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  1. Yes please , Re diet I can bring my own , Or somthing healthy with low sugar content please I can bring a pack of Coke Zero for the soft drinks Re kit I can bring a valve pre amp Primaluna Prologue if you like ?
  2. Incorrect white balance used for the lighting
  3. Me please, not fussed what date I can do any now i'm retired
  4. Why ? , We are being told that it's now time to live with covid as we are not able to eradicate it Entry could be for fully vaccinated people only , Face coverings compulsory , If you are not willing to use a covering , NO entry even if exempt All windows and doors at the venue open at all times , I would attend if these requirements were in place
  5. If your records are clean ( Proper clean not pretend clean ) then the stylus will remain clean as it will not be ploughing crap out of the groves I have stated my preference re cleaning before , Here goes again , Yes I know its costly , Ultrasoninc clean first and only ever once regardles if the LP is used or new , Followed by a decent wet clean on a vacuum machine ,dry then into a new sleeve , Then as and when needed further wet cleans Yes it is a fair investment to protect your vinyl / cart , Units do appear used on the forums Just my opinion other will have different opinions
  6. Gone at a early , RIP Janice
  7. Not sure you can compare headphones with HIFI , I much prefer a system , Never keen on phones that clamp on your head , uncomfortable , Hot ,sweaty , restrictive , Just annoying trying to get comfortable , I spent 2 hours at the Whittlebury Hall show trying some very £££££ sets , Not impressed Just my opinion
  8. Audio Al

    My nuts

    Another Xmas tradition ready , I do enjoy a selection of nuts for Christmas I turned the bowl a few years ago Have a good one people even if we end up on our own again
  9. This is my set up , The rack is only 80cm wide , the top shelf is 18cm deep , lower shelf is 25cm deep , Can't see it working without buying a new rack
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