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  1. New wooden boxes.. Couldn't be happier And another..
  2. I watched a rather enjoyable video review of your speakers that was posted on YouTube yesterday. May be of interest. The guy speaks very highly of them..
  3. Suspected failure of the heater supply for the line stage valves, as suspected by Jazid.
  4. Thanks for the rapid replies everyone. Very helpful. Yes, the pre ampifier is a croft R with external power supply. OK, I found a fuse on the external power supply and removing it and looking by eye it looks fine (I don't have the equipment to check it electrically). Given I am way out of my depth on this and without any tools (or knowledge on how to use them!), I think in the first instance I will send Glenn an email and see what he says and whether it needs to go back (which I suspect it will). Thanks all for your input. I will keep you updated.
  5. Hello to the board. OK, be gentle please as the following is way above my pay grade.. Fired up the hi-fi this morning to be greeted with no sound except for some small bleed through coming from the speakers. Lifted the lid off the pre to see that both valves in the line stage weren't glowing. Please note the pre was upgraded two months ago so these are effectively 'new' valves. The valves in the line stage are ECC99s (there were 83s prior to the upgrade). There is power into some of the tubes (power/voltage regulator?) The line stage valves are both dead. Can I plug in some ECC83s into the line stage to double check the problem isn't with the valves? A quick google this morning advised that ecc83s and 99s were interchangeable 'sometimes', but 'not always' which wasn't exactly helpful. I can also confirm that taking the pre out of the chain and plugging my monos directly into the CD player gives me sound. Kid gloves please! Thanks in advance.
  6. I bought these speakers. They lasted a week and I sold them on because I couldn't live with the boosted bass and treble (and consequently, the absence of any meaningful midrange). I am sure they are discounted for a reason..
  7. PM your address and I will stick it in the post for you.
  8. I have spare copy of April 2020 if anyone wants it. I just need an address to send it to!
  9. So my recent bookshelf purchase didn't quite go as planned and accordingly they will be leaving here on Monday to travel to their new owner. I just couldn't live with their boosted bass and treble sonic signature. Therefore, I have pulled out a pair of old floorstanders which are on death's door aesthetically having survived a few rough house moves (i.e. thrown in the back of a van without any protection!), but still function as they should. The Bristol show was a good reminder that better than 'decent' sound is possible from a small room so the hunt for some new speakers will continue when I am not broke! I was impressed by the Russel K 120s so am interested to see what the mob over at Hi-Fi choice say in their forthcoming review..
  10. Those are the ones in the light of your description! Absolutely phenomenal..
  11. Went today. Highlights (in no particular order): hearing the biggest speaker in the new PMC range which was awesome. Absolutely superb. I was fortunate enough to hear the speaker in the range preceding that and then they plugged in the big boy and played the same tune so we could compare. Fantastic. Von Gaylord was also noteworthy and is worth seeking out. The room with the huge Titan speakers (808s?) as well as the Elipson room were also show stoppers. Moving back into reality, I was pleasantly surprised with the Russel K 120s which were sounding very sweet, so much so that I immediately thought they would fit well in my current room. I was also rather taken aback hearing the Klipsh rm 600. My preconceived idea of these speakers (having never heard Klipsh) is that they aren't 'proper hifi' (whatever proper hifi is). Au contraire! Excellent.. ATC, like last year, were also sounding very good. Listening to those made me pine for my old scm40s.. Finally made it this year to the Naim and Focal room but was massively underwhelmed. The room was far to small for such behemoths that were the size of telephone boxes. Perhaps I was expecting too much as this was the first room I raced to, having missed out last year. Overall an interesting show. Much of what I enjoyed last year didn't impress me as much this year but of course the music being played does factor into your judgement on the day. Oh, biggest rack award has to go to the Living Voice room. Wowzers! Edit: enjoyed the Fyne audio flagship bookshelf speakers also!
  12. Further to my last last post re room acoustical nightmares, I purchased a set of temporary bookshelves speakers on a whim just to test the water (Definitive Technology D7).. To be fair, given their diminutive stature, they actually sound decent (far better than I was expecting): lovely crisp top end and *relatively* deep, taught bass which belies their incredibly small size (although my room is probably helping!) They image decently, too. So far, so good. Of course, nothing's perfect and my biggest criticism so far - only had them a few hours - is their somewhat recessed midrange. Slightly unfair criticism as I am comparing them to my Tannoy's which are ruthless in their delivery of silky smooth mids. Still, that midrange sparkle is absent in comparison so impossible to gloss over it. Anyway, I have music now so that is the main box ticked which needed ticking. Once the funds allow, I think I will be in the market for some midrange bookshelf speakers, such as ATC SCM 11s or Kefs. This time, however, the process will need to be meticulous i.e. lots of home auditions. Damn, I had it so good in my last place in that the effects of the room were just an afterthought.. Onward and upward!
  13. Can confirm. Before moving I made an off-hand remark about room acoustics. The rest, as they say, is history..
  14. Ipsofacto


    Might be of interest if YouTube is your thing: Thomas & Stereo Zero Fidelity
  15. Generation rent! All great advice. Thanks, Keith. Ditto. All food for thought. I will keep you all updated.
  16. A bit of both I think. Current Tannoy's, even with the ports bunged, make the room shake so I think it will have to be bookshelf speakers which should allow me to crank up the volume. I think what is compounding the problem is that in my last place I lived in an old stone cottage which was effectively bomb proof. I could play music at all hours and at a very unsociable level which, sadly, is the level which I have become accustomed to listening to! I'm sure with the passage of time I guess I will just get used to listening to 'background' music and forego 'critical listening' which, annoyingly, is in some ways the sole reason we are all into this hobby! Next door have a dog that, when barks, may as well be in the same room as me! It's going to be interesting to say the least. I have four large acoustic panels that I own which I have put in the room already but I think the room will need some serious treating. I will know more once I get some smaller speakers. I was discussing this earlier with my brother and he said 'you could always get headphones and just stare at your kit..'
  17. Newly upgraded Croft 25r which now finds itself in two boxes. Only problem is that since sending it off for an upgrade, I have moved house and now find myself with the worst room acoustics ever (bass problems) coupled with the fact that whoever built this house must have used paper mache for the walls.. Absolute nightmare. It would seem I will have to purchase some cheap bookshelf speakers and reassess the situation. 1st world problems I know but a huge blow..
  18. I consistently subscribe to both of the above mags when My Time Media have subscription deals. Have never had to cancel: I have always received something in the post saying I need to sign and date to continue with the subscription. Being the tight ass I am, I just wait until the next offer arrives which is more often than not. I'm sure boosting there subscriber count - even if it means at a loss - gives them more clout with advertisers and therefore more of that sweet sweet advertising revenue..
  19. Roksan K3 DAC in as new condition. Manual and USB dongle still factory sealed. A superb sounding DAC that is now offered for sale to fund a recently purchased CD player. £350 + £10 shipping. I will send via Parcelforce 48. Advertised elsewhere but priced higher!
  20. New Yamaha cds2100 CD player, replacing my Cambridge Audio transport. Huge upgrade! Man, this thing has big, powerful bass in spades. Streaming with my chromecast plugged into the on board DAC sounds so much better than my Roksan K3 DAC. And people say all DACs sound the same... Very happy. Now just need to upgrade the Croft!