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  1. My refund was delt with quickly by Roo , Thank you
  2. No photos of the 10 power supply ? I assume that comes with it ?
  3. Ah , A chance to re decorate the room and keep the other half happy
  4. Indeed I can vouch for this as I was at JVS jims bake off in Ilford one year , Boy can he eat
  5. Indeed I can vouch for this as I was at JVS jims bake off in Ilford one year , Boy can he eat
  6. Sadly it's a covid / Furlow / Job loss / Hold on to what money you have world Nice and sunney here
  7. Yeh but Yeh but i'm old , That's my excuse
  8. I am still hoping to attend as a exhibitor , However after 13 weeks in the conveyanceing loop I still don't yet have a house move date
  9. I have a pair of templer 11's that could be for sale
  10. Update time Nothing has happened for a good few weeks so I go into rant mode and email my solicitors ," Why has nothing happened ? " I get a reply saying they contacted my sellers solicitors and asked some questions on 3rd August and to date have not had a reply , WTF I say this is not acceptable so the get in touch with the sellers estate agents and ask PLEASE find out why they are not responding . I at a later date get a reply sayin " We contacted your solicitors and asked some questions 2 weeks ago and they have not replied , Good god we now have 2 solisiters blaiming each other , You could not make this up , Unbelivable
  11. Ye but Ye but that's 2 days away
  12. OK you asked for it , One ridiculous silly offer of £1000 Sorry
  13. These really are a good RCM and this one is at a very good price I own a PRC4 and it's gowing nowhere Come on vinyl people it's a must for a black disc lover
  14. I have a second company viewing the move items on Friday PM see what happens
  15. Bloody NORA Just had the price for the move come in and it's £10.800
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