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  1. Made in China, according to the photos. Not that it matters a jot.
  2. Style is everything. It's why I drive a Skoda.
  3. I'd like to try Nagaoka, but their estimate of cartridge life - 250 hours or thereabouts - is simply unaffordable for me.
  4. Leffe makes this topic irrelevant.
  5. Anyone drive one of these? If so, your thoughts are welcome. Others need not bother to apply
  6. Yes, I'd like to help. The Wam is a commercial concern now, so I presume you will be paying air fares , accommodation and meals.
  7. Oh god. Make this thread go away. It's the death knell of good cooking.
  8. So the weekend was a hallucination? Thank god!
  9. After all , we're no longer part of Europe !
  10. There are courses you can take in anger management
  11. Pedantic because I used your own terms? Take it easy, you seem to have a lot of violence within your soul at the moment.
  12. Just tryîng to give you some help, that's all - after all, you did describe yourself as a fat bastard. Road bikes were an example of another door that opens when you lose the excess. All figures I gave came from the NHS website, by the way
  13. Dan, Lose some weight. According to the NHS weight calculator, the maximum you should be is around 94kg, that's assuming an age of 40, apologies if you're much younger. You'll find it is the best thing you ever did. Not only does cycling become much easier, but the range of bikes you can choose from becomes much larger. As it stands, you probably exceed the maximum weight for most performance road bikes. By the way, I spent half a year dropping enough weight to be able to ride mine.
  14. There's more to life than hifi. Hua Lumphong Bangkok
  15. Happy days - sorting my gear out and photographing it before putting the ads in the paper. Another salutary lesson yesterday - on a long drawn out bus journey I pulled out the headphones and the iPhone, and listened to Sibelius. Can't remember when I've enjoyed a performance so much, nor the quality of the sound.
  16. The RB300 seems to work well on my TD 150, particularly with the AT440, to the point where I'm not sure which to sell, that or my Linn.
  17. Set out this weekend to buy a record cleaner, long overdue. Allocated 890€ for the Clearaudio machine. Only problem was, when it came to the crunch, I bought a mast and a ticket to Thailand instead. The worst is that I feel a considerable sense of relief, as though a phase in my life is over. Yes, I still enjoy a decent sounding system, but I'd be happier getting the boat fettled and sailing. And enjoying travel again. It feels like time to move on, so I shall. Anyone else come to the horrible realisation they can live without hifi, and, in the overall scheme of things, there's plenty more out there that may just be more fulfilling?
  18. That's an interesting idea - just wondering whether attaching a bit of magic eraser to an electric toothbrush would have the same effect.
  19. Oh dear! Must have missed it. Back on topic, audition before you buy. As mentioned, it is your ears that count, not those of an unknown poster on a website. That includes me, by the way.
  20. Good to see you have a sense of humour - or did that get lost in ... !
  21. I never speculate ! At least, not in public
  22. What speakers do you use, then? Surely not passives ...
  23. Audition first whatever you do ! Because someone else likes them doesn't mean you will.
  24. I preferred the Zensors over the others in the Dali range, including the Minuets. They are finely-balanced speakers whose price belies their performance. That includes the Kefs, by the way; I auditioned them, but they're too high in showroom glitz for me. I could live with the classic Reference series, but the R series, the LS 50s I could not live with.