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  1. Quad 11 or 12L's sound awsome with Audiolab
  2. I have a Manley Stingray that I'll be advertising soon with a shed load of valves for around £800 , it has 3 sets of 8 EL84's Manley , Ei and JJ Tesla's , a good few 6414's from Electro Harmonix and Raytheon , and various pairs of 12AT7's from Mullard , Electro Harmonix , unbranded Russian and Chinese. Around 20wpc in Triode and 30wpc in push pull , recently serviced before the previous covid outbreak , but no balanced connection. Original box with ALL foam inserts. chz
  3. I have a pair of these in Gloss Cherry , immaculate condition and original box. Looking for £100 plus p+p. PM if interested.