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  1. Now I’m finally back in the U.K. I was able to collect the speakers. They are a very interesting pair of Marshall Choong CM 2 stand mount speakers. The build as well as sound quality of these is just phenomenal. Big thanks to Herodotus for the PM and sale, much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi. I'm not looking for separate monoblocks so these are not for me but thanks for checking. I've messaged Abban to say I'll pass. Good luck. Cheers
  3. Hi all. Going to be moving to some new speakers my current amps wont drive well. Need more power and this look like it might do the trick. Anyone with a Nord One NC500ST Stereo Amplifier who's looking to move it on PM me. Cheers!
  4. Hi all. Thanks for the offers and the direct PMs. A fellow Wammer has offered a great set of speakers so the hunt is complete. As usual one asks and the Wam provides! Cheers
  5. SPEAKERS FOUND! Thanks. Hi all, Recently bought a new house with a much smaller front room. Had to let my Cheviots go, they didn't fit into the new space and I needed the cash. Sold them to a very happy Dutch farmer! Gonna be a while until I can go as high end again so looking for a pair of small, cheapish standmounts / bookshelf speakers to run with my Quad IIs for the next year or so. I'm gonna be living in the Brighton area so can collect within 40 miles or can pay courier if further away. If anyone has a pair of stand mount / bookshelf speakers they are looking to sell
  6. Yes that's the info I'm getting although I have read a few reviews where people have had good results with vales and ATC but the amps were a bit more powerful than mine. Cheers
  7. I'd love a pair of the active ATC 20 but out of my budget at the moment. I've been offered a pir of the ATC 12 for a really good price so I'll try them out and if they don't work I'll sell them on. I've been getting mixed feedback on using them with valves, some people say no way and others saying its totally fine and sounds great. I'm very attached to my amps so the speakers will go before they do ... Cheers
  8. I have a beautiful pair of custom modified Quad II that I want to stick with. Not a huge amount of power (25wpc) so thats my concern about using them with passive ATC. Cheers
  9. Hi. After owning a lot of massive very sensitive floorstanders I'm thinking of moving over to a pair of ATC. Partly due to a new house with a much smaller room but also just to try something totally different. Budget will only allow for small passive but I've been offered a pair of brand new ATC scm 20 pro for a great price but my question is will they work ok with my Quad II amps? They've been heavily modified and run about 25 wpc and I want to stick with them. Anyone tried ATC passives with valve amps? Also bit of a long shot, if anyone has a pair of ATC 20 pro for sale PM me.
  10. Thanks fellas, good to hear. Didn't know there was an owners thread so I'll have a look. I'd love to try the actives as I think this is the ATC sweet spot but my budget won't allow for that at the moment. The 11s are essentially the same as the 12 pro apart from cabinet, what amp are you driving them with? Cheers
  11. Hi all. Due to relocation I've sold my Cheviots and will now be using stand mounts. After a long line of highly sensitive massive floor standers I've chosen a pair of ATC scm12 pro as a completely different alternative. Might add a sub at a later date. I'm a big fan of the ATC ethos, all drivers built in house, neutral presentation, great build and engineering, British made and I like the retro 70s looks of the pro range. (the spec between consumer and pro at this price point are the same, just different cabinets). Anyone owned or heard ATC in a home environment and if so what d
  12. A real long shot but if anyone has an ATC scm12 pro they are looking to sell PM me. Cheers
  13. You know Harbeth P3 were my first idea, I think they work in this kind of sqm space and my understanding is tuned with a little more bass than most Ls3/5A versions. (but I could be wrong there). Not seen any on offer in my budget. If you can PM me a link, I'd love to have a look. For something different I'm intrigued by the monitor route of something like the ATC SCM12 pro but my only concern is they might need more power than my amps can supply. Cheers
  14. So I'm thinking of trying the passive studio monitor for home use as something very different. Anyone ever tried the ATC SCM12 PRO or Harbeth M20 for home hifi? Cheers
  15. Always good to plug speakers if you have them for sale, I think we talked about my Cornwalls that were for sale a while back? I hear good things about ProAc and I've heard some floor standers but I don't know so much about their stand mounts so let me have a read and get back to you. PM me a price so I can get an idea. Cheers
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