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  1. Years ago (25+) a friend had a set linked with a Pink Triangle / Helios Orion arm / AT something and a set on Meridian monos and Meridian pre ( very small box with Phono/tuner /tape ) inputs. I can remember being very impressed with the sound but it was that long ago I could not describe it at the time it was one of the best sounding systems my young ears had experienced. It may well have been instrumental in developing this life long hifi addiction I suffer from.
  2. I have had a few Bel Canto boxes over the years. Started with a full size pre2p pre amp with phono stage and a cd1 , I still own them pre is in the main system and cd in the office system. Also bought a set of ref 1000 / m300 then bought a evo4 from JANDL100 a few years ago, this amp smoked the ref 1000s so they were sold and now the evo4 is my back up amp as it would make no sense to sell as pound for pound I think it could not be bettered.
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    Time to move on?

    I bought a set of Deco 20 Sigs years ago and still use them as my main speakers. If memory serves there was a factory mod to the mid range driver / crossover so depending if you have mk1s or 2s you could get a cheap upgrade but like others have said give the Dunlops a bell and see what they advise. Just watch you don't make a sideways move because the grass is not always greener.
  4. All Rock mk2 are not the same. Remove the 4 screws in the arm board and there should be 3 screws holding the arm under the board. Or just send the arm with the board attached to Jonny. I got him to rewire a townshend arm yonks ago which I then sold with my old rock ref. I think I still have a old townshend arm up in the loft with a couple of rock mk2s. One day they may see the light of day again. In J7 we trust.
  5. As it is not HIFI here is an ebay link for a Mojo Frame if anyone fancy s a self build. I have no connections with the seller this is just a heads up. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/IBIS-MOJO-SL-Frame-19-Raw-Carbon-Mojo-Tuned-Fox-RP23-/141272233914?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Fragrances_Women_s_Fragrances_PP&hash=item20e47b37ba
  6. Back in 1987 an XLr125 was my first bike. You need to look after the prolink rear end as in make sure it does not seize up, keep it well lubed. Bar that they are good learner bikes. I had two then moved on to a MTX125 with the restrictions removed but it got stolen.
  7. As everybody is jumping on the 29er / 650b band wagon there are a few 26er deals kicking about. SI have picked up a Ibis Mojo from the importer direct for not much money. This will be Inners / Golfie bound. http://farm9.staticf
  8. Here you go mucker http://www.kinesisbikes.co.uk/ff29/ I am a big 29er fan and fun a couple of ktm 29ers and a Pivot 429 bouncer but if I was doing a new build I would use this frame. Some of my mates run them and they can handle Inners / Golfie / Ft Bill no prob. I think you can run a 120mm fork as well.
  9. If you use a mtb and are after mid range bread and butter parts Merlin are doing a Shimano slx 11 / 36 cassette and chain for £29.99 delivered. Just ordered a couple for the parts bin as I no longer see the point in xt xtr stuff.
  10. As you are local try phoning Big Al over at Wheelcraft. One off the best Wheel builders in Scotland and you get a chat and coffee if you pop in , a true gentleman. http://www.wheelcraft.net/
  11. I run dynas / piranha and a wesco 720cc kit on my Z650 and the GPz is standard 180 degree wasted spark but it is the air cooled motor. I have never really considered changing the coils but always open to options.
  12. I had a 2 stroke phase in the late 80s, I bought x2 RD400s in boxes then built one good one, made it like a prod racer single seat etc. Anyway first test drive up the road I thought it was a bit gutless and had the throttle wide when the power band kicked in. I was coming to the brow of a hill followed by a right hander. I shat myself and sold the thing on the following week.I always buy Kawasaki and the fleet now consistes of a GPz750 A2 , Z650 B1 (had her 27 years now) and my main bike which is a ZRX1100 with a R1 front end big and comfy.
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    The Kelpies

    Timelaps have a look and see what you think. http://youtu.be/vI14fyiQooQ
  14. On second thoughts just buy my wife's old Alfa GT oil burner and with the 3 grand you save treat yourself to a fancy mains cable.
  15. Drop Yoda a pm mate as the older BMW 5's are his thing.
  16. No mate everyone bins a bike from time to time but to bin an F4!! it's straight to the cock punching line, bin two it's a pass straight to the front.
  17. My Orbe with PU7 and Shelter901
  18. I have never listened to a Gyro but it wins the looks battle with the spinning weights. And as the previous posted said "If it aint broke don't try and fix" just sit down with a beer and play some tunes.
  19. I had no idea that Massimo Tamburini had cancer. Nice as the 916 is the F4 was pretty sublime in my book and if I was rich enough I would own one, It would be parked in its own room right next to the big roll of white cloth. [h=1][/h]
  20. Sorry folks could I just clarify what power supply my Orbe has. It looks like this with Orbe controller N.C Gen2 on a sticker. The deck looks the same bar a few gold bits. http://www.michell-engineering.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Orbe-Image.png
  21. Yep got that t shirt thinking I was Barry Shean round Knockhill, talk about getting your bollocks handed to you on a plate. It also happens to me regularly on the mountain bike as well, you get a good time or even KOM on some tricky downhill bit and some kid on a £100 tesco bike comes along and whips your ass. I look after parts of the medical centre at Knockhill so you hear about what injuries people pick up and that is on a circuit with lots of room to slide. If you bin it on the road the scales are not weighted in your favour.
  22. You don't want to watch it mate a Kawasaki lost it's life all very sad. Great thread folks very amusing keep up the good work.
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    On gumtree a few miles away from me. It could be the hifi shop in Leven that Mr Cargill owns. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/soundlab-a-3-electrostatic-loudspeakers-ultra-rare-excellent-condition/1054222478#photo-content
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    It all depends how you set the speakers bias as to how efficient they are. I tried a ARC vt60 / krell ksa100 and Parasound JC1 monos before settling on a set of Antique sound lab DT200 hurricanes mono amps which used 16 kt88 for a claimed 200 rms into 8 ohm output. I think the A3 and M3's will be similar but things may have improved over the years. Is the ref110 the replacement for the VT100? you could always run them light and add a sub for the bass. In the end the snap crackle and pop from the drivers and small kids made me sell my set. But they did sound nice when when all was well. Also when I came to sell them on I had to take a large hit.
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    Hi mate I used to own a set of M3's a few years ago. You will need a big set of valve amps to drive them and very deep pockets to fix them should the insulation on the membranes (Mylar) start to break down. You will also need storage for the 4 wooden crates they ship in. http://www.soundlabowners.com/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?m-1165805886/ Iain