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  1. I think the UK retail of the SHD is £999? If so £1500 for a knackered one is a proper steal..
  2. I think he said that he can return it to the company? So maybe it’s just a case of having a pop at MiniDSP. The high price is there to ensure that it doesn’t get bought and gets as many views as possible...if so, he is clearly underestimating the audiophile community
  5. Now this is a fantastic piece of kit. I tested a pile of really high end dacs a few years ago and this was right up there with the MSB’s, Boulders, Bricasti’s and TotalDacs of this world...BARGAIN!!
  6. Sold. ....And another on the waiting list...should’ve asked for more
  7. Bel Canto eOne Reference 1000 mono amplifiers. These have the famous Coherent Systems upgrades which greatly improve the performance, not to be confused with the performance of the standard units and were purchased in preference to the MKII's. Original purchase price including upgrades was in the region of £6000! Not to be confused with standard Class D amplifiers, these sound very analogue in nature, not overly smooth but definitely not lean or thin. They sound much more like a very good Class A amplifier but with much better bass...they easily out performed big Sugden Masterclass mono's I had at the time. As you can see from the photos they are In very good condition. They will come with all the original packaging and power cables and will be posted via DHL next day courier delivery. £1200.00 inc. UK next day delivery.
  8. I have to tilt the balance to the left about 1.5db to compensate for an imbalanced room layout/furnishings...a LOT of arsing around until I sussed it was just the room....
  9. Boulder Dac. Tried to replace it over the 14 years I’ve had it.... without success.
  11. I bought these and will be arriving with me in the next day or so. I bought them to use as a stop gap for 2-3 weeks while my main amp is away for a service. So if you were interested in these and want them when I'm done with them, drop me a PM......