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    Technics 1200 G
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    Shelter 5000
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    Croft 25R and others
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    Transcription audio
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  1. I did hear they run out of shillings
  2. that's saved me some money
  3. Audio Al

    I've made a thing!!

    Looking good , how far are the noob's compressed with the speakers on ?
  4. Now let me think , Budjet £3.5K
  5. You get a letter from HMRC land on the door mat You then decide if and when you are going to open it ? Taking a brave pill you open it and The Tax man owes me a big refund and will pay it into my bank within 5 days , ( Unless the scammers and even more clever ) Happy days
  6. I have a pair of SHUGUANG 211 ELECTRON TUBE that are in my Transcription Audio power amp I have just Obtained a pair of ACME PSVANE 211 valves at £570 Was going to keep the originals but I could part with then at £200 plus postage , I need that much or they stay put
  7. " Cannot pass the Hifi News Test LP tests " Why did you eat it in the first place
  8. My comment was how happy he was regardless how wild he was playing
  9. 5000 watts into 4 ohms If I new anything about e lectrikery I woild have this , but sadly I'm a numpty
  10. Where are all the Technics 1200 modders ? , nice arm for this TT
  11. Audio Al


    No need for bum jokes here