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  1. I only bought this week after a long search and of course two days later an FBA-800 becomes available so I have to fund it with the sale of the FPA-4. Manufactured April 2019 so it's the very latest spec. Comes with original box and all associated docs. Fabulous Class A Sugden sound, sweet sounding but very detailed and with a very hard hitting bass. Switchable RCA and XLR outputs. In excellent condition, the front, sides and rear are mint, the top plate has a scratch near the front LH corner (not through to the metal), the rear LH corner has a scuff that is through to the metal which would be sorted with black marker. The top of the front plate has a couple of tiny rub marks that again a marker would sort. You can see all the marks in the photos. None of the marks can be seen once on a rack. £1750 inc. insured next day DHL courier delivery (U.K. only). Specs:
  2. Sorted now thanks everyone.
  3. No I hadn’t cheers HFN....👍
  4. Bump. Mono’s not needed now so STA-4 ideally...
  5. Living Voice Air Partners. Predecessor to the Vox Olympians...and a better speaker imo. More transparent with better bass...though the treble probably isn’t quite as good as the Olympians.
  6. Ah they’re resistors? Sorry I’m not very technical.... They can really reduce the need for box swapping as you can tune the sound exactly as you like it. I’d imagine this way means less circuitry in the signal path over conventional tone controls, in theory should have a smaller effect on the signal?
  7. Yeh I’m not sure what the parts are. On mine you have to open the doors to get to the x over and then put a multi meter on the connectors to each drive unit to set them exactly...
  8. My speakers have controls to adjust the treble and mids (which then increase or decrease the bass output in relation). Best thing can completely change the character from flat as a fart to cut your ears out....every speaker should have them.
  9. Getting a handful of valve amps over for a dem. Total waste of time and money on shipping. They were all rubbish in comparison to decent SS.
  10. Thanks Julian I’ll order up a bottle of that.....
  11. Lol yeh of coarse it wasn’t my kids, but visitors (now never in every time they try to come over) Ill maybe just go with a damp microfibre with the tiniest bit of fairy to see how I get on.....
  12. Just wondering what's the best way to give them a clean? The shiny drivers are a pesky kid magnet and all the lower drivers are covered in grubby finger prints. I was gonna to go with a very slightly damp microfibre cloth followed by a dry one, but I thought I'd check first. Thanks guys.
  13. Thetiminator

    Sub stand?

    My subs are sealed and side ways firing. My dealer told me to do three things and you’ll notice a big difference: 1. Use half decent XLR’s. 2. Use a decent power cable. 3. Get them off the floor a good bit. I haven’t done any of the above yet...but it’s only been 3 years so...