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  1. Have you only 4 toes?
  2. Had one built by Item Audio so didn’t build myself, but I have done a lot to it since. Main thing I’ve learned is the importance of clean power and re-clocking. Everything has its own power supply and the unfortunate thing is it isn’t cheap. Also IME a good USB/SPDIF converter in the chain always sounds better than direct usb. Also the audio card makes a big difference. I’ve just upgraded from the standard JCAT to the new fancy pants one with huge results... It probably stands me c.£7k as it stands but it destroyed the fully loaded Rocksan TMS that I had...made it unlistenable...
  3. http://www.dreamav.co.uk/furman_elite_10ei.html That’s the 10, I have two 15’s but it looks like they may have been discontinued....can’t see it anywhere... There’s a 16 now which has possible replaced the 15... http://www.dreamav.co.uk/furman_elite_16_pf_ei_power_conditioner.html
  4. I have a BNIB Furman PL8 that’s much better than the 210.... https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/150511-furman-pl8-c-e-power-conditioner-brand-new-in-box/
  5. They’re brilliant, I have two Elites. One of the best kept secrets in Hifi. Brilliant surge protection, turns all your equipment on and off with one switch and smooths the power coming in to a constant voltage. Which means you can also plug your power amps in without losing dynamics...
  6. Following a spade connector trial I have 5 sets of these for sale. Only used once for a few hours so totally mint. They have the allen key and heat shrink they come with. https://www.futureshop.co.uk/furutech-fp-201-gold-high-performance-audio-spade-terminals-pack-of-4 They're £55 new, I'll take £35 per set + £5 posted per set. (If you take multiple sets it's only the one postage charge).
  7. Lol she’s a good sport (good job as it wouldn’t make a difference if she wasn’t) she’d consider that romantic....
  8. W Ooooh noooo not me with my sausage fingers, I’d get someone to do it. No I can’t see me ever changing the cables, they are leagues ahead of anything else I’ve tried....I’ve had them for 10 years now so they’re a bigger part of the family than my Mrs..
  9. Some of my spades and banana plugs are getting a bit ropey and due a change. But my x-over is dead easy to access and I wondered if just soldering the speaker cable directly to the x-over wires would be better? Surely removing plugs and binding posts is a good idea, or do you foresee any problems? Save a small fortune on connectors too...there are 8 binding posts on each speaker... See my x-over;
  10. Sold if mods can remove. Thanks..
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