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  1. I don't feel so inadequate now. Seems a professional job...
  2. Both the Quad 57's & the Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference were once exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as prime examples of form following function.
  3. My Transcriptors made under licence by J A Michell & badged Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference turn table, it has round feet Gammons son told me it was made before David Gammon re-located to Carlow Ireland, then finished by John at Borehamm Wood. My OTA Quad 57's...
  4. Len was a friend of over 20 years, now the bad news has sunk in I realise how much with another lockdown looming I will miss our monthly-ish phone chats & along with others occasionally acting as test Guinea pigs for various things like the Isolator, cartridges etc...
  5. Having read Len had died on another forum, I have just spoken to Jean Len's wife apparently he passed away yesterday evening.
  6. I have a 2 pairs of 12v cooling fans taken from disused computers on top of my valve pre-amp another larger pair above my valve power amp both sets run from switchable 9v wall warts to reduce fan speed & virtually eliminate fan noise. They have been working for over 6 years. They are there more to cool the valves to extend their lives but also cool the transformers and cap's and the 2 thick steel chassis.
  7. Having spoken to Len Gregory aka The Cartridgeman. Len did not renew his patent on the Isolator last year as the longer a patent runs the more it costs to renew. The Isolator filling is not just foam it will crush and not spring back; I know he has used substances used in the car industry & one used to isolate from vibration components in hospital MRI equipment. I did not ask what the current Isolator uses. I noticed the one on my Musicmaster cartridge is thinner than others again I know not why. I agree with rabski about impartiality . over many years Len and I have become friends, I was involved in testing the original Isolator it isolates rather than damps vibration hence no through bolts.
  8. John (big)

    Valve info

    I have a pair of 9 pin valves, small round chrome getter on a copper post,14mm grey plates, copper wire to the pins. I believe they are American 12AX7 possibly RCA no markings other than ARBI. etched in to the glass, the ARBI. letters fascinate me can anyone confirm that valves used in the American space program were marked ARBI. as I believe I read years ago or is there a different explanation please.
  9. If it works for you that is all that anyone can ask for, I have not heard either the OL Enabler or the Funk firm Houdini so I can't comment on the differences needless to say since I was involved in the development of the Isolator they have worked for me the latest on the Musicmaster is thinner than previous incarnations with different isolation material.
  10. I believe that with the OL Enabler the screws go from cartridge to head shell through the Enabler allowing some minute vibrations to be transmitted from one to the other, with the Cartridge Man Isolator the top plate bolts to the head shell the bottom plate to the cartridge with an isolating substance in-between. I must add that over the past 25+ years I have become a friend of Len Gregory.
  11. I have just spoken to Len apparently if you buy one of his cartridges there is 50% discount for an ISOLATOR...
  12. I don't know the current cost I believe still around £98... should be on one of Len's dealers sites... I can confirm they work there are write ups.
  13. I notice the same thing with the ISOLATOR not a metal shim from Len Gregory aka The Cartridgeman when I was his willing guinea pig 20 years ago I still use the latest version on my Cartridgman Musicmaster.
  14. I use a Philips CD104 with the Oversampling chip removed & with re-clocking thus converted to not 16 bit but 14 bit how Philips engineers designed it before they were forced to 16 bit by management as Sony were bringing out a 16 bit player. The converted CD 104 sounds very natural to me & others in my system. I have heard 24 bit elsewhere sometimes very impressive never heard 24 bit sounding what I consider natural though. It's probably me, I moved away from moving coil cartridges to moving iron currently a Cartridgeman Musicmaster my choice of music is eclectic Beatles to Byrd, Captain Beefheart to Vivaldi. Over hyped Trash? only if you don't like what you hear, as a friend used to say about bass reproduction "How do you like your steak" thankfully people's choices are different, oh and my steak very French rare, bleu for me is over cooked.