show at Olympia 1956, owned Quad 57's since 1984 When I was able to afford a new pair. My Dad worked for the BBC when I was young I was able to go into studios I was more interested in the equipment than the person/s being recorded I picked up all sorts of memory's ie all of my system cases are star-earthed friends in the trade but for me always one of my hobbies not a paid job. even a fool can learn by experience. Whilst typing this passing phone advice t
  4. Really nice job I'm impressed. My angle grinder is a Nutool Macro special 30 ish years old came with spare brushes which have been replaced at least once, Nutool electric tools usually had screw out cups on the sides to facilitate replacement also re grease if possible.
  5. My 72 year old ears agree with you though the improvement was discernible before he moved out by my son who has bat like ears, who cares I'm happy.
  6. I am sorry if my musings caused you extra work however you now know what works with your speakers in your room having exhausted all possible avenues any combo could possibly have worked, empirical I know but you found your happy spot & can be satisfied. Over the years I have tried them all as well plus side and rear walls & under the stands. I do try as many options as possible Since my OTA Quad 57's reverse phase putting the Batpure in opposite phase puts both pairs of speakers in phase with each other. As you can see from an old photo the Batpure are in the mouth of a h
  7. I am pleased that other forum members are finding with experimentation on placement in my case also phasing that these Batpure work. I wonder if more is better ? I have looked across the internet, on Audioasylum Tweakers' Asylum in his situation one poster was using 3 pairs, he also had his fair share of naysayers (trolls?) garn63 said "Thick skin & going down rabbit holes is a gift ?" I found on another forum a poster with phenomenal professional experience & qualifications berated anyone thinking of trying them for various technical reasons not least of which was the
  8. My grandaughter aged about 5 corrected her teacher who said no human lived at the time of dinosaurs she said my grandad did...
  9. I use a digital tachometer but the free phone app I use works out wow and flutter as well, it might help with your evaluation.
  10. Logical thought pete I always suspected with no evidence that flat TT belt would be better, works on a Harley.
  11. You tried phase both ways and placement not the actions of a closed mind. I read that rabski put them on the tops of his speakers every system/room is different.
  12. As I posted because Quad 57's reverse phase I use them out of phase to the Quad 57's have you tried reversing phase on both speakers, it may or may not work!.
  13. Have a look at my post 7th April page 2 where I invoke Hans Cristian Anderson. I belive that the ripples in water is a reasonable analogy to their function, therefore unless the output was masive the Batpure would not draw attention to themselves, so even using 2 pairs of Batpure which apparently enhances what you have with no over emphasis the reverse being also true there is a good writeup by "eguth" on PFM. There are sites that I no longer post on because as you say"Am very happy I gave them a go but a little reticent to extol their virtues. There are more folks with a fixed stance i
  14. No extra attenuation in my case, only that provided by the volume control as they are connected to the main speakers. The set up works for me, perhapse if I could hear them at around 15 khz attenuation might be necessary. Attenuation was used on my previous Jimmy Huges piezo horns provided by a resistor and cap to lose lower frequencies,from memory kicked in at 14khz
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