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  1. I subscribed to What Hi Fi c.15 years ago, cancelled it a couple of years later, but still receive it every month like clockwork for free. What HiFi proved to me that Mission, Cyrus and Audiolab made the best sounding kit in the world and there was no need to waste my time shopping around. So the the freebie that has helped me the most is What HiFi itself...
  2. AMR 77 Dac. Was the most natural dac in the world for 12 months. Then you heard it and it made everything sound like you had strapped pillows over your drive units. Im going to make a prediction for a ‘where are they now’ in a few years....a la Devialet. Dutch & Dutch & Kii. Just proves that you can’t measure “the point”.
  3. The best I had were the Musical Fidelity Titans, which replaced and bettered the Boulder monos I had at the time. 1000w/ch that doubled all the way down to 4000w/ch, an incredible piece of engineering. Now I’m on the lookout of the opposite, the best very low powered SS class a amp I can find...
  4. Thanks for the kind comment, take care & stay safe my friend.

  5. It really is, if you’re in the market for a valve amp, they don’t come better than this....
  6. Cheers FL But £4.4k bloody hell!!!! I’m a great believer in quality PS’s especially with digital (the more and higher quality the better) but don’t think I could justify that on a pair of £500 class d monos. I’m going to try some higher end Class D amps and see what gives with those...but it may be an interesting comparison with the Temples and DC4...
  7. Cheers FL Nice to see the attention to detail with sound deadening on the inside of the case. Can you tell us how much it was and can it Power more than one device at a time? I was recommended one of these to try with the Temple Audio monos. I have their Superchargers at the mo, but as a rule I have found that battery/super capacitor supplies aren’t great. I had the Uptone LPS1 which was destroyed by the LPS2...
  8. I’ve just text him. I’ll let you know for sure as soon as he gets back to me.....
  9. Would prefer Masterclass and ideally monos but open to anything..
  10. Looking for Sugden power amplifier. Either stereo or mono’s. Must be boxed etc. for shipping. WHY?
  11. I’m nearly sure Jeff Rowland too?
  12. Have you not got a pair for sale/to demo Keith? Or are they gone?
  13. Was using EQ with both subs...