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  1. Thanks John , I now have 2 photos , The one I did and the one you did , Unless you could not see the first photo , Cheers
  2. I have 2 new tracking gauges for sale , These are good quality units The weight reading is big digital easy read , The unit runs on a AAA battery Best bit is where the weight reading is taken from the side of the gauge as near as possible to the record when the arm is down £35 posted and its yours
  3. Looks like its gone t-tt- up I offered the asking price based on the house having no issues , £585 later it does have issues that I have estemated at around £20K to sort out The next of kin are 2 girls and a brother , The 2 girls are willing to re negotiat by £10K but the brother is playing hard ball , and will not budge on the asking price So it looks like I am house hunting again and £585 down the drain The estate agen said he is going to ring him and tell him I have withdrawn my offer to buy , Then ring again in the morning to see if he has mellowed over night
  4. OK Thanks Paul Are 1st and 2nd floor rooms the same size ? bigger or smaller ?
  5. I have a pair of 15" Glenair Tannoys , With grills and keys , Sound amazing , £2200 and they are yours
  6. Oy you !!!! that's me you are talking about Did you notice the very small window of oppertunity for the Wam people to get some AudioAl gold , Snooze loose And I get to keep it all , It's mine ALL MINE
  7. Strange , Lurch just said he won't need a big room now ?
  8. @Maverick Paul , I was out due to a house move, But it looks like I am back in What size rooms are available ? , I have had roon 7 twice , The planned equipment is bigger this time round and depending on the room size will determine what I bring , If no bigger rooms are available I can do room 7 again with a trimmed down kit list
  9. Audio Al


    I had work done by this gent , No problems at all
  10. I had one from a victormanny23 as below hey got the Nikon F3 lenses for sale at a cheap rate send me a mail at andrewmarcus231111 at aol dot com or text me 2677049051 Newbie Wammer Joined February 20 Last visited February 23 Posts 0 Reputation 0 Badges 0 New Wammer
  11. So far it's been crap here , Rain Rain oh and some more rain , Windy , Dull ,humid , Overcast , depressing
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