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  1. Richard , Stick them in a box , I will PM my address and cover postage , Don't like to se a man suffer
  2. Yes please , If still available
  3. I was acammed for £500 some time ago and paypal did nothing Long story short Camera advertised for £500 , Enquirey to buy and could the buyer come and see it in person Turned up and loved the camera , Asked to use PayPal , Yes said I , and all was good , Money in my PP account Status confirmed not pending , Jobs a good one 2 days later PP take the money back saying unauthorised use oth the account , and told me you only get protection if you send the item to the registered account holder address He was a nice well dressed very polite African gentleman who ga
  4. For me it's all about the vibe , It's a once a year knees up with other forum members , Meet , Greet and be merry Come exibition day and the public support for the event makes me happy , A chat and some of the favourable coments during the day all make it the super event it is , And yes it is unique ! name me another event like this ? A great bunch of lads and sometimes lasses I just don't get the something for nothing bregade , OK I know it's going to cost in terms of travel , Hotel food DRINK but hey ho You have to be in it to get it , If not don't go
  5. Blimey you not a girl any more , When did that happen
  6. I remember one year the WAM drunk the bar dry , Can't remember what year it was , Back when the BIG man run the WAM
  7. I signed up some years ago to the coffeeforum , The machine and grinder are a serious step up in performance
  8. Nothing special re the beans , I am on my 3rd box of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07P91JGG6/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Hi People Can anyone remember or know if the bedrooms at the Kegworth hotel have air con fitted ? This would help with circulating fresh air through the rooms Just a thought chapps
  10. That's what I have done , Something new and at only 6 months old with 18 months guarantee , Duel bolier instead on single boiler , As the ECM machines have a reputation of lasting decades it should see me out Both boilers have the option to adjust the temperatures as well , Then the flow control conversion , Doh , My head hurts
  11. Hi Alan Hope you and your good lady are both well and covid free The Synchronike weighs in at 34KGS ( 75 lbs ) and at my age lifting it was bad enough but each time it did the box came of the floor with it , DOH! I did not want to cut up the box, I allways keep boxes ( Am I weird , Err yes ) It will take some getting used to as it's a lot different to the Barista machine I have had previously Also the grinder needs calibrating as the burrs are touching at setting 7 , This sould be it setting zero Time to take it apart and see whats what
  12. It's all new to me , Only just got it out of the box , What a fight that was Will do some experimenting over the next week and see what happenes
  13. I can't see this working as the public will either have to attend twice and pay twice or only pay for one day and miss out on some of the show
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