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  1. I said no wall shelf as I really don't want the hassle. Yes, the walls are thin plasterboard (think caravan standard) well decorated, and there are breezeblocks the other side (I have seen them downstairs as we had to cut into the wall due to a flood once). I cannot suspend it from the ceiling, not least due to a 6yr old wandering free unless I lock it the room off. I was really hoping for - stack 5 isoplats on top of an Atacama rack and you have solved 70% of the issue. I can listen to it while my child is asleep and the wife watching the soaps, to minimise footfall. What do you think?
  2. hard to say - probably some wood structure with a laminate floorboard on top. I'm not worried too much about the stylus skipping, it just creaks like hell - so clearly not solid stuff !!
  3. but I am trying to seek some advice on how to minimise this vs eradicate it (which I agree is impossible)
  4. Hi, Need to find a way to support a heavy Toshiba SR-370 turntable upstairs! Can't use it downstairs on our concrete floor (wife issue), so am looking for a way to use it in the spare room. Concern is vibrations on the much more rickety suspended floor upstairs! We're talking a new build here vs a fortress. PS - turntable wall shelf not feasible! The tosh has a 15kg resin plinth. Happy to ditch it for a lightweight rega if this would help? Unsure. I have been recommended a Mission Isoplat which I believe is just mdf with sorbothane feet. I was hoping for a small quadraspire style rack, and some extra isolation on top. But what type, I don't know. Do I need to change the feet on the tosh to say an Isonoe? Can anyone point me in the right direction. PPS - the walls will not take a picture let alone a turntable wall shelf !!! Cheers all. PPPS - wall shelves are out !!!!
  5. Am offering this on ebay - well cared for indeed - have enjoyed this immensely! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142455751432?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. just checked your wigwam info - we have a couple of things in common TTS8000 and NS1000 - unfortunately with a toddler about, both are in storage.....
  7. Evening all Apart from Rega amps, has anyone ever come across any integrated amps whose phono stages are incredibly / unexpectedly good? Cheers
  8. Not sure, you could be right. What I have found is that you can upgrade to higher quality drivers as the size and fitting is almost identical. I know my single cap arrangement is controversial to some, but the standard Ruark crossover sounded very muddy. I like a bit of experimentation and the Ruark cabinets are easy to work on and well built.
  9. I believe that most of the Ruark models had stock Seas and Vifa drivers, so you can renew drivers / make a swap or upgrade relatively easily. I just renewed my Ruark Swordsman with new upgraded Vifa and Scanspeak drivers, and replaced the crossover with a single cap. Amazing improvement, copious levels of detail and really wide soundstage.
  10. I second that, I have a 915e and they are fab, very reliable despite their 1990s vintage.
  11. If you don't go for the technics t4p mc option, there is an ortofon and audio technica range of p mounts still available. William Thakker from Germany has them online. You can always buy an ortofon omp10 cheaply second hand online and upgrade the stylus to a brand new 30 or 40 which are very good indeed.
  12. Evening all, I had previously needed some new speakers acceptable to the wife and to counterbalance a warm sounding system. Well, decided to go for a semi diy route in the end. I had brought back some old Ruark Swordsman speakers from a mate and performed some surgery. - drivers replaced with vifa woofers p17wj and scanspeak d2608/9130 tweeters. - internal rewire with chord odyssey 2, back wiring is jantzen 18 awg silver plated copper. - for the moment no crossover as such just a single cap to the tweeter mounted on the rear, woofer connected directly to the amp. Appreciate this has its pros and cons, but working well for me. So far sounding fab, masses of detail vs what I heard previously from the equipment and much wider soundstage. Really clean sound with the sort of brighter edge I was looking for. The sony cdp 915e and Kenwood l-1000m are performing lounge duties very admirably!! (Albeit minus stands/racks). cheers julian Here is the back of the cabinet
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have read about this approach a few times. I played around with my Ruarks previously, and took the crossover external and replaced caps etc - but resulted in wires everywhere and tons of soldering, which p*ssed everybody off at home. I also replaced the driver with an upgraded Vifa. I was thinking afterwards of just connecting the bass driver up to the amp directly, and then running a capacitor directly to the tweeter. There's so many differing views on this - worries about the bass driver distorting etc. So it has been effective for you then!! PS - what does doping the bass driver mean?
  14. That's interesting - what did you feel was wrong with the Wharfedales? What did you fix?
  15. Afternoon! Am looking for a speaker reco please. Budget 250 max - either sh or new, but preferably new. Need to replace my speakers to solve two problems in one...... 1) Change of room layout and the usual WAF - serious complaints about floorstanders. 2) I had been running Mission 733, Kenwood L1000M and Sony CDP915E (directly into power amp via variable output). I found the sound ok but too warm with lack of treble clarity for my liking. I've borrowed some Mission 700s from a friend (the newer design). That solved the WAF but the sound will still too warm for me and I didn't particularly like the performance of them. I therefore would like some recos for a bookshelf speaker with an overtly bright balance with plenty of detail, to counteract what seems a warmer sounding combo in the amp and cd player. At the moment, I cannot afford to change the system, just the speakers only. I used to run the CD and Amp with some Ruarks and didn't experience quite such warmth as I have now, but they are long gone. PS - I know this forum hates cable discussions, but for what its worth - its hooked up with Chord Odyssey 2 and Ecosse Reference. PPS - nothing in the room but a settee, blinds and wooden floor - no big curtains or axminster. BIG thanks for your help!! Cheers.