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  1. CoH ; Above air. cd Soisong ; qXn948s. hexagonal cd. chz
  2. Marconi Union ; Signals 2 x silver vinyl. chz
  3. My name is on this album , bought and paid for before it went into production and I think it was the first 100 to pre-order got their name on the inner sleeve of the vinyl. One of my fav bands of all time. chz
  4. Daft Punk ; Discovery. vinyl x 2 rp. Marconi Union ; Signals. vinyl x 2 silver and CD. Dinked no.266/500. Getting it together after 3 x 12hr nightshifts using alcohol as a stimulant in the form of Stella Artois. chz
  5. Lunar Vacation ; Inside every fig is a dead wasp. vinyl orange cream. Marconi Union ; Signals dinked silver vinyl x 2 plus CD , no 266. chz
  6. A bit out of focus. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/P3asOoQEmz92t0rTbusM4k2yuPs4nIOdjcxS9xNp1Cm87vzCp5NAmfZJaki8eJQ1SxBfFimry7zxISeyOmktfCg6W--IN7JLD8cC7cMAEvZx4dxgmbh1Qsj6fzJrnA38v_CTcpcJ6n8fMe7zmaFDE28dw1rbrnQVMyBCUXMNvafHAQYBEpu1ih0bNQQes5an-mnnd0jQ3vFBLaZoRedazuHek8f-_J9mfJfmJjm4wxYXpgE4z20pILZgP4pMa9V_dVF9PydRbfcdjaA5ceJRq9wf45eNglcML3ZngbQkyvm8CE1-du7TtycOQwd7Zsw8gUXmVkfGBoLX0Em4of6xw0pfCffScvZwNz6VKGURRiyQD3jdNAxrW25x0xZVKDYtvplWI3d_7mts9jp20FhLcoYKTxP6oa6ojbeTBpevYBn606fhgrSA88Ru3rWFBWrj65JC1vyPv9BAZj71Tj-Bus4OemIwQo1JZBmC_lWN5LjjU0cmOh28zIC6iS7E3OsQ8T_z1iOXxW_vUIWkS_7CDSUvJTSgSXdUJ2SH_LM-EyqNxwu5gIOsviiIpyMBQgCc-mtiLAzq_D5XQpTijXmO0hguM--jtY-NLPflIXxHPN-OQEEf_Eg3to-NPMb-qKCvnM7N5_wZgxSzi0ZKDElgUIXd5_S106hQUHoFTd7JOzG9nPxRrSSrLrvtcxdS-5cEO3iUso03n3Ob7MiD0htJs5c=w1168-h657-no?authuser=0 Systemdek 3D Signature ; AudioOrigami 12" PU7 with custom headshell ; Dynavector XX-2. Primare DVD 30. till I get my Primare 30.1 cdp fixed. Primare R35 phonostage. Ayon Spirit V integrated amplifier. Speedfreaks mk1 Lotus Cortina , mk1 Escort Mexico , Anglia 105e . IsoTek GII Minisub. chz.
  7. Every year since my daughter was a teenager , we have all went on a day out shopping in Edinburgh on the 2nd January , her birthday. Last year was cancelled due to covid but this year we ran riot , well I did , couple of hunner quid in my pocket and bought some records. Ryuichi Sakamoto ; Black Mirror , Smithereens. MOV white vinyl with black splatter. Murcof ; The alias sessions. triple vinyl. Laaraji ; Flow goes the universe. 2 x vinyl. Johann Johannssen & Yair Elezar Glotman ; Last and first men. vinyl x 2. Nils Frahm ; Old friends , new friends. vinyl x 2. Roger and Brian Eno ; Luminous. yellow vinyl. Brian Eno ; Nerve net. vinyl x 2. Blanck Mass ; In Ferrneaux. vinyl. Akis ; Space , time and beyond. (selected works 1986 - 2016). vinyl x 2. chz
  8. t'was... Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation; Anthropomorhic. Yellow/Black/White vinyl x 2. then............ Downstairs People ; Underground pop. vinyl ..............my album of the year. then........... Lamb ; Backspace unwind. clear vinyl. now...... V/A ; Virtual dreams ...vinyl x 3 chz
  9. New cartridge as my Dynavector XX2 has seen plenty use in the 2 years I have had the pleasure owning it , still sounds awsome and the needle is clean as a whistle. Not sure if I should stick to the Dynavector , I have been advised that the EMT HSD 006 is a cracker and I also have a hankering for the much touted Hana ML. Also gonnna buy a Milty Zerostat that I have been promising to buy for years. Records..............more records. chz
  10. Advice needed on the easiest way to post photo's , do I need an online host like photobucket and link from there???? Can I use Google drive ?? as this is where I keep some documents. chz
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