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  1. I'm with Jerry re dusting Sound quality first , looks second
  2. It's a hotel they can get a room with you , saves all the traveling
  3. Why not ask your wife to drop you off in your car ? or maybe have her with you for the weekend along with the children Quality family time
  4. Chill out everyone Maybe Stewart does not know that a Wam Bake off is when you invite other Wam users to your house for a listening session
  5. I have that set , it came of ebay ,
  6. Isnt it best to let exhibittrs make their own choice's rather than you make them for them ? Will you be exhibiting ?
  7. Me I would definatly be up for a 2 day show , more relaxed , more time to visit other wamers rooms ( out of show time ) If I am still in the land of the living yes please PS , I WILL need a lift with some rather heavy kit and maybe a room change to something bigger
  8. Looks like your out of pocket then, Can you give me some money , Then forget you gave it to me , PLEASE
  9. Get it back from the member then he can ask for it back from the Wam
  10. When I decided to buy a house with Diane it was obvious she wasn’t going to let my large collection of vinyl move in with us . US ? How long have you and your record collection been happily together , A woman coming between you and your records TuT TuT TuT
  11. I have the very same book , looked at it and noticed it was large portions , not good when you are single , so put it in the draw in the kitchen , 50p at the local boot sale
  12. Selling my vinyl makes me go all light headed , I still have my first ever purchased LP's form 1969 from my first ever pay packet
  13. In Sony i only have a SONY CDP-761E