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  1. If you want to push the boat out you could get a Loricraft PRC machine , 5 year guarantee and they hold a very good resale value
  2. A monster of a TT and a rack full of CD's
  3. All washing machines have a filter some at the front some at the rear , if the filter is blocked when the machine trys to empty the water goes all over the floor , Check the filter Google the make and model to find the filter , easy job to check
  4. The cat looks well impressed , On a personal note not over keen on the wheel rim styling of the big woofers or the angled cut away of the rear section of the speaker cabinets , If they sound incredible I could live with them tho
  5. My metod is first clean with ultrasonic then PRC4 after that just PRC4 only , After the initial mess is removed ( Used records some boot sale etc ) no need for further harsh cleaning
  6. People can be very slippery On a different forum someone sold a camera and lens £1k sent it off and days later had a return request stating it was faulty , Back came the parced , When opened the parcel contained a house brick , and as the parcel was accepted and signed for escam told the seller " Nothing we can do as you signed for it "
  7. Avoid at all cost , If you dont send the goods to the account holders address and have no proof of postage you will get scammed , Dont ask me how I know this £500 down the drain
  8. Can you copy me in when you know what cassette players you have please @Audio Al
  9. I once owned a 730D auto BMW , It was a great car when it wanted to work I could be driving the car then all of a sudden no gears , A box full of neutrals , Coast to a stop re start still no gears , Spoke to BMW who saw a open cheque book , Then a auto gear box specialist who was not intrested at all Ended up scrapping the car as I was not able to commit to a unknown many £1000's at BMW
  10. I have been told that size matters , It's 17"
  11. Very nice german barge you have Sir
  12. Do you have any the same price as a kitkat or maybe a mars bar
  13. Hold the front page " You are suposed to turn it on " well I never , how the hell do you do that then
  14. I do hope they are as good as you say , ordered and on the way to me