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  1. In the pictures the remote looks worn, but it’s just the reflections...the remote is mint...
  2. Benchmark DAC3L for sale, the L has the preamp but no headphone amp. Silver, excellent condition. One tiny chip on the front panel (looks a lot bigger in the photo). Remote is mint. Comes fully boxed with manual, power cable etc. If you have been on Mars for the last few years, here's a link to reviews, spec etc; £1250 inc. DHL next day courier delivery (U.K only).
  3. Try townshend direct. You can get a brand new set for £300-£325 at the mo. You’ll maybe pay £250-£275 for a used set and not know how they’ve been treated...
  4. After reading Fourlegs review of the Sean's DC4 power supply, I thought I'd take the plunge and replace my (ageing) Longdog/MCRU power supply, which was £850 c.10 years ago...perhaps £1200 in todays money? The Longdog/MCRU was custom made for my server, to replace the switched mode power supply (just to get me going) that my custom built server came with. I remember back then that I was more than happy with the improvement in SQ, the main changes were that the sound was much more realistic, more analogue sounding, bigger sounding, with much better and fuller bass. Stumping up the £4400 for the DC4 was a bit too much on a punt that it would bring much of an improvement on the well respected Longdog/MCRU supplies. Although, I believe Sean makes the power supplies in the excellent Innuous stuff so his credentials were good, and over the years my experience with anything digital is really high end sound comes from excellent power supplies and re-clocking. So, after a quick chat with Fourlegs I gave Sean a rang and stumped up the £1600 for the DC3.Sean was extremely helpful and ran me through all the options, he told me waiting time would be 2-3 weeks but it landed after a week. Under promising and over delivering is rare in this day and age, but it does increase the customer service satisfaction factor. Well done Sean! So the DC3 arrived, very well made and packaged and I (must admit very nervously) gave it a try stone cold. In short, there was an immediate improvement in that the DC3 brought a level of naturalness and smoothness to the sound, but the biggest difference was to the bass, it was much more powerful, deeper and had a lot more punch. The next day was a different matter sounded like a total pig! The sound was flat, dull and lumpy....that was a nervous day with me wondering if I'd just blown £1600.Not to worry though, the next day it was back to the sound I got on day one, clearly it needed a bit of running in. I've had it for c.3 weeks now and it's probably had 150 hours of use. Throughout this time (from 0-c.50 hours) it has gone through stages of sounding superb and a bit flat, but for the past week or so it has settled right down and the sound is now consistently excellent. Last night I'd thought I'd throw my old power supply back on to see if it was just a case of getting used to the new sound, or whether it was in fact any better. Well that was a real shocker moment! The old power supply sounded thin, brittle and compared to the DC3, the bass sounded like it had been turned down c.6db! I couldn't recommend the DC3 highly enough, so much so that I'm going to get on the phone to Sean about a DC4....damn you Fourlegs!!
  5. A curve ball.....if you are happy with the bass depth and just want tighter bass you should try Townshend Supertweeters, it’s amazing how much they tighten up your bass and make it much more tuneful... Unfortunately, (like MF1000 says) quality subs that provide deep tuneful bass tend to be expensive and you’ll need two of them.
  6. I found DH Labs the best, strangely the cheaper one...IIRC it was c.£15/m...
  7. Changed all my power cables so I have these for sale, sets only please; 2 x HB Labs power plugs (over ordered and unused) £60 new. 3 x HB Labs Carbon IEC's (over ordered and unused) £105 new. (only suitable for thicker power cables, say above 10mm) £100 posted.
  8. DSOTM hast to be one of the best albums ever made, but not recorded particularly well. It’s actually recorded a little flat...that’s why sounds excellent in a ‘toppy’ system...
  9. Whether you can hear both the very high and very low frequencies (normal human hearing) is largely irrelevant. Sound waves at different frequencies interact with each other in your room. That’s why when adding Supertweeters the biggest difference you’ll usually hear is in the bass. ’it’s irrelevant as it’s outside the range of normal human hearing’ is the frequency equivalent of ‘it’s only 0’s and 1’s’ ...