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  1. Fully agree with you. I’d drifted away from the Wam and it’s been good to be back during all of this and a welcome escape. Cheers
  2. Forgot to post a photo in here of my new (ish) Klipsch Cornwall III. I normally have them a bit wider apart and grills on. And without my kids jigsaw in the way! Cheers IMG_2981 by Paul Grant, on Flickr
  3. Thanks for the replies on AN and Chord. To be honest I thought I would be more of an AN guy and it seems that is the case. Interesting to hear the good synergy between the AN and the Leben. My set up if not the same is similar with a 25w valve amp. I might just take a chance and buy a second hand AN Dac and see how I get on. Cheers
  4. There's one AN dealer but not near me. They also only carry the very top end AN dacs. With Chord I'm trying to find one. Cheers
  5. I mentioned in a previous post unfortuantley I have no access to demo either of them where I am. This is where a bake off would be great but I live in the Netherlands. Yes you're right, they are very different. I thought it would be good to look at these two as they should offer clear choices rather than subtle differnces. Cheers
  6. Hi. I think I've gotten the DAC options down to either the AN 0.1 or the Chord QuTest. Now looking for anyone thats heard both to give some comparison views. Cheers
  7. I tried Qobuz but the catalogue just didn't cover the music I listen to. Out of interest what was it about MQA Tidal that you didn't like? Cheers
  8. Feel free to post! Its all relevant and there not been any more DAC suggestions to pair with the Node so lets go further with these options. Neither the Chord nor the AN deal with MQA but my understanding is what they lose with not unfolding the MQA they more than make up and surpass with the abilities of each DAC. I'm still a bit on the fence with MQA, sometimes it seems better other times the same and a few times actually worse and I'm comparing the same music. This is not scientifically measured by me but using my ear which is normally good enough for me. The only person I have to please is me (and sometimes my wife if she can be bothered to give another hifi opinion). Has anyone out there heard both the AN 0.1 or next AN DAC up and the Chord and can give an opinion? Doesnt have to be through the Node. Cheers
  9. As its difficult to demo for me I'm going to play it a little safe and choose between the two popular options, either the AN DAC or the Chord qutest. Budget will mean it has to be the AN 0.1. Seems they have quite different sounds and features. My system is valve amp with passive pre into Klipsch Cornwall III. I like the natural warm sound but I would like to add more detail. The Chord seems to add the detail and the AN the natural sound but would the AN be the better option as it had an upgrade path? I've never actually heard either models and there's no way for me to check. Any advice? Cheers
  10. Ok, so I haven't missed all the action! I'll keep a check for Nicks review (I presume this is Fourlegs?). Cheers
  11. Is this thread a wam record for the longest and most replies in the 2 channel section? I'm a Node2i owner and interested in the upgrades but with all the pages I've struggled to find all the relevant info on the original topic!? Was the pimped node better,. worse, no difference? If anyone has been keeping a close eye on what's been discussed a recap would be great! Cheers
  12. Interesting to hear about the AN as its one of the DACS on my list to try with the Bluesound. How did you find it in comparison to using the inbuilt Node DAC, was a it a big step up in sound presentation? For the kind of money even an entry level AN costs I would it expect it to be. Cheers
  13. I'll second one of the Ruark range if it needs to have CD / Radio / Streaming, model to look at is the R4. I own two Ruark R1 and they are excellent. Great sound, build and I think the models with the CD player covers just about everything. They are not cheap but I prefer them as a complete all in one to the Naim Muso whose sound I found to be very disappointing and most other all in one systems have dropped the CD player now. In fairness to Bose I think they are ok, the Bose Minilink I had for a few yaers was an amazing bit of kit for its size. For sound performance, build and size I think it was the market leader in bluetooth portatble up until very recently. That Denon with Q accoustics looks excellent for the price and spec. Cheers
  14. I'm slightly gutted as I used to own a Jolida DAC but sold it to fund the Node2i purchase... Cheers
  15. There’s a lot of DACs out there’s in the £1k and under bracket. I think that’s around what my budget will stretch to. It’s interesting to hear two different views on the Chord Qutest. Seems from great improvements to no difference at all! Whatever your feelings on Whathifi they seem to be in some kind of deep love affair with anything Chord. I’ve never actually heard any Chord equipment and they seem one of those brands like Naim with fanboys or nonplussed. For me They seem overpriced. As a valve guy so far I’m drawn to trying the Joida or second hand AN. Cheers