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  1. Good Afternoon. I am awaiting delivery of my Supernait3 and HiCap DR and was wondering about whether it is advisable to leave the Hi Cap swithced on at all times or whether this shortens the life of the caps by 1000s of hours. I note the on/off switch on the SN3 is on the rear so if this was on its own the temptaion would be to leave it switched on. The on/off switch on the Hi Cap Dr is on the front so it is easy to operate. I was just wondering what other owners do? Thank you. Roger.
  2. Hi. I have a Naim ND5XS on loan and was wondering about the RJ45 ethernet cable to connect it to the data point in my lounge wall. I am just using a standard Cat5E patch lead at the moment and my wired ethernet network system is wired in external grade Cat5E from my lounge, and else where in the house, back to my NAS, router, switch and modem in my office upstairs. My musing is this; if the network is wired in external grade Cat5E would there be any milage in using a purpose made "hifi" patch lead from the streamer to the data point in the wall? To get any benefit from reducing the injection of any RF or EMI would not the network cable all have to be to "hifi" grade? Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.
  3. I also have the M3, which was upgraded by MF and the upgrade took it to another level. Asthetics? Well function before form everytime.
  4. Traded the Helicon 800 mk 11 in for Graham Audio LS5/9 with SUB3s.
  5. Hi. I have the Helicon 800 MK 2 driven by the class A Nu Vista M3. I have not experienced any sibliance. They can be a bit over bright at times though. Cheers.
  6. Hi There. Just to throw my hat in the ring. I have a pair of Helicon 800 Mk2 which I love to bits and have had for over 10 years now. But now that the wearing of beige beckons and there are no children at home and down sizing is peering at me around the corner they will soon be up for sale. All good things must come to an end. Cheers. Craig
  7. Hi. I have M3 Nuvista integrated amp since its launch, which has been back to MF for the upgrading of some of the internals, and as yet after all these years I have never felt the need to change it. I also have the matching CD player.
  8. Hi. I have just stumbled across this thread and I have a John Palmer 3 turntable fitted with a SME V arm and Grado Reference 1 cartridge. I was wondering what had happened to JP Audio. Regards. Craig.
  9. I have been considering all the very useful information everybody has been kind enough to post and at this moment in time I seem to find myself leaning to one of the following: Kef Egg, Kef X300A, Q Acoustics BT 3, Audio Smile LBM, Morgan Audio RMS11 or Dali Zensor 1AX. I am leaning towards an active speaker set up to minimise the amount of equipment and leads on my 2M*0.6M "desk", think breakfast bar, which I sit at in a draughtsman stool. I would welcome feedback on whether anybody’s experience of any of the above.
  10. Thank you for your input, I will have a look at these.
  11. Hi. My home office is 3M*2M and I am looking for a small "system" to sit on the desk but being new to streaming and the technology that surrounds it I am unsure where to start. I have a cupboard where I could put a box of tricks but it would have to communicate with the speakers on the desk via Bluetooth or Ethernet or wireless. I realise that I will have to compromise on certain things but my wish list is as follows. 1) Sound quality first and upmost. 2) Ethernet connection for 1Gb network. 3) Able to play Cds from network storage device and/or play Cds its self. NSD not yet purchased. 4) Bluetooth. 5) It would be nice if it could be used without having to switch laptop or phone on everytime. 6) I have an Android phone and do not want to have to buy an Ipad or tablet to be able to use the "system" 7) Able to play High Res music files, if I decide in the future to go down that route. 8) It would be nice if it had direct access to the BBC iPlayer radio. 9) My laptop is Windows 7. 10) Speakers will be on the desk. 11) Budget £600 to £800. Thank you. Roger